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  1. I would say I love Jenny's slender face on the right. Than her chubby parallel self but still good looking non the less. (I favor Kenny, Chad and Adam more though lol.)
  2. We need good dlc.

    I love the DLC content so far and how it looks visually. I just hope for wigs/ hairstyles in the future though, for Gun Media to venture into. An yeah like everyone else said, the road-map shows you what is to come. I feel if they would want to add extra stuff that is not on the road-map they will, like fixes or new options in the main menu. I didn't think Jarvis Tapes was gonna be a thing ya know? Also not trying to down people on a budget but if you are serious about your financial situation than you can pay about 4 dollars or more for the two outfit sets and emotes and whatever else. You get them cause you find them visually pleasing to the eye not because you feel like you are force to just because you own the game. Also again things not on the map may or can be added to the game in the future. I don't know how content flow will be after the road-map is complete but I feel they will be able to produce more content after this year is up and the 1st season of the year comes to past. Here is the road-map for people who may haven't seen it at all that are new or don't check social media like that.
  3. At the end of the day it's a multi-player video game. Adjustments are being made, always read the patch notes to see what they fixed. The only thing I see for me is disappearing doors when the game just started and that's it. Game-play mechanics will have certain restrictions. If neither side can't win from time to time than whats the fun with that? I play counselors only really, I only play Jason if I wanna let off steam. So I don't want to die every time for someone saying Jason should always win or someone wanting that by assumptions. Also the game won't be so vanilla going past Christmas, please pay attention to the road-map and share with people. Gun media may not have the time to update it but it is still valid.
  4. Is this really possible? I swear the Jason players try to make my screen all static like on purpose. It's really overwhelming. Looks like a person hacking the game at best. An it makes the immersion just distasteful looking at. When I think F13 the game now I think Jason the ghost or alien psychic lol. Still gonna play time from time I'm just gonna have my own skills to counter-act this "tasteful" exploit for Jason players.
  5. I Feel Dirty...

    I just can't get into the game graphically looking and game mechanic wise as well. Nice to watch like a movie on youtube of other people playing it, but still be a waste for me lol.
  6. F13 is not a dating service

    I like to say it's fine if you find someone attractive, just on mic ask to friend them. An text them how you feel so other people won't get involved. Cause really, most people who are happy for people that found love that aren't playing the game would find it cool or unusual but still great someone was able to find someone else in a game. An know for a fact that BOTH are gamers lol. When you involve a crowd especially people who talk down on love and are happy to be single or hate being single then watch out, negativity will fill the room quick. Cause if it's not something they got or would not they'll attack ya lol. Truth though.
  7. You honestly did the right thing, DO STUFF/RUN/JOG/JUKE. Only thing people should hate other people for that is a REAL time waster. Is when someone is glitching to not get caught by Jason or hiding when there is TO MUCH time left, like say 7 minutes. Like for real? No body got time for that, lol. Cause when people are escaped they are fine and can watch you forever it seems like but for people that died, mostly they'll be like me 9 times out of 10 being EAGER to play another round to making sure they teach the next Jason they can escape them. Almost getting slick revenge on the last Jason, an that's how I see it. So these people would most likely get mad on the counselor side of things but I like to say only if they see you wasting time in the ways I mentioned that are ACTUAL time wasters than Juking. In this game you can barely juke cause of stamina alone anyways.
  8. Just saying, I be wanting to cuss people out till the heavens fall to earth for someone to move out my way. DEV'S SHOULD FOR SURE, add nudging lol.
  9. For real? (new wallpapers)

    Oh no I was talking about Heartbreaker the top OP, unless you are him/she? What I was skimming off your posts seem like it was budding heads with heartbreaker, lol. Unless you were agreeing with him/she? If so of course disagree politely but understand where you were coming from if it was an E for everyone type of game you could say. I say the things I said, cause I'm a gay male and just like Chad wearing a speedo and saying yay to equality when it comes to skimpy males vs women.
  10. unreleased clothes

    Either that's unlockable where you need to get to lvl 80+ cause that does exist. Or people are actually glitching their outfits out by going into their files manually. Those 2 only makes the most sense lol.
  11. Favorite kill?

    I don't really play as Jason at all. I can say I liked one move cause a guy did this to me in Chad's speedo I was wearing. It was funny and pervy for the reasons why I loved it. The knee break, where it looks like Jason is making you do a split while lying down, lefting one of your legs up and backwards in the air. The guy was slobbering like a pervy mongrel on mic, I was cracking up on mic, lol.
  12. For real? (new wallpapers)

    Honestly, counselors are stars of Friday the 13th as well. We know Jason is the ultimate star but the counselors should get love too. Plus the wallpaper is for the clothing pack, so why not? Also it is to be expected with a slasher/horror film that allowed t&a. Everyone isn't based around morals and purity thinking like, "oh my don't hint at sexual things, cover your eyes". That's how you sound OP a little bit. I don't have a problem with you personally, but am saying I disagree with you about this decision. I will say I agree in different CONTEXT that in the future they should add camp grounds and Jason wallpapers. Also Chad's wallpaper is okay, since you didn't really disagree with the fashion choice but you pointed out something that would of been seen in reality anyways. All men have different bulge sizes/looks if they wear a tight speedo. Again the game can have sexual hinting content cause that's what it says it has for it's esrb rating for "m" for mature content. Also I don't care if I'm repeating anyone in this thread, I rather say what I personally need to say and read everyone else's post later.
  13. Its weird how people can think that. They aren't so creative then, just logic based. We already have new Jasons on the road map coming our way. Can't wait to see them I guess lol. (Not a big Jason Player)
  14. Yeah I do agree for the sake of other regions who are able to play this game. A quick and easy one is stating the prices for usa and just say prices will vary differently from the usa. I know it can be a hassle stating certain regions, and make a list and describing the different prices.
  15. I agree as well, you could call it a "wig system" at that. Cause if a clothing event happens I wanna be cosplaying the hell outta my outift head to toe lol. Also criss crossing outfits should be a thing. I wouldn't mind multiple revamps of the customization system through the different updates. To get unique hair or accessories like hats and what not.