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  1. Not sure what you meant about the lemon and lemonade thing, but ok. About the back to back posting - yea sure, still trying to get used of quoting more than one person. Yea hopefully they do fix some stuff for this game before support is abandoned and also hope they fix the client issue also, just incase the servers decide to shut down one day I want to be able to still play offline bots and save my progress
  2. maybe removing team killing messed up the combat stance, I was not around when team killing was a thing so I wouldn't know. I'm glad they removed team killing though, the game is intended to survive the night against a murderous killing machine not against 7 other shady fks or 8 if u count tommy. They should put some tweaks into the rage buff instead of like welp, screw the ppl that can't stun him anymore, we add it anyways.
  3. Pretty much the weapons that you can use one time are able to stun him except for bear traps, you can use it on him as much as you like but setting those up are a pain. ahh ok, it would be nice if you could do that but sadly swinging a weapon at Jason hits him as it goes threw a counselor that's in Jason's grasp.
  4. "And also Jason is supposed to be overpowering with those abilities it’s 1 vs 7 if he played like a counselor he would never kill anyone.....unless he could use the car and run people over." or You can give him a bulldozer so he run down cabins while Counselors are in it πŸ˜‚, that would be horrible for sure. The 3 reasons you listed if he gets rage early 1.) If Jason has a friend of your in his grab you will be glad the weapons are there to knock them out of his grasp.... True you can knock them out of his grasp but all Jason has to do is keep grabbing a counselor until one of their weapons break and can no longer be saved or when the weapon breaks then what? 2.) You can still gain stamina off of hits on Jason during rage Yea true but he can still grab you, without being stunned unless you got a shotgun. flare gun or firecrackers with you. 3.) To knock off his Mask and get the kill. It's best if you did this when he's not in rage, doing it during rage can be more risky since you have to hit him with a weapon that can't stun him. 'I call that a whole lot of fun!!! I usually run off for Jason to target someone else and circle back and restart the car quite successfully.....😁 And then try picking up the stragglers.....if it’s not possible Get the fuck out of dodge!" I try picking people up too especially if it's the 4 seater, but if Jason is on my ass and some ppl not getting in the car, I'm sure getting the fk outta doge lol. About the throwing knives thrown at cars If they take this out, hopefully they keep it for the offline bots, since it's a fun thing to do on that mode.
  5. As long as I can stun him during rage, I'm up for all that, what do you mean by Meat shielding?
  6. I don't mean to tell people on how they should play it's just a suggestion and your right the combat system is flawed and that's one of the things that should be fixed. Like other stuff needs to be fixed instead of adding something that makes things look unbalanced. This game can no longer get content and the rage update is the last thing this game needs imo.
  7. Imo I think the whole rage buff is all bs and one of the reasons why I mostly play offline bots now. This is a videogame, not a movie, which the game is suppose to be fun for both sides, not only Jason. If you want to avoid a pinata party, learn to play better as Jason and just like if you hate dying all the time as a counselor, learn to get better at playing that certain counselor like what I do with Jenny. When I first started playing Jason Pt.3 when I got the game in Dec 17, I sucked and when I got used to using him I started getting to be a decent Jason player. I still need to work on breaking windows and stalk, since my mind is so into playing Jason, it makes me not want to think of those smart tactics sometimes. I'm a fun Jason anyways so I like having fun then taking this game too serious like some people do. Jason was already unstoppable before the rage update with his 4 abilities that the counselors don't have, Stalk, Sense, Shift and Morph, you just have to know how to use them. Plus he has throwing knifes and traps also. Yea he has strengths and weaknesses also but that's the chance you take when you choose a certain Jason to play as just like when you play as a counselor, it's the chance you take for playing as one of them. If Jason gets rage early, what's the point of having weapons in the game to fight back then and also this update messes things up like make perks more useless, what's the point of them also then. I guess there's no point of escaping in the cars since it ends in a cluttered massacre with trying to fight Jason off to get the car started and try to escape and also Jason can throw knives at cars to flip them over now. I miss those memories when I would be limping as jenny towards the police entrance and give Jason one final swing with a weapon and make it to safety. It would of been nice if the devs thought this rage thing more through and find another way to fix this then this lazy band aid of an update. You know what they should of done was when Jason is in rage and he gets stunned, maybe make it so he can't be knocked down (only stunned while on foot) and give him a less stun duration and you can't hit him after like 20 secs. So it will be like hit him to get away or risk dying while trying to stun chain him. This could also help out towards those cocky players beating on his ass at the police entrance, either hit him and escape or die. I'll agree that Jason needed a fix up but imo, this shouldn't be the way to fix it.
  8. lol that was so random and spot on. it would of been funny if Tiffany got punched and actually was killed πŸ˜‚
  9. Ill post Part 2 video tomorrow since it's Friday the 13th and post it on here instead of just making a whole new thread. Plus it would be nice to keep all the videos I make for the offline bots to be on here as well.
  10. Yea I seen that on there but it would be cool if we got a non live version. I can't stand live version of songs you can barely hear them with the crowd shouting out in the background
  11. I just kept carrying him and leading him to there as I walk to the direction to the shack, since his composure is low I got him there quicker.
  12. I never get tired of playing bots especially playing on hard mode, I mean the hiding spot thing with the bots sucks and hopefully it gets fixed but other than that I have fun. I like letting Jenny survive the night most of the time if things go well, I love Jenny and her skinny ass
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