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  1. For either X number of matches or for the week, you can spend CP if level 150 to have a temporary 4th perk slot. This will give the level 150’s something to spend their CP on. I’m not sure about going past 4 perks, but only a handful are meta, so this could give the opportunity to maybe use a perk you normally wouldn’t. On the flip side if choosing might be too strong, have for any level a random perk they can choose to temporarily use for CP. By random I’m thinking of two things. First option is you’d spend the CP and a perk roll would occur. If you like what you see you can run with it for the limited time. If not, you can keep trying for the same amount of CP. The second option would be a chosen weekly perk (that would start and end on Fridays of course) from the devs with all rarities of the one perk with different costs for each rarity. What options of the rarity you could choose from would be based on your level and only 150’s can get legendary. Kind of like DbD’s Shrine of Secrets, but temporary. I’m not sure what the CP cost should be for something like this, but thinking higher as many level 150 players have tons of CP just laying around. Unfortunately this probably would count as new content, but decided to post this anyways.
  2. We all know how the coroner from JGtH prefers his Jason..
  3. I hate that Kane Hodder wasn’t Jason in Freddy vs Jason.
  4. I didn’t say I wanted that. Hence my “/s” at the end of my post. I was pointing out how ludicrous the OP’s proposed “nerf” to Vanessa sounded to me.
  5. Where’s bare hands for the head punch and asphyxiation only Jason players? They only use a weapon to break down doors and don’t care about a weapons kills, speed, or range. Just immediately spam the kill button after grabbing! I do like the machete, but been more into the pig splitter lately. I’ll use the spear to change it up. Wish I could use the regular pitchfork that you could see Jason killing Chad with in the old videos.
  6. You mean you wouldn’t want to see an almost “no fear” Vanessa build? Maybe if we go all the way and lower her strength as well so she can have 10 composure? I can’t see how that’d be an issue. /s
  7. That’s part of the fun as a solo counselor in Forest Gump’s box of chocolates quick play. You never know what you're gonna get. That and you can run builds for fun that you know are not optimal, but you know it’s just a game and you’re playing to have fun.
  8. @Eva Watanabe I wouldn’t bother listening to them. They think they’re better because they play in a league of insignificant proportions from a game with an already tiny player base. It’s obvious you can’t reason with them. Their ego is too fragile. They have to be right and cannot accept other points of views nor play styles as they do not fall in line with how they play. Only information based on facing “top tier” Jason players is acceptable. What a sad life they must lead. I almost pity them.
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