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  1. Thanks a lot, but you guys still can't find the perfect balance for Jason. It is too powerful and the survivors are increasingly harmed.
  2. There’s a bug that’s been around for a while, there’s a trick that allows you to teleport right on top of a moving car as Jason, which causes it to be destroyed and survivors fly away and can’t escape, as survivor sometimes you stay alive and sometimes you die of "suicide". PS: It would be great if they implemented the game in virtual reality and would attract the attention of many people
  3. I am level 150 and it is impossible to customize Fox's clothes. She keeps the clothes she has by default, doesn't let me change the different outfits
  4. - This is a game in which you are stronger playing as a team. It forces survivors to communicate (it no longer shows objects marked on the map). - The demand is about to end, finish developing the content that had already reached (Map of Grendell, Jason X, clothing packs) and make the game much cheaper to buy, as well as approximately 3 days of free trial for people to come back to Friday the 13th. - Implementation of a new mode of anger and combat system Jason - Survivor. (Mainly that Jason is no longer so easy to kill and that he can be stunned with objects until the end, not just with the shotgun.)
  5. I keep seeing people with "exclusive" content in the game and who evidently didn’t get it in 2016 when the game came out, someone level 10 with Savini, people with deaths that were never added to the game, clothes, etc. The exclusive term expired long ago, If you want the game to hold, you must add a way to get Savini Jason, clothes, etc.
  6. Killing Jason is a feat that in the movies only Tommy Jarvis has been able to accomplish, I make an honorable mention of Chris Higgins leaving Jason immobilized and almost dead in the barn, Tina "The Jedi powers" Shepard (she managed to defeat Jason just because she had superpowers), and then again Tommy Jarvis for reviving Jason to have the ability to sink him into the lake and kill fake Voorhees, Roy Burns. BUT IN THE GAME JASON IS RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO KILL! To summarize how easy it is to remove Jason’s mask I will say that I was removed with A COOKING POT, I have seen how players remove Jason’s mask also with pans, pipelines, bat or branches, etc... Needless to say, Jason’s mask should only be removed with really blunt or sharp objects (shotgun, machete or axe). On the other hand to add a little difficulty to what is quite a feat in the movies as I mentioned earlier, make Jason only able to die if Tommy Jarvis has his mask. The combat system for Jason and the survivors is very bad. If there’s no such thing as friendly fire, I don’t understand why the self-aiming when you’re a survivor points to your partners. Even with Jason, if you’re not out on the field with survivors, I don’t understand why when you’re trying to break up a house in combat mode, if there’s someone inside, you can’t because you’re auto aiming. That’s a tiny part of how bad the combat system is and the level of power Jason should have with respect to the survivors. Finally the rage mode must improve. It would be great if Jason’s anger went up the more you hit him and provoke him ONLY, it shouldn’t go up automatically as time goes on. There are players who just wait to have the rage mode to kill or stand still so they get hit a lot and have the rage mode fast to start killing. Plus it would be nice if you could stun Jason with rage mode but with heavy weapons (axe, bat, machete, and shotgun), and after rage mode the other objects on the map are useless like flare gun, pipes, branches, boards, wrenches, etc. By the way, I don’t understand how the machete only serves to remove Jason’s mask when it should stun better.
  7. Thanks. I will continue to expect a new rage mode and the implementation of an improvement to the combat system of Jason and the counselors
  8. I forgot something, there are survivors who are made to survive by hitting Jason, like Vanessa, Buggsy, Tiffany, who are very bad at repairing, so if you choose them now, You just have to run all over the map waiting to see if they call the police or fix a car?
  9. I still don’t see the sense of rage mode, actually people keep dancing when they hit Jason, even when he’s in rage mode. If you get a bad team or for some reason you’re on your own and you have to put up with Jason but you can’t do anything to stun him, you should at least consider the stamina and stuff.
  10. I’ve always played like Jason without any problems, in the movies there were people who beat Jason and put up with him to the end, it’s not just about running away. Anger mode doesn’t just make sense, because there are still people who just do in every lobby to bully Jason, it’s happened to me several times with the Brazilian community, They play to hit Jason and when he’s in rage mode they leave the game.
  11. It’s a team game, if or if at any point you’ll be forced to hit Jason, it’s no fun running all the time and repairing. developers must allow you to beat Jason to the end (at least only with decent weapons like bats, axes, etc), if you’re only going to repair and escape you get very few points, between 850 and 980 because I’ve already checked. Rage doesn’t make sense, because I got to play Jasons so bad that they don’t kill anyone alone until they have rage mode. As I said earlier, Jason is too powerful and the rage mode was added so that people DON’T LEARN HOW TO PLAY. I guess at some point the developers deigned to play their own game and they were so bad that they were bullied and as a result we had that rage-mode crap.
  12. Well, if you’re lucky enough to find a shotgun, considering there might be a few hidden ones, while you’re out looking for one, Jason will kill you.
  13. After rage mode, if Jason has the mask, you can only stun him with the machete or axe (plus you must be lucky to take it off and that also depends on the counselor), now, if you want to kill him, You must go for his mother’s sweater and not die trying, finally you need a Tommy Jarvis who knows how to play the game and has an idea of what you want to do, because most of the time who appears as Tommy Jarvis are the rookies who die at the beginning of the match. Jason in the movies is very powerful but he still has human weaknesses and the ability to be beaten and stunned no matter how angry he is. Current rage mode is basically designed for new people who don’t know how to play, because someone who knows how to play rage mode like Jason will kill anyone in an instant.
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