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  1. the fatal error for days, aaaa
  2. no one is playing the game is with error
  3. jelow, the fucking game is not working!, since some weeks ago!, omfg we cant play, game given fatal error everytime, omg fix dis quick!, i want to play we all want it, what is going on?, please fix this issue quick T_T
  4. yes, game is dead, all players are noobs, all, im the only pro left on this game, all are noobs, [removed by moderator], etc etc etc, there are only NOOBS!, game is dead because of that, im tired of playing with INFERIOR PEOPLE, was very fun playing this game, ill left the game now, bye, NOOBS!
  5. xXAXONXx


    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok, but how you know that infor is correct?, it cant be fake
  6. xXAXONXx

    Perk abuse

    was a machete, and the other i dont remember, but 1 machete hit = jason unmasked with vanesa, and was jason 8
  7. xXAXONXx

    Perk abuse

    vanesa and brandon do with 1 hit
  8. xXAXONXx


    coronavirus only affects people with low deffense system
  9. i already thit a post of that issue, long time ago, devs dont do anything?, or are slow? they sucks hard
  10. we need fixes, i already told all the fixes that the game needs in the "off topic" forum, for example the character change bug at the start of a game.
  11. hi, well there is no more pros like me on this game, i dont see a pro in months, all are noobs, only NOOBS on this game, noobs that use vanesa, the perk combination to quit jasons mask in 1 HIT, and noobs escaping with the police, hahahaha what a losers, no more pros like me, people that can survive all the match without escaping jason (can be very hard), and noobs that think that escape jason with car or boat is hard, all those inferior people sucks, it is very easy escape jason with car or boat, and very easy to kill im, this game need some fixes, imagine play agains 7 vanesas?, rage mode buff is not enoght, devs do something, sonsos...
  12. xXAXONXx

    Perk abuse

    what is the name of that stuped noob perk?, that allow you to get the jason mask with 1 fucking hit?, what a shit, too much noobs with this shit perk and vanessa, what a losers lol, this game needs a fix for jason
  13. xXAXONXx

    contact devs

    i need to contact people that can fix issues, those guys, give me
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