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  1. Things is I wasn’t doing many environmental kills. I was just hacking away with whatever weapon I have
  2. I have been a supporter of this game since it’s kickstarter days. I have played since day one, and have recently been on every now and again. I am finding it very difficult to level up offline. I tried to play online match, but between people rage quitting, and glitches, I found it too difficult to enjoy online game play. In short online and offline provides no way to level up quickly, and the grind to reach a level as high as 113 and up, is too much for a working parent like myself. I really enjoy the game, but when you’ve been stuck at level 46 for months, then the repetitive grind gets a little annoying. Especially when you see not much progress even after playing so many offline games as I have. Can you make the leveling system a little less strenuous and time consuming. Thank you if you’ve read all of this. Still a huge fan of the game.
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