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  1. 16 hours ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    Oh goodie, Mr. Inferior Noob is back. Will you please just shut up already? Every post I've ever seen from you has been bitching at the Devs or whining and complain about one hit demask by Vanessa's, or somehow allowing a lobby of 7 Vanessa's to call the cops on you, and then insulting or bashing anyone who points out how wrong or baseless your nonsense is. In 127 posts I can't think of one I've seen that could be considered of any help or substances to anyone. If want an easy match every time, play offline bots if you can't handle real lobbies. That's basically what you'd turn QP too if the Devs changed everything you've bitched about. The only thing I've gathered from your months of worthless posts is that you've gotta be one of the worst players to ever play this game if these 'inferior noobs' are constantly kicking your ass all the time. That means they're clearly superior to you, so what the hell does that make you exactly? You've gotta be the only person I've ever known that thinks everybody whose ever showed you up playing this game is somehow inferior to you. You really should donate your brain to science so we can figure out how the hell you think things work that way. The one good thing that will come from this forum eventually shutting down is that we'll never have to see one your asinine posts again.

    yes you guys are noobs, you dont know what you are talking about LoL, vanessa needs a nerf and that is all, dont matter what you say, so ....

  2. hi, devs! there are another bug, when a game is being loading all the players got a screen" youve been kicked", this happen on public games!, i talked to the other players and they bugged too, do your job and fix this annoying issue!, and dont close my topic when you already answered mee

  3. ok i dont trying to bother someone or something. This game is no more playable!, since servers shot down!, today i wanted to play 1 damn game, 1!, and i couldnt!, i was looking for room, and all i get are lobbies with 210ms or more!; people playing with very high ping hosting servers, too much guys with very high ping playing and only very few players with good ping 150 or less, i went lobby by lobby, then i find a good lobby with 100ms ping, was a noob guy level 5 the game was about to start but before the screen of players loading in the map selected, a message appeared saying yoube kicked or something, i found the same dude in another lobby with high ping and he told me he didnt clsoed the lobby, and his internet is very good, i was MORE THAN 46 MINUTES trying to play a 1 damn game!, this is not possible!, there are no people with good ping since servers closed!; i am not the only one, i got 2 or 3 friends in the same region as me and say the same!, this game is not playable more in Peru and Argentina!, i got 3 times lobby, and only 2 guys joined my lobby, i was like 5 minutes in a my lobbies, no one enters why???, this cant beeee, servers must stay up again, game is unplayable, dont tell me that the servers are hard to get up or law etc etc, i dont care I PAYED for this game and cant play??, this is a scam, get servers up again or give me my money back!...

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  4. slow?, the game is slow since the devs changed the game engine, i think it was in 2018, the game is slow too much stuttering, etc etc, i could run the game before, devs must set back the previous engine, this is very bad optimized!

  5. On 10/13/2020 at 9:14 AM, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    Just going to rank the girls.

    Tiffany Cox: 9

    Victoria Sterling: 8

    Vanessa: 7

    Jenny Myers: 7

    A.J. Mason: 7

    Deborah Kim: 6

    I wish we could have gotten some curvier girls. Not that these girls would be curvy but rather one or two other characters that had more curves, like Hayley Atwell or Kat Dennings, that kind of curvy. The ones we got range from slim to average to athletic, which is fine but it would have been nice to have the complete package of body types.

    wtf why tiffany have 9? you dont like debbie? O_o'

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