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  1. no, police escape is for inferior noobs, so fucking izi is
  2. not only hackers, inferiors are too leavers, vanesa players, police escapers, teaming jason, etc all that scum
  3. guys that escape with police, plays as vanesa, do team with jason, kills others with car, hacks the game, trolls people like Obeserat, wwe, rustynail, black magic, elvis_go, ivanita impactada, the other impactado guy, most brazil, those that i dont remember right now, etc etc they are inferior people, inferior people are everywhere, in every country, that shit must die, we dont have that shit on this world, thats why life sucks, cause inferior people. and yes, the idiots devs must put an option to kick trolls while playing a match, i know that trolls can kick a inocent guy for trolling but, we need this new feature.
  4. i know, but too many rooms with teaming jason, admins must do something
  5. i remember i was blocking and someone stunned me in my back
  6. na, im the pro with jason, fighting a vanesa with perks 1 hit mask off is impossible
  7. hi, i know this is not banned, by is a shit, come on we need to ban teaming with jason, cause it is very inferior, some idiots use to be jason then 3 or 4 players more are teaming with im, this to troll and fuck the rooms, i saw like 212131 of those, come one we dont need this!
  8. are you calling me noob? hahaha, im the only pro left on the game, cause i dont see any pro like me in months killing jason is very easy even with some news jarvis and a girl, the game is ballanced in favor to counselors, this is a fact, and no one cant say is not
  9. i actaulluy lose my mask with 1 hit only, with some vanesas, so it is false, people are almost always on groups you are so wrong
  10. no, noobs jarvis can kill jason too, trap the shack i put 1 trap, remember traps limited to 5 and 3 worst trap jasons, the radio is useless they remove the trap or just walk it, slash and block dont work with 5 or 6 players agains you, and even more hard with pros jason needs a buff or killing jason a nerf, thats a fact
  11. well, there are inferior noob people telling izi izi when they kill jason, come on, devs must do to kill jason harder, killing jason is actualy very easy, and the re noobs players are claming they are pros only cause they killed jason?, only 2 guys can kill jason not need more, it doesnt matter how pro are jason, if he hunt 1 good jarvis and 1 good female player, they will kill jason eventually, and more with that noob perk that 1 hit mask off, it is an abusse for jason, jason needs a buff, devs the game is not balanced, jason is very easy to kill or escape him
  12. and why would someone want the game dead?, whats dinner for him?
  13. i heared people saying that the devs dont really care about the game and that issue!, so they suck
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