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  1. I'm not saying that the PS4 version shouldn't get fixed, so dont get that confused. I just want to address your comment of "there are more people playing on PS4..." While I dont have any statistics to back up this claim, I've heard from MANY people playing on Switch that they used to play on PS4 but have since moved over to playing on Switch because MORE people are playing on Switch. I've heard it takes FOREVER to find a match on PS4. I've also heard from PS4 players that the Switch community is a lot less "toxic" as well. Basically what im saying is that I know a lot of PS4 players that have pretty much abandoned that version of the game in favor of the Switch version. Which I'm not trying to argue or debate anything, just telling what I've heard. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Good stuff here guys. The window glitch changes the game, its MUCH harder to run on Jason now. I also note the emote save glitch has been fixed as well.
  3. I sent you a friend request on Switch. We have a good group of people we do some really fun private matches with.
  4. Kinda preaching to the choir here (on this forum), but perhaps some folks might enjoy this.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm a new player thanks to the Switch release, and have been LOVING the game so far (bugs and all). My gamertag and name on here is daddy, lol. That started because my family had one Switch that we shared, so we had a profile for me (daddy), mommy and our two children. Well after buying F13, and loving it, we decided to buy 2 more Switches and two more copies of the game (so three of us could play together). We had to put our profiles on the different switches (because none of us wanted to lose our saves, lol). Both my wife and I kept our original gamertag (daddy and mommy), not really thinking about it. Once we logged into F13, we kinda became known as mommy and daddy in the Switch community, so it's kinda stuck lol. We've thought about changing it, but it kinda makes us unique in the community as well. Some people have a hard time calling me "daddy" (which is understandable, so in that case my name is Mike. I've been a F13, and horror fan since the 80s tbh. I grew up on these films. I remember watching F13 marathons on USA network EVERY F13. It became a tradition for me, so much so, that I STILL have marathons every F13. I love all the films, some more so than others. The ACTUAL Friday the 13th films are my favs, and the New Line films are more of an after thought (with Jason X being my least favorite). I'm also not a huge fan of Freddy vs Jason (I dont hate it, I just like other films more). My 3 favs are 4, 6 and 2 (in that order). Anyways, happy to be here.
  6. I'm a level 55 (just got the game for the Switch), and changing weapons with Jason is really all I have left to accomplish (that and max perks). Anyways, does it make much of a difference? Does it improve any of the Jason's? Any thought you guys have ob this topic I'd appreciate.
  7. My rank 1. Part 8 2. Part 9 3. Part 3 4. Part 7 5. Part 5 6. Part 4 7. Part 6 8. Part 2 Obviously your play style makes a difference. Its REALLY close between 8 and 9 for me, but the additional traps that 8 comes with, plus he busts down doors the quickest. Thats what makes the difference for me. 3, 7 and 5 are decent imo, with 3 being the best of the "average" bunch. As others have said, 3 is just an all around good Jason. Parts 4, 6 and 2 are the weakest in the game (which its unfortunate that 4 is rated so low). Honestly IMO ALL of the undead Jason's should be better than the running Jason's. Starting with Part 6 in the films, Jason us pretty much unstoppable, the same should be true in the games. His skills should recharge FAST to make up for his lack of running imo. If I made the game, this is how I would have done them 1. Part 7 2. Part 6 3. Part 8 4. Part 9 5. Part 4 6. Part 3 7. Part 5 8. Part 2
  8. I am starting this thread as a way for people to get together to have private matches. It is really hard to communicate on the Switch, so I thought this thread could be helpful. People can post their Switch ID codes, etc. My Switch name is the same on here and there... daddy.
  9. @mattshotcha, Thanks SO much for the quick reply. im glad the emotes are getting addressed right away, as with the players getting kicked out of the lobby (my wife and I like to play together, and this is frustrating). On a different note, I've heard the Jason on the Switch isn't as buff as on the other platforms. Is this true? If so, can we expect a Switch buff? I'm already seeing people bully Jason. Which breaks the match imo.
  10. @mattshotcha, I just watched the latest episode of Beyond, and I know a new patch is getting sent to Nintendo next week (sometime). I also understand that you guys can't give a timeframe as to when we will see it, since this new (working with Nintendo) for you guys as well. I'm just wondering what things we can expect in that patch? I know you mentioned the thumbsticks, but what else? A list of things would be great. I'm a new player thanks to the Switch release, but have been lurking on here since day 1. We really (my whole family) really enjoy the game, thanks for bringinbrit to Switch.
  11. When do you think Jason will get a buff on the Switch version? Players have begun to troll Jason, making the game play unlike it was intended.
  12. I heard it on my main menu screen 1 time. I have the Switch version. I agree, it's a good song. It should be in the game more, like on the radio. As should the theme from part 3.
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