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  1. On the bright side, there are a lot more Private Match posts to choose from now.
  2. Idk bout the Vanessa part. If Im Vanessa with thick skin, slashing Jasons are easier to deal with than shift-grab Jasons. But yes I agree that most of times Ive seen people in game complain about slashing its because they had a pocket knife.
  3. Players who ONLY slash as Jason are the equivalent to Players who ONLY play as Vanessa. Their only concern is making the game as easy as possible. Is it fair? Absolutely. Is it lame? Absolutely.
  4. Im good with just playing P2P until Devs properly fix the problem. I dont want them rushing out any quick fixes. Take their time and do a thorough job with the next patch. One thing that would be fantastic to add to Private Matches is a timer to ready up. Thats the one thing that drives me nuts in Private Matches.
  5. Whats with all these ancient threads being brought back to life. Lol
  6. As mentioned in a bunch of threads, there are major problems with the servers (across all platforms) at the moment. For now you should still be able to play Private Matches. Just stop trying to play Quick Play until there is word that the problems are reaolved
  7. "Hosts" in Public Matches (Quick Play) cannot kick you. It may say that when you get booted/disconnected but it's not actually the case. Hosts of Private Matches CAN kick you for whatever reason. You can tell if you are on the server or connected to a peer by looking at each person's ping. If everyone has a ping then there is no host and you are on the server. (One player is still considered "host" but they are not actually hosting the game. All they can do is decide map choice). If one player has NO ping then they are actually hosting the game, hence no ping. At the moment this is only in Private Matches. There has been times in the past when even in Quick Play one player is randomly chosen to actually host the game. Not sure if they have the ability to kick players. But if they quite the game the match will end.
  8. If by this you mean eating some 'shrooms and bangin' a 'ripper named Destiny then I got some stories for ya!
  9. I think this is all a set up by Devs to get us used to not having a server anymore. The plug was going to get pulled at some point anyhow, so may as well get used to peer to peer only.
  10. I had always thought the "Hackers + Modders" were a PC problem. But I found out yesterday that they are on XBox as well. A guy that was in my Party spawned right next to me with a shotgun in hand at the start of the match. Thankfully the Party Leader didn't like it any more than I did and promptly booted him and his buddy.
  11. The game is having server issues (on all platforms it seems). Devs are aware and working on it.
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