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  1. Oh, and AI Jason too. It can't really be that hard. Just have the devs study any game with an NPC stalk/kill mechanic (of which there must be thousands) and figure out how it's done most effectively. Reverse engineer the code if necessary.
  2. Link the (large) maps together into one BIG map, adjusting placement of items/goals/vehicles accordingly and facilitate this by allowing game time to be adjusted, up to the option of an hour or more. While I'm at it, drop the clock running out entirely to end the match for any players in Jason's line of sight when the timer runs out. It's always been goofy that Jason would just abruptly give up when he's right on top of someone just because his 20 minutes is up
  3. With the caveat that I generally avoid remakes, so haven't seen that many : BEST: John Carpenter's 1982 version of The Thing, hands down. WORST: Spike Lee's Oldboy. A F**cking perfect Korean movie remade just because of xenophobia and pandering to fools who (boo illiterate hoo) don't want to read subtitles. Plus, it's by a well-established director who insulted a generation of filmmakers struggling to break through by using F**king crowdfunding to make this abortion.
  4. Or maybe just bump the stats for the backers' Savini Jasons up a little from the version available to non-backers? It doesn't crush me to not have SJ but I can't help feeling that I have an incomplete version of the game without him and I'd love for some compromise to be reached so he could be available to all in some form (is it too optimistic to imagine him being released at least for solo player, maybe once the development cycle has ended?). Personally, I didn't have a current gen console when the Kickstarter campaign happened and had no idea there was a F13 game until it was released, and I'm sure that I'm not alone in this.
  5. Drag Chad would have been a fun achievement, with his terrified voice whining "Jason, this is your mother speaking". Another random question / observation: in that 'Summer of Heat' song that plays on the radio, am I crazy or is that chick singing "You're the best I've ever had inside of me"?
  6. Who I use really depends on 2-3 factors for me - The makeup the lobby overall. If it's full of Bugsys and Vanessas then I'll grab someone with a high repair stat to compensate for their uselessness in that regard. I also like to see as much variety in the counsellors as possible so I take a leftfield pick occasionally, just to make the experience more 'authentic'. - My mood. I generally main Fox and Victoria, but I like to be a goof sometimes, and pick LaChappa or one of other oddballs. It's also entertaining to change up your style based on your counsellor and roleplay accordingly. I play LaChappa as a dorky borderline sex pest who makes lewd gestures to women and thinks he's God's gift (works best in his wrestling singlet) and Victoria as a snarky, self-preserving-at-any-cost bitch (right down to the perk that increases vehicle speed when escaping alone). When I'm Tommy I will throw myself into harm's way to prevent Jason from taking another player out. Haven't really noticed anyone being particularly bad, though I rarely last long as LaCreepa.
  7. Was this ever intended to be significant? He's the only character that gets a specific mention in the loading screen hints and for a while I had a theory that he could be used as a sweater girl. While I'm musing on mysteries within the game, is / was there any purpose for the graveyard and specifically Pamela's grave? Seems like it should have been some kind of factor in gameplay.
  8. Call the TV station by 9pm to prevent kid's heads melting across America. A virtual cabin Myers house full of Easter eggs. After Looms has emptied his revolver he tells everyone he encounters that "I shot him six times!" Michael '78 needs a bedsheet spook skin. And a William Shatner skin. Laurie has superhuman marksmanship and can shoot both the eyes out of your head from halfway across the map. Anyone can (and should) kill Busta Rhymes. NPC 'fake Michaels ', like the unlucky Ben Tramer. Accidentally kill one and you lose all your trick or treat candy. Everyone on the Rob Zombie maps swears like they've got Tourettes and all hate each other. Michael can replenish his strength by killing and eating dogs. Random player models will glitch and be replaced by Judith Myers' gravestone. Nobody will ever cop to teaching Michael to drive. Big Joe Grizzly cannot die.
  9. Been lurking a while and decided I might as well join the forums. Screen name RagingID, UK-based PS4 player who's probably far too old to be getting irate at 10 year-old Russian trolls over a troubled videogame but... Big fan of the films. Tend to play as Victoria, Fox or Lachappa (I love giving the guy crude emotes) and lean towards Part 2 Jason. Currently level 82 and wildly inconsistent at the game. Some nights as Jason I can stylishly massacre a lobby of 150s and other nights I seem to spend 20 minutes getting teabagged by brats. Anyway, good to be here and cautiously optimistic about a future for the license.
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