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  1. xXAXONXx

    Perk abuse

    what is the name of that stuped noob perk?, that allow you to get the jason mask with 1 fucking hit?, what a shit, too much noobs with this shit perk and vanessa, what a losers lol, this game needs a fix for jason
  2. xXAXONXx

    contact devs

    i need to contact people that can fix issues, those guys, give me
  3. hi, tell me are you a dev?

  4. xXAXONXx

    contact devs

    hi, how i can contact the devs, i must talk to they a bit
  5. xXAXONXx


    well, devs are assholes, yes it is so easy kill jason, they mas remove police and that perk
  6. hi, we need a punish for inferior poeple that leaves the games just for quiting kills for jason, these idiots trolls must be punish, YOU DEVS MUST QUIT THE EXP AND CP GAINED IF SOMEONE LEAVE THE GAME, i know sometimes the character changes alone in a game, but i think if someone leave the game before being killed or after, he must be punish to a low priority room, ONLY if he leaves at 1 minute of start the game, i repeat, the player must wait for the end game to recieve EXP and CP points, they must recieve thise points if they leave the game before it ends!, do that, too much inferior people trolling with quiting games before being killed.
  7. xXAXONXx


    really? only him? i dont remember he was
  8. xXAXONXx


    hi, i just was playing right now and i was jason, well there were 4 or maybe 5 guys together and i was punched 3 times and on that 3rd i lost my mask, i want to know if are perks for this? or it is a hack?, cause just 3 hits for losing the mask is an abuse, i was jason part 8, if is not a hack we need another patch
  9. omg, say what you want, vanessa needs a nerf, and police must be removed and put 2 4 seat cars and the boat.
  10. hi, which is the exact link to report all of this players?, they need ban
  11. yes is and abuse and frustrating, well you just played with 7 vanessas bad they wasnt a very good and organized team like the team that beated me, and yes she need a nerf
  12. omg, you didnt played with 5 vanessas in a round, and yes vanessa needs a nerf
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