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  1. I am neutral about the whole thing. Making Jason a bit harder to kill would be good overall but OMG there a ton of bigger issues/glitches that need to be fixed first. Devs #1 prioriry should be fixing all of the glitches/exploits. (Sliding, losing PKs, wrecked cars etc).
  2. @Strigoi I am somewhat confused by this thread. -in numerous posts you said it was too HARD to kill Jason. - the majority of the replies to your posts were of the opposite opinion (too EASY to kill Jason) -now you want the ability to kill Jason REMOVED altogether. This whole post reeks of "If I can't kill Jason then nobody should be able to kill Jason".
  3. 4 - to better see Tiff's dumper 5 - window is made of Dragon Glass 6 -they arent the same gun. To quote Private Pyle "This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine."
  4. I am absolutely terrible at killing Jason. But that being said, it is because I suck, NOT because its "Too hard". Lol I think the overall balance of the game is pretty good. Yes, its a bit too easy to kill Jason but thats ok. Just makes things more interesting/difficult when you are Jason and are being ganged up on. I played last night twice as Jason and both times peeps tried to kill me and failed. It was tough but tough is fun. Who said life as Jason is easy? Lol
  5. At this point I think I am only 1 for 10 in my attempts to kill Jason. Every attempt has been with an Axe but I dont use the sucker Punch perk. Only once have i hit him and he went to his knees. Is there a certain angle you have to hit him from? Do you have to wait a couple seconds after sweater is used? I have no idea why I always fail to get him to his knees. The funny thing is I was able to drop him to his knees with AJ using a machete but not Tommy with an Axe (except for the one time).
  6. I am pretty sure that if jason morphs within range you will get static even if he is in Stalk mode. Nothing freaks me out more than getting static without Jason's music. I think the flare gun still works when Jason is in stalk. Can someone confirm? Speaking of flare guns i feel like not many people understand its main use is to show where Jason is. Yes you can stun him with it, but to me its most valuable for showing where jason is if he is near you. I cant even count how many times other players call me a moron for shooting flares into the sky to mark jason. They think its just for stunning jason.
  7. I was playing last night and got run over by the 2 seater while i was dancing on the side of the road waiting for the car. At first i was pissed but then I figured "ya, I probably woulda ran me over too if i saw Tiffany dancing like a fool"
  8. If you mute JASON so he can't hear you speaking when in close proximity then yes, that is indeed a form of cheating. (Although it sounds like Jason was able to hear you the whole time anyhow lol)
  9. Some of the funniest moments of the game happen from counselors being run over ( by mistake). So i wouldnt want that taken out of the game. Also, teamers and trolls would still ruin the game by purposely jumping in front of cars to stop them and help jason.
  10. I should also point out that the window was broken. That may be part of making the glitch happen.
  11. If you are standing by the campfire looking at the eastern side packanack lodge its the first floor window on the left. From what i could tell the counselor glitching was hovering right under the window. Didnt seem like they could move while hovering. When Jason realized he couldnt grab or slash them he started throwing knives and killed one of them (which brought a cheer out of me lol)
  12. This may already be a known glitch but I did a quick search and didnt see anything about it. While spectating I watched two counselors climb out of the southeast window of Packanack lodge (while crouching i think) and they would just hover there and not hit the ground. They stayed in that crouching position they normally do when they hit the ground but never did hit the ground. They would just hover a couple feet off the ground. All the Jason could do was throw knives at them. Grabbing and slashing did nothing. Also, there is another thread about an increased number of windows that are blocked. I noticed during this same match on Packanack that the middle cabin up in the northeast section of the map only had 1 window you could open. The other 3 were blocked. Has it always been that way? I dont ever remember seeing 3 of 4 windows blocked until recently.
  13. What exactly is the OP's problem with Bats, Wrenches and Pipes? Bats have the highest stun rate. Wrenches have a fast swing rate (and personaly one of my fave weapons) Pipes...well ya they kinda suck. But they do have a long reach. Axes and Machetes are great "kill jason" weapons. Other than that they arent any better or worse than the other weapons.
  14. One thing I noticed is that you get extra XP if you are Tommy and you escort counselors to the exit. (each time a counselor escapes to the cops and Tommy is at the exit he gets points. don't remember how many). I'm not sure if Tommy gets extra points for having passengers in the car when he escapes. It would be nice if Tommy was rewarded more for helping counselors and penalized when they die. I'd be down with some sort of public "shaming" for Tommy's that fail to help anyone. Like instead of having "Escaped" by their name at the end of the match put "Coward" instead. lol
  15. The game won't let you put two of the same perk on your counselor. It will remove the first one when you add a second.
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