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  1. Ah thank you. It's still pretty annoying and should of been fixed before the game came out considering this is a very obvious glitch lol.
  2. well said! like when i'm out of stamina and i'm running away from jason it automatically makes me walk and die lmao. so I hope something gets changed.
  3. and the intro cutscene not playing doesn't always happen but I have seen it happen a lot of times. also with the random counselor thing it happens to me during the main menu could be linked to emotes not saving.
  4. Got it! I'm just very passionate about the game and want to see it thrive on the switch. i hope you guys are aware of the glitches listed above
  5. hmmm what i'm not getting is why they can't be released onto the playstation 4 and xbox one? i mean obviously they are already in the game files...? it's not adding new content it's adding existing content?
  6. Right! Plus i'm having the random counselor glitch and my emotes aren't saving.
  7. Here are a list of Nintendo Switch bugs i've encountered: - Opening cinematics not playing - Random Counselor Glitch - Choppy Framerate at times - Emotes not saving (for tiffany cox atleast) - Weird walking controls (when just normal running it randomly goes to walking) (not sprinting, running) - and I believe environmental kills are still bugged but I know that is being looked into.
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