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  1. I myself would love to see mods like this be a thing, hell even mods to create new maps since the game is in dire need of new locations. I would love to see it made available for all platforms.
  2. I think it is something that should have been there if not from the start then shortly after. Seeing as how the majority of time played in the game is counselor and majority of the unlocks/dlc is for counselors it would have made sense to have it so that all of those could still be utilized when the servers are shut off.
  3. Once the lawsuit is actually over it will allow for new films, Neca figures and other merch to start flowing again. As for the game it changes nothing. The game will be as it is now as there will not be any new content coming to it so the best thing we can hope for is that another Pub/Dev team wants to take a stab at making a new F13 game once the option is available.
  4. Which is just absurd at this point since It has been said many times by Gun and even as of yesterday from the video with Larry Zerner breaking down the court stuff that the game will never get new content. I don't understand what it is going to take for those stubborn people to understand that the game is never going to get more content.
  5. For anyone who hasn't seen this, here is Larry breaking down the oral arguments portion of the lawsuit that took place on thursday. Side note is that he clearly says that even after the lawsuit comes to an end, there WILL NOT be any content coming to the game, none at any point. Hopefully for those who for whatever reason keep holding out foolish hope understand that the game will remain as it is from here on out.
  6. I think that had there not been the interference of the lawsuit, the game would have had at least a little more variety of options available. I think everyone can agree that if the lawsuit didn't hinder content the amount of revenue that would be coming in from whatever was released wouldn't be substantial enough to sustain servers for all that much longer as the only bits of content they were charging for was Clothing packs and kill packs and they were dirt cheap and wouldn't have really brought in all that much. Now in terms of content we do know that Outside of a few sound cues Uber was pretty much complete. Grendel on the other hand wasn't near completetion so that would have taken longer. The retro revamp is a big question as we have no idea why he never happened since in the post on the website said that it would only take a month or so for him to be brought back in as his own unique Jason, yet part 4 Jason and Roy came after the time frame that he should have come out on. As far as Paranoia goes there were leaks that showed essentially how that mode would have worked and from what i saw it looked like it could have been fun and it seemed assets for it were complete but honestly who knows. One thing we do know for sure is that there are finished emotes leaked via the initial switch release and finished kills for new kill packs via the Ultimate slasher edition first trailer. Why those couldn't have been released is beyond me since they were already in the pipeline before the cutoff and were clearly finished. I will say that i think even without the lawsuit i think the game would be doing a little better than it is but not "Thriving" by any means. Not enough revenue coming in as well as constant issues from patches would still keep the game in the place it is in now. Just my thoughts though
  7. Sorry but you didn't pose it as a question, you posted it as a matter of fact observation which is just absurd. As another poster mentioned, if they were to do that it would have been in the patch notes. If you feel it is something you are seeing, post video or screen shots of said cabins and windows and i am sure more than enough of us that have played since launch can go through saved gameplay to show you there has been no changes to the windows.
  8. The reason i asked for examples is because i have lots of gameplay video's covering all cabins and i could compare the cabins being suggested to have been altered to how they were previously. Also i am not trashing the OP, go look at other topics he has made as well as the responses by others.
  9. show examples of what cabins on which maps suddenly have fewer windows that can be opened
  10. This isn't a new glitch, this has been around for a very long time. Of the times it has happened to me is when in the lobby it switches your Jason to random and also causes a random counselor select when the match starts.
  11. Dude you need to stop creating so many threads repeating the same things over and over. Complaining about pocket knives and machetes being removed from the last update which is completely not true, and also previously complaining about this non existent window issue in another thread as well. @Kodiak This needs to stop.
  12. Ok i think we can all agree that after all of his posts that rather than worrying about balance and item spawns, they should configure Strigoi's account so that after the opening match sequence it goes right to the kill Jason screen. The fact that you make up so many unfounded observations is just absurd. More windows have not been barricaded, pipe spawns have not been increased, Machete and Axe spawns have not been decreased, We do not need more PK's, Jason doesn't have balance completely in his favor (Even though he should) Killing Jason is easier now and you must be the most delusional player of the game or you graduated from troll college at the top of your class.
  13. If i could have one final mode it would be sandbox mode where i can manipulate the camera/counselors/Jasons/items/vehicles to be able to make custom trailers/video's. Also to be able to just hop in as a counselor or Jason and just run freely around the map.
  14. This will never happen, what is in the game now is what we will have from here on out. People need to let go of the hope they keep that after the lawsuit ends that they will jump back in and resume content development. It is NEVER going to happen. To quote Metallica "Sad But True"
  15. I think it might be easier if they have it set for his account specifically that every match he enters starts with the Jason kill sequence and it automatically selects him as the Tommy player, on top of that it gives him points for repairing all objectives.
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