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  1. I appreciate that. That is why I wanted to share it so there could be a discussion regarding the information.
  2. The information which was compiled from Guns statement, LRG's statement and a post from Matt, The only place it was put together was one other place by me and another person. Regardless if it was on 3 other places, it is information relevant to the game which makes it relevant to being shared with the games community.
  3. Why should I get used to being ok with people censoring information that is backed up with facts and prrof? All because it goes against their liking and narrative? Because it isn't a post praising them and ignoring more serious issues?
  4. Oh I know that, the difference is that this thread isn't about Savini Jason complaining and everything else. This is straight up facts be provided. If they Nuke it, it is for the sole purpose of censoring information that goes against information we were all given on the specific matter. No toxicity, no conspiracies, straight facts with proof.
  5. Nuke it for what? There is nothing toxic about what is posted. This does not violate any rules.
  6. As far as i can tell based on when i have had it happen to me and when i have seen it happen to others is that it happens when the random counselor/Jason issue happens
  7. For those who are new or are unaware about the Savini Jason code "Theft" at LRG You can read all about it here. Theft At LRG (Includes Gun's Statement as well as Limited Run Games Statement) Matt's Response Regarding LRG Handling Now this is not going to be a thread looking to start problems or cause any form of toxic arguments. This is meant to provide information regarding the situation and things that just don't add up in how things were handled as well as conflicting answers about it. Check out more about it Here
  8. We know Blue Wizard got content done and put into the files leading up to the deadline of the lawsuit stoppage. Outside of that i haven't followed anything they have done or said since then.
  9. The recent things happening definitely makes things confusing for sure and without having an official statement stating how these things a possible with the lawsuit still not decided is just odd considering everything we have heard to this point. As far as everyone knew Once the cutoff date for any form of F13 related products/material/content was reached everyone seemed to state that from that point until the final decision was reached nothing could be done or made. Gun couldn't create/release anything that may have been in the works or completed already, no new movies could be made, Neca had to stop with figures and only what was already in the pipeline could be finished. Now the lawsuit is still not decided and somehow a board game can be made and released, Neca was able to create Part 7 Jason which as they stated wasn't already in production as it was one they were going to start on until they were notified that they had to halt because of the lawsuit and now there is a new Film boxset. I honestly don't understand how WB changing their minds on things can allow for anything to be made since the lawsuit was the reason for the stoppage of everything in the first place and it is still ongoing. Recent developments just contradict everything we have been told up to this point.
  10. Well going by what Larry Zerner said on twitter "Technically, the release of figures of existing characters doesn't violate Victor Miller's rights in the 1st F13 movie, so Neca can do this without getting into trouble. The good news is that I was told a year ago that WB was not allowing new figures. So the fact that WB has changed their mind and is allowing new figures is a good thing. But this does NOT mean that WB is (or can) make a new F13 film." So what he is saying here is that because Part 7 Jason is already an existing character it doesn't interfere with Miller's rights of the first film, Neca can produce and release him. Also stating that a year ago that WB wasn't allowing new figures but suddenly is allowing it is a good thing though for me this is an odd one. From everything we have seen, once the lawsuit struck down on the franchise there was a cut of date for anything new to be made and until an actual ruling nothing could be made. So in theory regardless if WB wants to change their mind on something it shouldn't simply allow for something to be made now. That decision again should be in the hands of the court. Now obviously we have seen that a new board game is coming out, the new Film boxset is coming with all previous bonus content released on all other releases but is now including all new bonus features. Now to quote Gun from previous statements when it comes to the game. "We cannot add a rock or tree". This does conflict with what is happening in regards to the film boxset in my opinion. The boxset is getting new features that wasn't there before but the game can't add a rock or a tree that already exists in the game? Now i am not saying i am right in my assessment as i can only go by what we know but it does seem a little strange.
  11. Yes the game did sell well but the amount it sold has been outshined by all the issues/controversies with the game over it's 3 year life. Other companies who would be interested in possibly doing an F13 game would look at both sides. I can tell you that any company looking at both sides of the coin would say that all the issues the game has had and still has, the backlash and confrontations the creators have had with the community, the controversies and lawsuit situation would give them more of a reason to stay away from the license rather than want to go for it. I have no doubt there may be some companies who make look at it as a short term investment and that making huge profits off the franchise over a short period of time might be the better approach. This would make it an easy way to make money while not having to keep your feet in the pool too long and avoid all the same things that happened to this game. Most people analyzing the last 3 years of the games life only see and talk about all the surface stuff and either don't know or don't want to acknowledge all the other stuff. When it comes to any product and company it is always a good thing to give props when things are done good and handled good but when they aren't people need to be held accountable for the things that didn't work, went wrong or was handled poorly. This community has an abundance of "Yes" men when it comes to how the game was handled and is being handled as well as disregarding valid criticism's towards Gun and the game. Also just to make it clear, i am not saying everything that was done regarding this game was bad, there is a lot of good with this game but when people criticize with facts and have proof for their arguments they get immediately attacked by the "Yes" men and called toxic trolls. I assure you other game companies are well aware of everything that has happened with this game on all sides and if you think there will be a new F13 game anytime in the near future you are fooling yourselves.
  12. I can Guarantee you regardless of how F13 the game sold, other studio's aren't going to want to touch this IP any time soon simply because of everything that has gone on with this game. All the issues from launch till now, all the controversies, community backlash and behaviour due to various reason as well as what has happened with the lawsuit. No game company is going to want to dive in on an IP that has so many negatives surrounding it. Look at it this way, up until recently no other game company even wanted to bother with an F13 game and if any of the game companies really wanted to make an F13 game don't you think at any point from when the nes game came out back in 1989 to 2017 that someone would have done it? Even with how big the franchise is and how popular it is, no game studio's took it upon themselves to make an F13 game. Now even when the day comes that another F13 game gets made, i don't see Rockstar getting involved with it, in fact i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't another smaller company that ends up doing one.
  13. Whether people want to accept it or not, this game is hopping on it's last leg. Matt himself has said it "The game is long in the tooth". I have heard from others that there have been other games that have had new content added to them years later after not having any for a while. Could Gun do this with F13? I think so since we have seen other finished things like Emotes, costumes, kills etc.... however Gun has stated on numerous occasions that they will not go back to the game in regards to content. I understand people want to hold on to this sliver of hope something will change but the writing has been on the wall for a very long time now. They are done with the game in regards to content, as for patches and the continuance of dedicated servers i would have to say that they must be close to an end as well. The funds to support these has to be coming to an end soon since there isn't a revenue stream coming in to further sustain either. Face facts folks, the clock is winding down.
  14. In the end people should have given up asking and hoping for any content being released for this game. Even for content that we have seen that is completed they are not going to see the light of day except for on pc for obvious reasons. When the lawsuit reaches it's end and the announcement is made public, the situation with the game will remain the same. I don't understand how anyone can keep any form of hope or keep asking for content to be released or for Gun to have a dev team to resume content. As they have stated on numerous occasions "You can't just go back to an old game and work on it, that isn't how games work"
  15. Neca had to stop F13 figures because of the lawsuit, they had to get approval and the go ahead to produce and announce the part 7. The only way that happens is if the lawsuit is done. There just hasn't been a formal announcement yet.
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