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  1. LOL. I know there aren't many posts on here for you to argue with but really....you are resorting to arguing against what people consider "Fun"? I think it may be time for you to find a new game that you can take way too seriously. Maybe there is a competitive Duck, Duck, Goose league you can join? 🤔
  2. When I was looking for updates on TCM and F13 Lawsuit I saw postings for a new Ghostbusters game from illfonic. I don't think I have seen anything posted here about it so here ya go: It actually looks like it could be a lot of fun.
  3. As someone who rarely plays in a coordinated group and usually plays in Pub lobbies, I find the stats that help me the most are Composure, Stealth and Repair. Composure keeps Jason off my ass. Repair allows me to escape without help. Stealth isnt nearly as helpful as the first two but it does help me survive the night when necessary. Hard to find high stealth counselors in large cabins unless they shift around the cabin. And shifting thru cabins is probably the hardest thing for a Jason to do. I wouldnt say any of the stats are more "fun"than the others. But certainly some of the oddball perks like Sneaky can be fun.
  4. On xbox the game is still going pretty strong. At any time there are around 15 posts for Private Matches (a decent gauge on how many people are playing)
  5. Thankfuly, I haven't seen that issue on Xbox...yet.
  6. Anyone who knows how to play as a counselor and is actively trying to escape will use their PK on a trap if it makes sense to do so. People who hold onto their PKs are usually Noobs or people who had no intention of escaping. PKs usually just delay the inevitable. If Jason can catch you once, he will probably catch you again.
  7. Yes, entering the car while the trap is still on your foot IS a glitch....obviously. From my experience when you hit the prompt to enter the car without stepping on the trap first a few different things may happen when the trap goes off during the car entering animation. - You got into trap animation like you normally would and have to mash to get out of it. - You enter the car anyhow but still have to mash buttons to get out of trap. (this is the most common ive seen) - You enter car and can start it and drive away with the trap still on your foot (can even see it from outside the car). Ive even gotten out of the car and was able to run around with the trap still hanging off my foot. - You enter the car but cant do anything until you get out of the car and get the trap off your foot. All of the above are minor glitches. Ive just assumed that which glitch happens depends on at what point during the car entering animation that the trap goes off. Best solution is to just eat the trap before trying to enter the car.
  8. Ya-ya-ya-yaaa, ya ya ya ya-ya-ya-yaaa, ya ya ya ya ya ya yaaa ya ya ya ya-ya-ya-yaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. I feel your pain on that one. I think it took me 20 tries or so just to shift upstairs in the Packanack Lodge in one of the offline Challenges. I think one of the hardest skills to learn as Jason is shifting indoors. But that doesn't mean it is impossible and it doesn't make it Vanessa's fault that you can't shift indoors very well. The top-tier Jasons make it look easy and have caught me plenty of times by shifting through a cabin. (they get some of the best jump scares from me that way). Btw- Vanessa is the counselor I play as the least...by far. Mostly because there are always 3 or 4 of them in any given lobby and I prefer to play as a counselor nobody else is playing. If it wasn't for perks not working properly, I would leave my counselor choice set to random.
  10. I call it "managing your stamina". If you cannot catch a counselor as Jason then it means they are better at playing as that particular counselor than you are at playing as that particular Jason. Nothing more. Nothing less. I've noticed a lot of people like to say players that troll or use "tech" only do so because they are crappy at the game. In some cases that may be true but more often than not it is just an attempt to dismiss the player who beat them in order to make themselves feel better. More often than not, the player trolling or using tech is actually pretty decent at the game but facing that fact means looking in the mirror to find answers why you lost. And really, who wants to accept blame for their own failures?
  11. Back in 2003 I visited NYC for the first time and of all the tourist attractions I saw it was seeing Dana's apartment building that got me the nost excited. I even dragged my friends to the Lincoln Center just so I could do Peter's silly walk around the fountain. https://tenor.com/beoS5.gif
  12. Playing as Jason all those Vanessas aren't too bad to deal with. In a lobby full of Vanessas I will usually spend the first 5min of the match dealing with all the objectives and maybe catch a few non-Vanessa counselors. Once I have my Stalk ability catching those pesky Nessas isn't so bad. Playing as a counselor all those Vanessas are a bit more annoying. The average Nessa player will run around looting drawers and leaving cabin doors wide open (unless it is a 1-hit door. For some reason they insist on locking those lol). So they are more of a hindrance to the group than help. But thankfully they make so much noise they will usually keep Jason busy for the first half of the match and because they are so fast, even the crappy Vanessas can take up a lot of Jason's time. In those kinds of lobbies I seem to spend the better part of my time locking up cabins they have gone thru like a tornado and looting their dead bodies.
  13. I think a better way to say it is Fortunately, PC and Xbox can't crossplay.
  14. Is there any chance the option to choose to be host will be added to console at some point? Not only would be be a welcome feature to consoles that would help curb the amount of games ruined by the host quitting, but it would also get ahead of hackers who are attempting to hack console lobbies as well.
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