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  1. no not teamer practice, I'm talking more like instead of having online why not just have it a co op game like just you and a friend against bots or help them out. It would be nice to see all the AI updates that come along with this as well. Not sure if you played Saints Row the third, but that's the kind of co op I'm talking about, in that game you can just join your friends session and play from there or have your friend join your game.
  2. For me I would prefer the online bots because you don't have to deal with the toxic community of random ppl and instead play with an online friend. You or your friend can be Jason and the other is a counselor that helps out the bots escape or just help each other kill the bots for the the shits and gigs. Just think of all the cool options that you can have while making a game session, like selecting which counselor bots you want in the game (put in all chads and see who the real dick is now :P) and other good options that would add in the fun. Also it would be nice to see a bot get the sweater in the shack and actually use it on Jason as your friend is Tommy, he could just trigger the kill without the bot f**king things up. What do you guys think, feel free to share your opinions?
  3. I just rechecked my messages history when messaging to my friend, I was actually mistaken as it was April 2018 when this happened, my bad.
  4. I'm telling you right now that we killed him with mask on not making it up, but your last sentence probably is the reason why me and my friend were able to kill him with mask on because "certain stuns couldn't demask but counted towards reaching the damage threshold needed for the kill."
  5. Me and my friend killed a Jason with his mask on last year, It was weird though I wonder if it had something to do with Jason suffering alot of damage and his mask was glitched on or something. I'm on PS4 so it wasn't some hacker or a cheater using lag switches.
  6. is the hacking only on PC or consoles too? Edit: Nvm it looks like it was already answered, sorry didn't see that
  7. Agreed and your right they shouldn't be playing this game. it's great hearing them yell out not to be killed lol. I hid under a bed one time and can hear the kid in the next cabin, the Jason was a Roy and the kid screamed out, "Don't kill me please" as he went after the kid
  8. No to all three, as long as your not disrupting someones game play then it's not teaming. Disrupting as in Snitching on other counselors to tell Jason where they are, hogging the key items and not using them just to piss ppl off and the other crap. Also, some Jason's like me, like to have some fun messing with some counselors, maybe some like to play like it's a movie where the final girl gets away (I think I'll try this sometime :D, kill all and leave Jenny alive) haha. Not saying you do this in general but I can't stand those people that take this game so serious and can't get a good laugh. Cops get called - start slashing, the cars get fixed, do the best you can to stop it. Tommy and Sweater girl kills you oh well you come back as Jason in the next game if selected again, just like Jason in the movies where he comes back on the next movie.
  9. Agree on that, make her speed like 8, Tommy should be the only one that has 10 speed imo. Also doing this will make not everyone just choose Vanessa all the time. Her offline bot sure can use a nerf on speed also
  10. Part 2 - Potato Sack Head Jason Part 3 - Grizzly Brute Jason Part 4 - Piss Head Jason Part 5 - Overpowered Fk Jason oops I mean Roy Part 6 - Maggot head Jason Part 7 - Wet Zombie Jason Part 8 - Ramen Noodle Jason Part 9 - Meatball head Jason Nes - Saints Row Jason
  11. No problem hopefully it does get implemented, if not it's fine but would like to see more work on offline bots though if possible.
  12. @mattshotcha Hopefully the next patch cycle is not the last patch, did you and your team discuss about an Offline Bots mode creator yet? Like able to change clothing, perks, let's you pick the counselors that you want in your game and etc. I would love to see this in the game before the final patch. I think the reason why their getting suck in hiding spots because they must have one of the hiding perks since it's set on random for them, being able to change to what perks they have would probably help instead of making any unnecessary changes like removing anything that could break the game in some way. Also I would like to have an option to shut off the rain. I would like to address a weird window kill glitch. For some reason when I throw a bot threw a cabin window while I'm outside and sometimes I'll appear inside the cabin after the kill when I'm actually suppose to be outside.
  13. I read somewhere on the Friday the 13th the game reddit, someone said that the patch is coming this tuesday and Jason is getting a mask buff, here's the link that someone says it not sure if it's true or not https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/h8e3pj/another_friggin_rage_quitter_smh/ Hopefully they fix more on offline bots Edit: Didn't realize there was patch noted released, I'll just check those out
  14. Reposted the same thing by mistake earlier, sorry for the extra post
  15. Kill List (not basing on stats just who I think would die and survive) 1, Buggzy - While repairing a car, he gets his head slammed repeatedly with the car hood until his head comes off his body. 2. Fox - Head decapitated by machete4. Shelly - Sliced in the chest with machete and bleeds to death as his intestines start to fall out. 5. Lachappa - Slaughtered like a pig with a machete while hiding in an outhouse. 6. Adam - while attempting to escape on a boat, he gets a throwing knife thrown at his back and as he falls off the back of the boat, he gets his face chopped up by the propeller 7. Chad - After getting a car repaired and while starting it, Jason appears at the driver's side window and Chad gets a throwing knife shoved on the side of his head, with the car moving and driven into lake. 8. Victoria - Head Impaled to a tree spike. 9. Deborah - Neck snapped with blood squirting everywhere by this ceiling fan while being held up by Jason. 10. and 11. - Tiffany and Adam - while having some private time in a bed, they were both massacred by Jason as he kills them viciously with an ax. 12. Mitch - impaled to an electrical box with a metal pole. 13. Vanessa - While trying to outrun Jason and being all cocky and all. She ran so fast, dumb b*tch steps in a bear trap and Jason grabs her by the head and shoves her face into another bear trap. 14. Kenny - Slammed on to this bird fountain, spine cracked on it. 15. AJ - Gutted in the back with a machete while her, Tommy and Jenny climb into a window. Jenny barricades the cabin while Jason chopping down this barricaded door and suddenly headlights appear in stance in the front cabin window and a loud thump that shakes the cabin is heard. She looks out the window and sees Jason plowed by this car and Tommy comes out the vehicle with a shotgun in hand and blows Jason's head off and see his body still moving. Jenny climbs out a window as Tommy pours gasoline on Jason's body and car. Lights a match and boom, Jason's leftover body and half of the cabin gets blown up. Tommy and Jenny survive the night, they escape while the police showed up to the scene. Sorry for all this writing, I got too much into it. lol
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