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  1. So i am guessing the Artbook is no longer considered a backer exclusive reward now since they have given some away.
  2. I was referring to the mod support. As for Gun stating they may include it for a final update is just laughable. We can't even get a patch that only fixes things let alone patches in a decent time frame. I can guarantee you, mod support will not happen.
  3. In the end it doesn't matter no matter which way you look at it because it will never happen.
  4. The only down side would be that it would only benefit the pc community unless they somehow ended up allowing for mods on console as well
  5. This has been suggested to them and they have stated that while it isn't something they were looking at as an option at the time they wouldn't rule it out. Wes said something to the effect of maybe close to the end of the games life or after the DS get turned off they may implement the option but honestly who knows.
  6. When i did it, i didn't lose anything as that is all stored in the save data. As for why it didn't work i am not sure. I tried all other options like swapping headphones and controllers and so forth before i decided to delete both the physical and digital game data from my ps4 hdd then reinstalled both and updated them and it worked. If it didn't work for you i can only suggest either contacting Gun via their discord https://t.co/YFsIZXFPBD and submit a JasonKillsBugs.com report and detail the issue and what you tried to resolve it and hopefully they can try to figure out how to fix it.
  7. As nice as that would be, i 100% doubt they will release any of the content that is 100% done like any kill packs that some of the unreleased kills we have seen leaked via various sources as well as any costumes/maps/emotes etc... I am sure all that stuff will stay unreleased.
  8. Victor won the first round of the lawsuit, then Sean/horror inc appealed the win and are now set to go through the appellate court.
  9. From all the information we have right now thanks to Larry Zerner it looks like the lawsuit could take till June 2020 to conclude and he said whoever doesn't win will most likely appeal. Also he said that in the event that happens the lawsuit could go for another couple of years. On the other hand even if the lawsuit came to an end in June 2020, Gun have stated they are not pursuing content regardless. I don't know if that would also apply to them releasing things that were already done like kill packs/emotes/clothing but my guess is that no matter what we won't see anything new to the game ever.
  10. I am honestly not shocked at all that nothing is happening. We won't hear anything in regards to the game until near the end of the year when we get the patch update news. Then we wait for the patch in 2020
  11. As Matt said, "The game is long in the tooth". Support for this game is on life support. We are looking at 1 to 2 more patches tops. One will be early 2020 and the next fall/winter 2020 and that is it.
  12. Lol No. According to Larry Zerner we could be looking at mid 2020 possibly 2021 depending on how things go.
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