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  1. haha thnks for the warm welcome guys .. I would like to share you my school .. I am studying autocad in here. I hope u visit it..
  2. Number one Excuse in all games... the Lag.. xD.. I used it too even though it is not laging..<<<<<<evil...hahaha
  3. Wow cool.... Hoping It is true.... T_T I will wait for the release..
  4. When is the new Ghost buster movie will release?......
  5. What trap music is your favorite mister?
  6. Is it too gore?.. where did you watch it?..
  7. Tarzan (1999) Disney animated Movie Tarzan (2005) Disney animated Movie hahah
  8. Epic poster though..xD.. it's like the notes on Slender man game ..
  9. I have 1 Dog..xD.... his name is spot ...
  10. Haha Cool Bro!.. ... Can you post a picture of you cosplaying it?.. and can you tell us what do you feel when you cosplay it?.. XD..
  11. Guys is the game release ?... by the way thanks for the reply..
  12. What are the objectives of the survivor here?
  13. What is the objective of the survivor?
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