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  1. All Jenny's, with that fine ass it's a distraction to Jason, making Jenny able to pull off anything lol
  2. @mattshotcha I got a three questions 1. since the offline bots aren't apart of the last patch, what if the offline bots break even more after the patch? 2. Say one day the online servers do shut down, will you guys atleast have some fix on being able to have things unlocked like the Jason's that are locked and can save progress? 3. Not sure if I asked this before to you if I did sorry, but will the bots still function when the servers do shut down?
  3. Well hopefully this patch don't mess up the bots even more atleast. it's the only reason I play the game now
  4. I really hope these fixes, fix some issues with the offline bots that get stuck in closets, outhouses and tents. If not it should of been dealt on the final patch
  5. Agreed, what's more of a bummer is that online play is gonna get another patch fix when it was it's last one. dedicated servers are taken away so what's the point why fix something that's gonna be unplayable, now would be the time to fix the offline stuff
  6. Want to bump this thread, I really wish something was done about this before there finally done. I think it has something to do with this patch update for Patch Notes 7-30-2019 Chad was stuck in tent today and couldn't get him out I think it's got something to do with this and also he said "omg is that a dead body" while standing up in the tent glitch All Counselors Now React to Dead Bodies Before this patch they were able to get out of the dressers and outhouses @mattshotcha just thought to share this with you and might of figured it out
  7. Will this patch involve any offline bot fixes? just curious
  8. it seems like Matt is ignoring me about the offline bot stuff that I have reported to him a few times now. but your right a final patch should mean that the game is all fixed which isn't
  9. Honestly there should of been 2 final patch updates, one for Online and one for Offline, When this game was first announced they should of started off with the single player stuff first so this database login crap wouldn't be happening and atleast we have things to do when the servers shut down. I wonder if the AI bots for offline bots will still work when the servers are shut down since that's all connected to online which was a horrible idea, should of made it separate.
  10. I Just played a few games with the bots and they still get stuck in those damn dresser closets O_o
  11. ah I see what you saying now, hopefully that takes care of the issue.
  12. I never said it was hard to find them in hiding spots, I'm just saying it sucks that they get stuck in the closet and I wish they weren't stuck in their the whole match. Like me I like to have fun with bots not just when they go in hiding spots 50% of the time, which is something that I want them to fix. Oddly enough the bots can get out from under the beds though, for some reason they can't do it with the closets, tents and outhouses. Also not to mention there's a tent glitch where the bot is shown outside the tent and you kill kill the bot.
  13. @mattshotcha Did you get my comment about the offline bots, I would appreciate if you guys looked into the Offline Bot problems. If this patch doesn't fix the problems. Also after the patch, what if the bots get more messed up, would you guys fix those problems, don't leave single player people hanging now, just saying.
  14. I would love it if they just did one more patch just for Offline bots, yea others are gonna complain and say "That's it, no online stuff" but oh well Online is going to be dying out soon with dedicated servers going away anyways no offense to anyone here that still enjoys online
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