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  1. thats what i said, game is unbalanced jason needs a buff, i noticed some guys here didnt played against a very good kill squad
  2. guys i slashed them, but remember they heal each others, and they are good teammates, like that dude say, there is no much you can do, thats why jason needs a buff, imagine a noob level 1 jason being punished by 7 pros????
  3. thats what i say, theres no much you can do when you fight 7 man party good
  4. hi, ok jason needs a buff, cause i played with a fool brazil complete troll team, they were 7 friends, they just was intimidating me and dancing when they stunn me, all 7 got focus on me, they only hitted me 3 times and i lost my mask with savini jason at that 3rd hit, i thought you need 4 hits to mask off, well they were 3 vanesas 2 palomino 1 debie and 1 chad, jason needs a buff right now!, i only killed 4 they are very good team playing but trolls as fck, intimidating me calling me noob etc etc and bothering, they do this to all jasons!, they are not the only troll team, there are a lot of this sht people, thats why too much players left the game, and thats why there are hackers, i have a friend that was hacking for THIS, he says this is very annoying!, and thats right it is very annoying!, devs must put an stop to this trolls teams, and do a bug cause kill jason is very easy, game is very unbalanced, i hope some guys here understand what im saying :s
  5. are you telling me that only reporting by that steam option that i already said in the post is a waste of time? omg but we all 24 players did it1
  6. No i didnt, i thought was not necessary to do that, i thougt reporting with taht devs will follow the guy
  7. jelow, i need to know if the profile steam report for using hack works?, cause me and 24 more players reported a single guy that was hacking like 8 months ago, and i see the hacker again and was not banned, that profile report works or dont? i need to know, weird he is not banned and is still using hack D:
  8. na, ustedes manes estan equivocados, vanesa es para noobs y la policia tambien, y enfrentar a un equipo bueno de 7 vanesas y un jarvis es imposible ustedes no han jugado con equipos asi, esta es la verdad y nadie la puede negar punto
  9. those were noob vanesas and the vanessa that knocked off my mask in one must be a hacker
  10. digan lo que quieran, simplemente yo tengo la razon, punto
  11. omg you guys all dumbs, you never faced a vanessa team 7, they stun you till rage, tontos
  12. calla imbecil, tu que vas a saber como un pro como yo csm, esas vanesas de las que hablas son noobs, como la vanesa noob de tu noob video, reparar el telefono y llamar es facil, se ve que nunca has jugado contra un equipo pro de consejeros, solo eres un gil, escapar con policia es muy facil :), ganar con vanesa es muy facil , matar a jason es muy facil :), incluso escapar con el carro es facil, tonto gringo, sttuped USA
  13. omg you idiot, you never played with pros i got that, and never played agains 7 vanesas, you dumb, police and vanessa is for noobs, when you play with pros well talk
  14. calla sanaso tu que vas a saber gil you guys all are noob, police for inferior noob cause is very easy to escape jason with it, in less than 3m inutes you can call police and then full focus on jason and gg
  15. omg dumb guys, police is for noobs inferior, punto
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