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  1. So this popped up in someones Xbox feed and is in a F13 group on Xbox. Not sure how but with everthing else going on i am not surprised at this point. https://imgur.com/OGUOWAp
  2. Everyone is aware of the current state of the game, while there have been reasons posted on various sites and social media platforms i would like get some info directly from Gun. Not so much as a timeline of when things will be fixed but the information regarding who the alleged hackers are has been posted all over and seen by members of the team. @mattshotcha can you provide any information regarding this? Is the hackers being looked into, is the issues absolutely the result of hackers or other underlying issues.
  3. I too have read conflicting information. Though it wasn't a russian hacker, i have heard multiple reports that it is an Austrailian and a british guy who have done it. I have also seen similar people stating that this could be an inside job. Honestly who knows and i doubt we will get the full story whenever we get an update on the situation which may require a new patch which could take a minimum 5 months like every other patch.
  4. It will be Backwards compatible for sure but outside of that nothing special. Dedicated servers will be long gone by that point and obviously there isn't going to be any new content so i would say player counts won't be high enough at that point to where it will really be playable outside of Offline bots.
  5. I understand not having the complete Dev environment open up, i was thinking more along the lines of a mode/option to free roam/free camera option. Would be fun to create fan trailers and what not. Outside of that would i be possible to have the option to turn off all hud options and item/kill/point popups during quickplay and private matches? This would be another alternative to being able to achieve what i would like to do when capturing gameplay.
  6. As many are aware, a while back Sandbox mode accidentally popped up in the pc version of the game in a patch and was removed. The reason i bring this up is because This is a mode that i have wanted since the launch of the game. It would allow for people to be creative and make video's/fan trailers and what not with control of the camera, actions and placement of characters, items etc... I am curious if this is something that would be allowed to be put into the game regardless of the lawsuit, The reason i ask is because much like the new options added for Private matches, it doesn't add anything new that isn't already present in the game and doesn't use anything pertaining to the lawsuit. @mattshotcha Could you shed any light on this?
  7. To all the people complaining about the Jason buff.
  8. It wasn't just one kill out of a kill pack. I can see that going back and forth on this is pointless. If people want to hang on to the idea that things weren't 100% that is up to them. We all know what content was completed and what wasn't. The proof is out there in the open. I just choose not to live in denial about it.
  9. This is a snippet of a Q&A a game dev did that i think may shed a little like on that. "The DLC cert process is waaaay faster than game certification, which is why we can often get the DLC ready on day 1." Now you can even take out the part talking about day 1 since the key component of this is dlc cert. It seems the dlc cert process is quicker to get through and considering stuff was already done they should have been certed already and awaiting for when they were going to be released. Now at the point they knew content was coming to an end, they should have released all the content that was completed and already went through cert.
  10. Those kills and others were completed, the unreleased emotes which were completed were in the files and usable in the switch port. They is no denying this unless you just want to be in denial and have blinders on. The pick axe kill pack was the last official released content on June 1st 2018 and from that point no other content was being worked on. They also would not have captured the gameplay they did of unreleased kills for an upcoming trailer if they were not completed and you can tell they were completed. Again the switch port unreleased emotes were 100% done before the cutoff and falls in line with the legal guidelines to release content but they were not. There isn't much left to state here. They could have been released but were not. The only mystery is why were they not.
  11. The thing is that those finished things were in the games files already as was confirmed through dataminers. Showing the completed kills in the original ultimate slasher edition trailer shows them as completed and can be verified though the datamined stuff as well, also the emotes that were done long ago that ended up in the switch ports were also obviously in the files as well. Thus these were all completed before the cutoff and could have and should have been released. The only questionable things were Uber as he himself was done minus having music and sound effects attached and Grendel was clearly not done. Outside of that those other pieces of content were in fact done and in the files to be released but were not.
  12. The issue here is that there is content that was done as i mentioned in my post but hasn't been released and could have been.The question is why hasn't it been released?
  13. As we all know, there will not be any new content going further for the game. However i am left wondering something....Why hasn't any of the content that we have seen that is already completed being released? Back on June 1st 2018 the last piece of content/dlc that we got was the Pick Axe kill pack. I am sure everyone is aware of the unreleased kills that were accidentally shown in the original trailer for the Ultimate Slasher Edition looked 100% completed as well as the unreleased emotes that popped up on the Switch port. These are just a couple of examples of content/dlc that clearly was as completed as the pick axe kill pack and had to have been done before or around the same time. So my question is why weren't they released. As far as i am aware, any content that was in the pipeline/near completion or already completed was allowed to be released (Case in point the pick axe kill pack) yet somehow those other completed pieces of content have not been released. This was also shown by the company who made F13 Killer puzzle and they stated on a twitter post that as per contractual reasons they had a deadline date to create new content and as that date approached they completed new content for their game and inserted them into the files. I won't explain it all as i think the tweets do a better job of that but as they stated, they were under the exact same legal restrictions as Gun. The link to the tweet - Killer Puzzle Tweet So going by all that information and knowing there is completed content that could have been released......why wasn't it when legally they were allowed to?
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