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  1. ok mate, keep reading post . im sure that makes your live a pretty full live. In the meantime i´ll keep trying not to run any bussiness, so you will be able to sleep well at night. cos you are the bussines vigilante lol. See ya, PAL.
  2. as long as they are trying to short it out... but if they are letting the game die... And no im not runing any bussiness, pal
  3. My Goodness, what a shame. Today is even worst. cant get even a game and ive been all the afternoom.... I should buy another game... If you planing to buy it dont do it.
  4. so why are they still selling the game? 3 friends just bought it nd we cant play at all. do you know if this is going to be fixed anytime? i´m a ps4 player btw
  5. Hi Guys. New in the univers of F!·. Ijust bought the game a week ago and its seems to be a problem with servers. It takes ages to get a game rolling. Did i make a mistake buying the game, is it about to be close al the servers, is there anybody playing these days? Thanks.
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