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  1. Just to confirm since I played on the Jarvis map for those that play offline bots - Jarvis House Bots are now fixed but they still have that stuck in closet problem
  2. I would appreciate it if you guys are able work on some modifier for bots especially when you guys get to the last update of this game, this is would be a great addition to the game. There's some stuff that the bots need work on also, just thought to report this: bots opening and closing doors properly. not just standing around until provoked. not staying in hiding spots (They still do this by the way after patch.) Bots getting stuck in cabin near the door they just barricaded.
  3. This would be a good idea also, when the game ever goes offline. not saying it will soon but just incase something happens and we have something to play with at least
  4. Now if only there's a modifier for offline bots, that would be awesome
  5. For me it's Jenny if it's a good game where some bots tend to get things done like call the cops or repair the car, after that I just kill away and make sure Jenny gets the car to escape or let her escape by going to the cops. Hopefully the next patch fixes the glitch where bots get stuck in closets and outhouses. Weirdly enough there able to get out from underneath the beds sometimes.
  6. oh I haven't been playing since the rage update so I wouldn't know if it's still useful, I been playing offline bots mostly. Edit: I actually checked my perks for Jenny I have swift Attacker not sucker punch, don't know if it's still useful after rage update
  7. I main Jenny and never needed the perk, I just use Nerves of Steel, Marathon and Sucker Punch. I usually find a map at the stands or in a drawer at the start of the game. I guess some ppl have a different way of playing so it's all good. If alot of ppl use preparedness why not keep it in then
  8. yea just about lol, I bet nobody ever uses Potent Ranger or most of them I have listed except for Preparedness and maybe Restful since I've used it a couple of times before. When I run marathon, it seems like restful is not needed anymore. If I had to keep one that I listed then I would pick preparedness but if they remove it I wouldn't mind.
  9. Yea true, it can be annoying to try to find one if you don't have one while playing. why not just have the game just give you one at the start.
  10. Yea they could do that to but there's some pointless ones we don't really need like the Easy Listening, Potent Ranger, Friendship and some others as well. I just feel that we got too many perks in this game when we really need only like about 20 or 15 of them, right now we got about 45. Sorry for the long write up just thought to show you some things and see if you agree. Perks that should be removed Heavy Sleeper - Perk becomes pointless when Jason is in rage, so that's a waste of perk slot. Hypochondriac - The same thing as Medic, only difference is you start with one medic spray and - cop time. So get rid of this and just keep medic Easy Listening - What's the point of this perk when Jason can just destroy the radio anyways. Potent Ranger - Tommy is 10/10, makes this perk pointless. Psychic - There's walkies all over the place. They could always just have you start you off with a walkie and disable group chat, so if ppl wanna team up you will now know there's teamers in the game. Preparedness - There's maps all over the place. Grinder - Another pointless perk let's just say that. Friendship - just rework this with the teamwork perk or just remove both Slugger - There's bats and other weapons in all cabins and once your bat breaks the perk is pointless if you can't find another bat. Restful - this can just be reworked with Marathon, the positive and negative effects seem Identical. Control Breathing - You ain't control breathing once rage hits, so pointless perk right here The one that they should definitely keep are: Medic, Marathon, Sucker Punch, Thick Skin, My Dad's a cop, Swift Attacker, Sucker Punch, Low Profile, Nerves of Steel The rest just rework or remove it if not needed Let me know what you think about what I wrote
  11. Make the game Single Player and Multiplayer, Imo, making this game online only was a mistake hence the client server problem. (Skip the crowdfunding and give it to a developer that's willing to give it some love and care and will spend as much time on it as possible atleast for a few years.) Get rid of the unnecessary perks and keep the important ones in. Small version maps of Jarvis and Pinehurst Bring back Offline Bots with the ability to change counselor clothing and perks and the map set up when choosing a certain map Add in a sandbox mode - Venture a map as a counselor and practice on stuff like repairing a car or calling the cops. Also have some nearby dead counselors nearby just for the looks as well. New Maps - Jason Takes Manhattan - half cruise ship and half small area in NY. The Grendal from Jason X Jason - While in rage mode: he should have some throw around kills, throw someone off a balcony or throw someone into a coat hanger or something like that. - Jason should be able to move furniture for those counselors that like to play ring around the rosie, I mean like in the movies, any Jason that has a table in front of him would be RIP for sure lol. - Have more kills and like in the Single Player Challenges, put the special kills online and bots. I would love to see a trim saw kill from part 7 and the toxic waste kill from Part 8. - New Jasons - Jason X and the remake. Counselor - Keep their stats nice and balanced which I think they did good with this in the first game. Some readjustments would be good. - New counselors would be good, with the ones that we have now. For both Jason and Counselor - Make everything balance as possible, make the game fun for both sides. Yes Jason was unstoppable killer in the movies but still got his butt handed to him. I do agree with most ppl that he shouldn't be a human pinata, but putting in some rage buff just isn't the way to fix the problem, especially with some of the bugs and glitches we got now. There's also some good ideas from other ppl in here as well. This is all I can think of for now.
  12. Luckily I don''t need to deal with this crap no more since I just play offline bots now which I find more fun anyways. It's hard to trust anyone now especially the Vanessa's and Bugzy's, the most screwjob counselors online . I also have some different opinions about the rage buff for Jason which they should fix up like have some stun chance for him or something since you can put him in rage for the first 5 mins by teamers I just find it unplayable to play as a counselor. Atleast when I play as Jason, I like to have fun, can careless if I die or anything else that makes the counselors almost victorious. I'm level 150 now so why should it matter now right.
  13. Well I've got got all Pamela tapes but the Tommy tapes, I only had 8 more tapes to find. Everytime I looked in a game I always found the Pamela ones so I went on the Friday the 13th game reddit site to see if there's an easier way to find them and read some comment about the tapes and someone just said just listen to the tapes on youtube. so I did just that.
  14. I don't mean to sound mean or anything but if anyone wants to collect the tapes to hear them all why not just go on youtube, that's what I did when I gave up looking for the tapes as I felt like it was a waste of time. If you like collecting them for fun, I understand.
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