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  1. I’ve been playing Friday the 13th for several months and I love it, and I really like Savini Jason but it can’t be obtained in any way, I’m not saying give it away but you should add it as DLC or something like that, it wouldn’t be new content, 'cause he’s already in the game, I guess...
  2. 1. I understand that the game has an active demand, but please, do your best to make it nice to play with what you already have, don't give it up because it's fun. The fact that you almost always find lobby easily means that people still like Friday The 13th even though there is no content. 2. I understand that at the end of the original Friday 13th movie saga, Jason had demonic traits and something to do with hell but IT WAS NEVER INVENCIBLE. Today those final films on Friday the 13th are so bad that the creators try to forget them. You, with the "RAGE MODE" you implemented this year, made Jason virtually invincible, because as bad as a new player is learning, if he has patience, he'll end up murdering everyone. That's not the realism you claim to look for as game developers. 3. If you've seen the Friday the 13th movies, the more angry Jason is , but at the same time dumber, and the survivors hit him with absurd objects so that they can run. On Friday 13 Part 2 at the end of the film, Jason has his wrath to the fullest but still has to dodge the attacks of a simple kitchen knife, and in part 3 he gets punched at the end of the film like never before, leaving him lame and almost dead with homemade objects from a barn. If you are looking for realism do so at convenience or to further kill the game that in itself needs you to implement your resources well. 4. Now, this is my suggestion, when Jason has the "RAGE MODE" that can be hit but with blunt enough objects (An axe, a bat, a wrench - modify the wrench, make it a little longer-, a machete - also modify the machete because it is currently almost useless - and add another object, maybe a shovel, so you're not going to sue them). That's what I mean. So, when Jason has the "RAGE MODE" cooking pots, pans, boards, pipes, branches or a flare will be useless to stop him for a moment. You should add a small object that can be used to hit just until Jason has the "RAGE MODE". 5. Make sure that Jason’s mask can only be removed with a sharp weapon like a machete or axes, because right now even with a cooking pot you can remove Jason’s mask. Also improve Jason’s combat system as a result of survivors being able to beat him to the end, plus add enough items to keep survivors focused on targets (cars, police, boat) But that’s also enough in case when the time comes you have to stay with Jason until the end, no more and no less, ultimately a balance of powers. 6. There are maps like Jarvis’s house that are made very easy for Jason to play worse for the survivors, that the maps we already have are ALL balanced. 7. Add an offline tutorial where new users can play and pass where they are guided as survivors and killers (Jason), so when they play online it will be more fun for everyone. Many people get the game for free or on sale but it bores them in a short time because it is not very intuitive. A tutorial that teaches you how to play will make more players and keep the game alive. 8. If you can’t kill your own teammates by being a survivor anymore, except with the car, I don’t understand why when you activate the prompter, the prompter points to them. Have the prompter just point at Jason. 9. And finally, play your own game, establish the necessary superiority between Jason and the survivors, make the tutorial complete, watch videos of how people play Friday the 13th currently on Youtube, And if there’s any hope of coming out of the demand for content, please fight to save the game from this historic saga.
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