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  1. 1 hour ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    I've played matches where all the counselors were Vanessa until Tommy showed up ( 7 Vanessa's ). It can be extremely frustrating, but you can out smart them and start thinning them out. You may not kill them all, but you can certainly get most.

    yes is and abuse and frustrating, well you just played with 7 vanessas bad they wasnt a very good and organized team like the team that beated me, and yes she need a nerf

  2. 46 minutes ago, Fair Play said:

    The police are meant to be a valid means of escape. It sounds like you are finding teams of players who like to humiliate Jason, which ruins the experience for Jason players. Removing the police will not change that.

    As Jason, you have to use your everything in your bag of tricks to kill the counselors. If you are having trouble, consider taking a different approach.

    na, police is shit, that must be removed

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Seraphic King said:


    what up buddy, I completely understand where you’re coming from but you also have to understand that Vanessa was made to outrun Jason. As Jason you have 4 abilities, with traps and knives. You may not be able to outrun her, but you can most definitely outsmart or outplay her. Combine your resources and asses when you should use them and when you should not. Hope this aids you in your future games.

    nope, not enoguth, and with 4 or more vanessas pff imposible, she need a nerf, you didnt played with a team like that, when you play yll see

  4. 12 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    You’re not the only one who hates Vanessa’s bloody stamina but maybe read through some of the threads about how to catch Counselors with Shift or Stalk. 

    give me that link please, who are you? admin or just a player

  5. 1 minute ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    Sounds like a rough game.

    Could you do me a solid and make an introduction post when you get a second. Thanks.

    well i dont speak english, well read what i wrote, the police must be deleted for being an abussing escape, thats solid, even with rage buff jason is very easy to kill, and with a very good team like i said, is impossible to kill someone, maybe you didnt played with a team like that, but yes is not possible to kill someone, this is an abuse, devs must deleted that police

  6. hi, ok, we need a punish for the noobs that leaves the game while playing, well i know sometimes the game changes the characters and this is annoying, but well, listen, too much noobs leaves the game just before of being killed by jason, others when dead they left for being bad losers, i think people can leave the room 1 or 2 minutes of started the game to avoid this character change issue, and if someone leave the game at 2 minutes of started they must be punished cause a very much people do this is annoying, please do this and put punish for those leavers, if someone leave a game and dont get any exp or money is not enought punish, they do this to troll too, please do something like putting then in a low priority rooms or delete some exp points or money please

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  7. hi, i think is an abuse, 5 guys were using vanessa and they said they had the running perk, and the problem is that following then is a problem, vanessa needs a nerf, is very fast and very good stamina (without hack) they run and run and when stamina is empty they walk some fast lol, idk if someone uses hackers but i saw before vanessas with infinite stamina etc, we need a nerf cause 5 or 6 vanessas is an abuse devs read me and do a nerf

  8. hi im new here and i dont know exactly how to use this forum, ok, there is a problem, the devs must delete police, cause too much people use that, today playing with a very organized team it was impossible to avoid those guys to call police, then they were very nice organized, damn i was no able to record then, all was 150, and with the police perk they come fast, when they come, y got the rage by being stunned, also y eat 3 knifes, sprays, and were 5 vanessas with the running perk etc and there, when police arrive all 7 players escape with them, then jarvis came and escaped with police too, what a noob abuse, thats why police is an abuse, the jason buff was nice cause game was unbalanced, but devs needs to delete the phone, i repeat, they were 150 all and friends, and no hacks was there, devs do something...

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