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  1. Mmmm maybe playing dead by daylight for a bit on switch made me realize how Good Friday looks on the console. Good job guys! I was very impressed coming back.
  2. Ok maybe is just me. It felt like some extra graphical effects added and looked more sharp. Maybe me.
  3. The switch version got a improved visually a while ago?
  4. Hi guys I took a few months off from this game and started playing last night after the recent patch. I noticed that the graphics in portable and tv looked sharper with some added effects. Is this just me or did the graphics improved?
  5. i don't agree with this but the Switch version has some bad audio popping when the starting jason kills guy in black shirt sequence starts. Really annoying. Wish theyd fix this.
  6. And I the only one that still noticed that the window glitch is still there! It’s ruining the game guys. Come on pls fix.
  7. I signed up just to post this. Not sure what the update did cause people are still using the window thing. Ugh. Come on guys pls fix this!!! On switch.
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