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  1. It has happened every round, ping was in 80ms-100ms range so it wasn't a high ping situation.
  2. What happens is i will go into combat stance as Jason and use block to avoid hits and when i go out of combat stance i cannot grab or swing my weapon. In order to break the interaction lock i have to either use morph or shift and then i can grab or attack.
  3. Lots of interaction locking when you use combat stance block. Once you come out of it you can't swing or grab until you use shift or morph
  4. As the title says, once the final patch drops if you find any new bugs/glitches etc... List em below
  5. @Sprayable Spaghetti™ Sales Much like the whole Savini Jason eBay scam. They to this day deny it yet it was looked into heavily and tracked and everything was noted. Check out the two threads I posted on the first page. Clear as day there was a link between gun and the eBay sellar selling the Savini codes yet much like the clear cut knowing of the lawsuit stopping content way ahead of time they lie and deny deny deny. Coincidence.... I think not
  6. I wasn't saying you specifically were in denial, I am simply saying anyone who doesn't see everything for what it is with the proof that has been shown regarding so many things with this game and still defend gun are the ones in denial. All I said in regards to you is that asking Wes is pointless. It will just be more lies.
  7. I can tell you that by asking Wes will only result in an answer to cover themselves. Ronnie said it clear as day in that podcast, not accepting that as the truth and fact is just further denial.
  8. I know it sucks to see what the truth is but more people need to know all of this and understand the full scope of what happened and how we were all treated as a community who backed and supported this game.
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