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  1. Thanks so much for the response. Glad to hear the car will be looked at eventually. Looking forward to the Switch update whenever it's ready as well.
  2. Really appreciate the update! Not sure if this bug fix was included or not, but any mention of the glitch where Jason throws a knife at a car and glitches the car into unknown territory? That needs fixed asap. Happened to me last night and glitched me to the corner of the map and then kicked me for being inactive even though it said I was still Alive.
  3. Wow, looks like a ton of things got fixed that I never even encountered yet in the game. Glad to see the main window glitch and analog controls are now patched. Thank you guys for your continued support for this game.
  4. I don't think this is a hardware issue as it happens on my TV as well when docked. But during the loud intro cutscenes a very noticeable crackling noise can be heard. Nothing game-breaking, just a minor nuisance that adds to the list of bugs. I don't recall the Xbox version having this issue.
  5. This lawsuit is insane. Never knew emotes of all things were involved in it too. Which emotes in particular are involved if you know off hand?
  6. Really looking forward to it. Thanks. Could you elaborate on your earlier post that mentions the "emote removal"? Are emotes being removed completely on the Switch?
  7. Holy cheese. That is awesome news. Thanks so much Matt. I wasn't sure that was even on the radar to get fixed since it sounded like it was meant to be that way on the Switch. Can't wait for it. I posted about it in the Suggestions/Feedback subforum and had no replies and only like 6 views after a few days. Glad it wasn't overlooked. That is, if the thumbstick tuning is even what I think it is. Maybe it's something different. 😅
  8. Looking to bring this to attention again and help get this request fulfilled. Crossplayers from the Xbox/PS versions to the Nintendo Switch version are all dealing with this same limitation and we are wondering why this was even a designed control. All joysticks work the same, so what differs from the Switch's joystick? Why is there a limitation to where it cannot function as a jog control in all directions? Having to hold up on the left joystick to jog while controlling your direction with the right joystick is such a lacking design, where it should be just like the Xbox/PS joysticks that let you control your walk, jog, and run within one motion. Please consider fixing this and realize that it is such a flawed control design that makes the game less functional on the Switch. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing it on the Switch. But being spoiled to the Xbox/PS controls makes it harder to play on the Switch and is definitely not one of those "I'll get used to these controls soon" moments. About a week into playing the game still and I cannot get used to how the joystick works and irritates me. I have to constantly remind myself to hold straight up with the left joystick and control my direction with the right joystick. It's especially annoying trying to open drawers that are right next to each other with this control scheme. Please consider fixing this.
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