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  1. As the title says, I did some testing yesterday and it seems that if you set your counselor to "Random" Tommy will not get your counselor's perks. If you select a counselor, he will. I think I remember seeing someone mention this in a thread about the "random counselor glitch" but at that time I assumed it only happened when the game glitched and gave you a random counselor. When I chose to play as AJ (with Medic perk) and came back as Tommy I was able to get 2 uses from my health sprays. Then I set counselor to Random (equipped all counselors with Medic) and the next 4 times I got selected as Tommy I was NOT able to get 2 uses from my health spray. (even if I found a new one) Has this always been the case? I don't get selected as Tommy very often so it may have always been this way and I just never noticed.
  2. Yes, I have had that happen a few times. Do you know if your fear level was really high at the time? I know the last time I remember the game not letting me use my health spray I was at a high fear level and couldn't see my inventory items. I had to drop the spray, pick it up and then use it. That match also had the stupid giant weapons glitch as well so Idk if that had anything to do with my items glitching out. I just remember the propeller was about 30ft tall, which was pretty funny. Took me a while to figure out what it was.
  3. Who cares if you go 7/8 or 8/8 or 6/8? Given the current (and future) state of the game, if you are able to actually complete a match without the host or Jason quitting or getting disconnected then it's a win and you should be happy. Seriously.
  4. Im surprised to hear that the Switch is still having this issue. On the Xbox I have not seen the random counselor glitch since they shut down the servers. I know some people claimed the glitch happens when people join the match during the in-match lobby just before the beginning cut-scene. And since they shut down the servers I find it rare that the game adds anyone to the match during the in-match lobby. So I figured thats probably why I dont get the random counselor anymore.
  5. I played a 1 v 1 match with a potato Jason and survived the entire 20mins. Considering how crappy the Jason was I don't view it as some great accomplishment. lol Edited to add: The easiest Jasons to run out the clock on are the slashing Jasons. As long as you keep your stamina in check, if a Jason only slashes it's pretty easy to avoid getting killed, even with a low stam/speed counselor.
  6. I can't say with any degree of certainty why the host quits each match but I would say roughly 5 out of 10 matches end because the host quits (for whatever reason) or gets disconnected. I am assuming that when I see "You have been kicked. Host left the match" it means the host actually quit the match. When it says "You have been kicked. Host was suspended" (or something like that) I assume that means the host either lost connection or just shut his xbox off entirely, disrupting the match. I think over the last few weeks I only saw the host get run over once and ya, he did quit the game. In a way I don't blame them as they probably want to punish the person who killed them (even if it means punishing everyone). I myself have quit as host just once because Jason and the last counselor alive were teaming and just wasting people's time. I would say another 2 in 10 matches end because I lost my connection. So that basically means on average, I only get to finish 3 out of 10 matches I start. Which isn't cool. Has anyone else found the game hard to get used to when you are host? Idk if I have just become used to playing the game with a ping around 100ms, but when I was host I found it hard to get used to how quick the frame rate is and it almost makes me dizzy.
  7. Thanks @Somethin Cool for the testing. So it looks like we can at least deduce the following: - Strength stat does NOT affect Stun Duration with Projectile Weapons or Firecrackers (makes sense) - Strength stat MAY affect Stun Duration for melee weapons. The reason I say MAY is because we aren't 100% sure that Strength is what added to the stun duration. In Somethin Cool's testing I noticed that Jenny's stam dropped quite a bit more while swinging the bat than Bugsy's stam. Is it possible that the counselor's Stamina level when they hit Jason can influence the stun duration? (to me it would make sense if it did. an exhausted person isn't gonna hit as hard as someone well rested).
  8. I know at least once I was able to hit Jason myself as the SG (AJ) with a machete when the full animation of the sweater stun was complete. So there is enough time for SG to hit Jason herself (at least with a 1 handed weapon) even with the full animation. So I think it is fine for the SG to drop a weapon or use an item in order to get out of the animation. It doesn't "Break the game" it just makes it easier for the SG to hit Jason herself. But I do agree it is technically an "exploit" so I can appreciate if others don't like it. The only times I can remember dropping my weapon so I could cancel the animation is when Tommy is already dead and I just want to drop Jason to his knees so I can troll him.
  9. The most common time that I use hiding spots is when I see someone else trying to fix an objective and Jason starts attacking them. If I can't really help the counselor (or just don't want to lol) I will often hide until Jason is finished killing them and if he doesn't sense me and morphs away I can finish the repair that the other counselor started.
  10. The ability to hide in closets, beds and tents is a game mechanic and should be used when needed. However, it is often abused and so people tend to overreact when people hide, even if only for a min or two. Thats probably why that Jason overreacted and called you a bitch for hiding. He probably assumed you were hiding for most of the match. Using hiding spots to get Jason off your trail or while waiting for the cops is perfectly acceptable gameplay. Using hiding spots because you are too lazy to actually play or you are just wasting time after everyone else has died/escaped then you are indeed a bitch and are wasting other people's time.
  11. I'm guessing it's from lag. I haven't gotten stuck in a crouching position but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from lag just like being stuck in the "opening a drawer" or "landing from a fall" position. The lag from playing P2P is slowing causing me to lose interest (as well as hosts quitting/disconnecting). If I am not the host there really is no point in me even trying to use the car to escape. It is impossible to drive with the lag. Driving in reverse makes it a lot easier to drive since you go slowly but it is obviously very easy for Jason to catch you unless he is facing the same lag problems.
  12. @ovmise Let me know if this is correct: - You used a macro to keep your counselor/jason moving so you wouldn't get kicked from the lobby for being AFK. - You used the macro just so you could get the 1000 matches played achievement without having to actually play the game. - While you were AFK and your macro was running, you got selected to be Jason and it became much more obvious to others in the lobby that you were cheating and weren't actually playing the game. - You got reported and banned. - 2 Years later you are still banned and you want the ban lifted because your Steam account has a "Red inscription" on it which lets everyone else know you got banned for cheating. So basically you cheated at a game you don't even play (ruining the matches for anyone stuck in the lobby with you), just so you could get a stupid achievement for a game you don't actually play. And now you are banned and stuck with a "red inscription" because you cheated at a game you don't even play? 🤣😅😂 That is absolutely fantastic and I hope they keep you banned. That's some funny sh*t.
  13. I've actually found it not too bad on P2P so far (on Xbox). Yes, there are a lot of issues that arise from Lag but whadya gonna do. For the most part I've gotten into game lobbies faster than I did with dedicated servers. Maybe played 20 matches and not a single time a host quit during the match. Biggest difference is I have found myself playing with a lot more trolls, teamers and glitchers lately. Idk if it's just coincidence or if it is because there are less casual players in QP. The other issue is if the host ends up being Jason it is going to be a real tough match if everyone else has a ping over 150ms.
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