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  1. Hello Gunmedia and IllFonic plz fix this game error and bugs and my english not good plz return back to game fix game https://clips.twitch.tv/GlamorousBenevolentWalrusKappaWealth
  2. Hello GunMedia How can I solve this problem, can you help me? Everything I tried PS4 shut down and restarted, restarted my internet connection, re-entered I tried logging in with DNS, not again I tried everything briefly, what can I do because now I will go crazy, it does not open in any way, if I enter the game it throws direct and gives this error Session Heartbeat verify internet connection. please someone tell me how to solve this And sorry my english not good Google Translate 1. 2.
  3. Pleas Dear GunMedia Turkish Language add more Turkish people play this game and i like it my english bad sorry idk english grammar
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