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  1. I agree that the darkness and the difficulty it brings adds to the tension and atmosphere of the game. Most people agree that for vet players the game is already too easy for counselors to escape or kill Jason. A feature I would love to see added to the Private Match settings is the ability to turn off Jason's music. I've played the few games with the sound off (or listened to music while playing) and not being able to hear Jason made the game so much more intense and insanely more difficult. It would also give the flare gun more value as marking Jason would become much more important to survival.
  2. Hmm. That is interesting. I think part of the problem I've had is that most of the testing I've tried to do is in Offline Bots. I've tried a number of times on Pinehurst to see counselors on the other side of the map and I couldn't see them. The difference is probably that the offline bot counselors are not the same as online player counselors. The bots definitely seem harder to find as it seems like every game I play I am wandering around looking for that last counselor stuck in a closet.
  3. Is this a fact that Jason's sense range will be affected by the counselor's fear level? I thought the only thing that affected Jason's sense range was his own Sense stat ( + - or neutral). And even with a + Sense I did not think Jason could see the entirety of the large maps like Pinehurst or Jarvis House. Is this Fact or Fiction?
  4. Mitch is a decent comparison but Adam's stealth is probably too bad to notice any difference. Good point either way though, as bugs are a possible answer to any question in this game Idk why I even try to make sense of it all. I doubt the devs even know exactly how all the stats and perks fit together so why would I? Lol Maybe the Russians know.
  5. I was testing the Jenny Stealth thing and it definitely seems like she is stealthier than her stat of 6 would indicate. If you go by the white ping circles she definitely puts out smaller circles than Chad. (using NoS, Prepardness and Medic perks on both of them) Between Jenny being stealthier than her stat of 6 would indicate and AJ being stealthier than Tiff despite having the same Stealth stat, it would seem that the composure stat is what is making the difference. . So regardless of your playstyle or counselor choice, composure plays a factor. Fear level, stealth ability, stamina regen, breaking free of Jason's grab and god know what else is affected by composure stat. No point in having "Best Counselor Stat" Polls anymore. It would seem we have a winner.
  6. Well in all fairness when shift-grabbing I AM trying hard because Im not great at it. I dont like -Shift Jasons because there isnt enough time to hit 2 trees, a fence and the corner of a cabin before I get to the counselor. My stalk-shift-grab may seem like some slick, try-hard move to them but it does not to the spectators. 😐
  7. If I could pick a Horror Franchise that I would like to see made into a game similar to this it would be ALIENS. Id love nothing more than to chase down Space Marines and sink my jaws-inside-my-jaws into their heads. in my head the game would start with no Aliens and every 5 minutes or so someone would have a xenomorph pop out of their stomach and they would become one of the killers. it would kind of be like a cross between F13 game and that old Playstation game based on the movie The Thing. A game like that would be "Game Over, man. GAME OVER"
  8. For the first time since I started playing this game, I got accused of being a "Try-Hard" while playing as Jason yesterday. We were playing on Pinehurst and when I saw the phone was at the top of the map I immediately morphed to the house on the right (where the fuse is) and scared a Lachappa away. Of course he was bitching and moaning about "spawn killing" even though I clearly didn't chase him or make any attempt to kill him. Just wanted him to run over the bridge, away from the fuse and phone (they never did end up calling the police). After trapping the phone I could see a bunch of pings coming from the Main house so I morphed over there to find what I am guessing was a lame attempt at a kill party. 4 counselors who seemed super eager to meet me in the field of battle. None of them had sharp weapons so I let them hit me a few times, tea-bag me a few times while I rested on my back, before grabbing and head-punching one of 'em. Again, I get flooded with try -hard accusations. The rest of the match consisted of me doing eviro kills on a couple of lone wolf counselors, slashing down Tommy and eventually leaving just me and the Lachappa that I had spared at the start of the match. After two shift grabs and two PKs he finally just quit. Literally because I had the nerve to shift grab him not once, but twice. lol So I guess we need to add "No Shift-Grabbing" and "No Spawn-Scaring" to the list of unwritten rules.
  9. Iol I dont have anything against people who play competitively. But to be honest, and with all due respect for those who play competitively, playing F13 competitively is like playing Crazy 8s or Monopoly in a competitive league. Just seems silly to me.
  10. I think a big part of why people take certain stances on things like spawn killing, slashing etc comes down to why they started playing the game to begin with. I did not purchase this game because I love how the counselors look like they are made of plastic or the oh-so-smooth gameplay mechanics or the incredible AI in offline bots. lol I didn't even purchase the game because I am a fan of F13 movies. I purchased this game because of watching H20's videos and how much fun he and his friends had playing the game. So I came into the game with the intent of simply having fun and trying to make it fun for the people I am playing with. My definition of fun does not necessarily include "winning" or being a "top-level player". This is why I take a strong stance against things that I find take the fun out of the game and have no time for "try hards" who's only definition of fun is winning and showing off how good they are.
  11. I just thought of an unwritten rule that isn't in the list that I probably would have voted for. Counselors are not allowed to dance, tea-bag or emote at all. That is one of the top 5 things I see people complain about on this forum. There are a lot people who don't care if you cheat or slash or exploit glitches but OMG YOU BETTER NOT FUCKING DANCE! lol I personally liked the addition of emotes. Even the dancing ones. If your panties get all bunched up because someone tea-bags you or dances or emotes around you...grow thicker skin and stop taking things so seriously. I think my favorite part of killing Jason is getting in an emote in the right place at the right time during the killing cut-scene. Makes for some epic game captures.
  12. A few of the things on that list I actually agree with to some degree and a few of them I have never even heard anyone complain about. Counselors Need to Bar the Door of Every Cabin You Enter - Maybe not every door but please do your best to lock as many as you can (with the exception of 1-hit doors) as you go around the map. There is a good chance that locked door will help save a counselor later in the match. Jason is Never Supposed to Slash Kill. NEVER! - This is what I voted for. I don't even mind slashers (other than the fact it's kinda lame). Easier to find a bunch of health sprays than PKs. Jason Using the Choke Kill is Cheap - I agree with this somewhat. Using choke kill or head punch has it's place, but using only that kill is just lame. I had a 150 Jason kill the entire lobby using one handed choke and it was embarrassing to watch. Jason Trapping Cabin Windows Very Early in the Match - Go ahead and waste your traps. Fine by me. Counselors Shouldn't Set Traps Behind Unlocked Doors or Out in the Open - This I 100% agree with. If you are setting up traps where counselors could easily step on them you better be communicating that to the rest of the group. Jason is Obligated to Stand and Fight a Kill Squad - I don't think he has to stand there and fight but he damn well better keep trying to kill everyone. If you lose your mask it's your own damn fault. Man up and find a way to kill the rest of the counselors. Use stalk, shift, morph whatever you have to do to kill them. Running and hiding in a lake is by FAR the most embarrassing thing you can do as Jason. If you are the type of person who runs and hides because you don't want to die as Jason you need to grow a thicker skin and stop taking the game so seriously. Counselors Shouldn't Escape in a Two-Seat Vehicle by Themselves - Whether you stop to pick anyone up depends on game circumstances, whether you are in the 4 seater or 2 seater. It's Cheating for Jason to Shift Passed a Set Trap (Yes Seriously) - This is definitely the dumbest in the list lol. I didn't vote for it because I have never heard someone complain about that. Jason Should Never Spawn Kill - I partially agree with this one. Considering how much time it can take to find a lobby and wait for everyone to ready up, I do think it is douchey to kill someone in the first couple minutes of the game. But that's just a personal opinion on this matter. I don't play as Jason a lot so sometimes I am guilty of this as well because I just get excited to kill someone the moment I see them. lol Jason Shouldn't Use Combat Stance to Break Down a Door - Meh. I don't really care how they break the door down but if they are taking advantage of glitches/tech then ya, I'd have a bit of a problem with it. Female Counselors Should Never Get the Sweater Before Tommy is on the Map - I agree with this one, somewhat. If the lobby is a well organized, communicative group then it may make sense. If some random person goes and grabs the sweater before Tommy is even called then they are just an idiot and will probably die while wearing it.
  13. Part 8 Jason is not only my favorite to play as but he is also the one that worries me the most when I am a counselor. I typically don't bother looking at player levels but when I see a Part 8 with blood on him and/or a swapped weapon then I know this Jason knows what he is doing and escaping will be much harder. Savini is up there as well but if the map has a boat on it then Savini's water weakness can be exploited. I also find that Savini is a kill-squad magnet. That isn't to say he is easy to kill. I just find people are much more motivated to try and kill a Savini Jason than they are the rest of 'em.
  14. Valid point. One that both tech users and non tech users can agree on. From my perspective, cheating/glitching on a game like this is like cheating while playing Crazy 8's or Duck Duck Goose. Its just too simple and silly of a game to be taken that seriously.
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