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  1. Agree on that, make her speed like 8, Tommy should be the only one that has 10 speed imo. Also doing this will make not everyone just choose Vanessa all the time. Her offline bot sure can use a nerf on speed also
  2. Part 2 - Potato Sack Head Jason Part 3 - Grizzly Brute Jason Part 4 - Piss Head Jason Part 5 - Overpowered Fk Jason oops I mean Roy Part 6 - Maggot head Jason Part 7 - Wet Zombie Jason Part 8 - Ramen Noodle Jason Part 9 - Meatball head Jason Nes - Saints Row Jason
  3. No problem hopefully it does get implemented, if not it's fine but would like to see more work on offline bots though if possible.
  4. @mattshotcha Hopefully the next patch cycle is not the last patch, did you and your team discuss about an Offline Bots mode creator yet? Like able to change clothing, perks, let's you pick the counselors that you want in your game and etc. I would love to see this in the game before the final patch. I think the reason why their getting suck in hiding spots because they must have one of the hiding perks since it's set on random for them, being able to change to what perks they have would probably help instead of making any unnecessary changes like removing anything that could break the game in some way. Also I would like to have an option to shut off the rain. I would like to address a weird window kill glitch. For some reason when I throw a bot threw a cabin window while I'm outside and sometimes I'll appear inside the cabin after the kill when I'm actually suppose to be outside.
  5. I read somewhere on the Friday the 13th the game reddit, someone said that the patch is coming this tuesday and Jason is getting a mask buff, here's the link that someone says it not sure if it's true or not https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/h8e3pj/another_friggin_rage_quitter_smh/ Hopefully they fix more on offline bots Edit: Didn't realize there was patch noted released, I'll just check those out
  6. Reposted the same thing by mistake earlier, sorry for the extra post
  7. Kill List (not basing on stats just who I think would die and survive) 1, Buggzy - While repairing a car, he gets his head slammed repeatedly with the car hood until his head comes off his body. 2. Fox - Head decapitated by machete4. Shelly - Sliced in the chest with machete and bleeds to death as his intestines start to fall out. 5. Lachappa - Slaughtered like a pig with a machete while hiding in an outhouse. 6. Adam - while attempting to escape on a boat, he gets a throwing knife thrown at his back and as he falls off the back of the boat, he gets his face chopped up by the propeller 7. Chad - After getting a car repaired and while starting it, Jason appears at the driver's side window and Chad gets a throwing knife shoved on the side of his head, with the car moving and driven into lake. 8. Victoria - Head Impaled to a tree spike. 9. Deborah - Neck snapped with blood squirting everywhere by this ceiling fan while being held up by Jason. 10. and 11. - Tiffany and Adam - while having some private time in a bed, they were both massacred by Jason as he kills them viciously with an ax. 12. Mitch - impaled to an electrical box with a metal pole. 13. Vanessa - While trying to outrun Jason and being all cocky and all. She ran so fast, dumb b*tch steps in a bear trap and Jason grabs her by the head and shoves her face into another bear trap. 14. Kenny - Slammed on to this bird fountain, spine cracked on it. 15. AJ - Gutted in the back with a machete while her, Tommy and Jenny climb into a window. Jenny barricades the cabin while Jason chopping down this barricaded door and suddenly headlights appear in stance in the front cabin window and a loud thump that shakes the cabin is heard. She looks out the window and sees Jason plowed by this car and Tommy comes out the vehicle with a shotgun in hand and blows Jason's head off and see his body still moving. Jenny climbs out a window as Tommy pours gasoline on Jason's body and car. Lights a match and boom, Jason's leftover body and half of the cabin gets blown up. Tommy and Jenny survive the night, they escape while the police showed up to the scene. Sorry for all this writing, I got too much into it. lol
  8. Atleast they can get out from beds but from outhouses, nope they get stuck in those too, might have to get rid of them or just adjust the AI like you said. We'll just have to see what they do, hoping they do good with it.
  9. I think the only way to fix this is to remove the closets completely, they don't seem to be stuck on anything when inside. Hopefully they come up with some fix in the next patch.
  10. She sure is a better driver, everytime Tommy gets in the car, he messes things up by getting the car stuck somehow where no one can't use the car again or sometimes he somehow manages to run a counselor over lol.
  11. When Jenny is in the car after starting it up and as she waits for other counselors, I go near the area where the car is and try to kill the other counselors that try to get in . Gotta love it when they get hit by the car when I pick them up near it lol . I just love seeing her driving off and see if she hits anything as she's escaping, sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't
  12. If I remember correctly bots where able to come out of the closets before and noticed a changed after a patch update sometime last year, also they weren't getting stuck when they sometimes enter a cabin so something must of happened after a patch update. Oddly enough I tried to examine on what their stuck on and it seems like nothing.
  13. I tend to do that sometimes too, especially the spots that they like to hide in.
  14. O_O for some reason when ever I have Jenny and Deb or AJ left alive, I seem to have a tough time finding AJ or deb, it's like the only way that I can know where they both are if I hear her nearby. Poor Jenny she'll always get the red glow when I put sense on lol.
  15. @mattshotcha I think the only way to fix the hiding spot problem is to remove the closets, they seem to be able to get up from the beds though which is a relief. When on higgins haven small, as you see in the picture below this is like the bots favorite closet to hide in, the one upstairs. On packanack small, their favorite hiding spots are mostly in the closets upstairs in the lodge. Crystal lake small their favorite hiding spots are like everywhere that has a closet in a cabin which is like that in other small maps also. As for the outhouses, the only ones that I would remove for now are the ones in the picture below. This is also a bot stuck spot when the game starts so maybe removing those outhouses will fix the problem with the bot getting stuck. I read somewhere on here that your gonna be coming out with a list of things that are being worked on, if so I could always wait for that. Hopefully the list has some offline bot stuff, there's definitely some fixing up to do with the bots. Please respond back to me when you get this, thanks
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