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  1. If i could have one final mode it would be sandbox mode where i can manipulate the camera/counselors/Jasons/items/vehicles to be able to make custom trailers/video's. Also to be able to just hop in as a counselor or Jason and just run freely around the map.
  2. This will never happen, what is in the game now is what we will have from here on out. People need to let go of the hope they keep that after the lawsuit ends that they will jump back in and resume content development. It is NEVER going to happen. To quote Metallica "Sad But True"
  3. I think it might be easier if they have it set for his account specifically that every match he enters starts with the Jason kill sequence and it automatically selects him as the Tommy player, on top of that it gives him points for repairing all objectives.
  4. My best guess is that the patch either either drop near the end of Jan or early Feb. I could be wrong but that is my guess.
  5. I now expect news either on the last day before they take off for the holidays or the news on the patch will be delayed until early next year
  6. They said it isn't top priority so I don't know if and when it may even be fixed.
  7. I know it can be replicated easily, I tested it out in private matches and it always works. I lost count of the times I have had Jason's in Qp matches do it when the cars get repaired and started.
  8. Well it has been said that the Throwing knife exploit isn't a reproduction issue well I have seen it easily replicated. I have 2 new videos of it happening. Throwing Knife Example 1 Throwing Knife Example 2
  9. I have heard of and seen Strafe Shifting but not double tapping the doors.
  10. Well i suppose we can expect the Knife throwing exploit to be around after support ends on the game in the very near future. I can only hope that Environmental kills are 100% fixed and no other issues arise from the patch.
  11. So i am guessing the Artbook is no longer considered a backer exclusive reward now since they have given some away.
  12. I was referring to the mod support. As for Gun stating they may include it for a final update is just laughable. We can't even get a patch that only fixes things let alone patches in a decent time frame. I can guarantee you, mod support will not happen.
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