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  1. Without a walkie talkie, only people that are near you can hear what you say in voice But if you have a walkie talkie, other people that have walkie talkie hear you too. That's how it works.
  2. If you're not going to fix this, then I want to get a refund
  3. u didnt read what i said in offline saving part they can make seperate offline and online saves
  4. some of the cheaters already unlocked stuff in offline but nobody put it on internet
  5. if a player only uses private matches for doing cheat stuff they still see ban? (a lot of my friends do)
  6. after update i saw a cheater having lingerie clothing pack and uber jason...like the old days
  7. @mattshotcha Hey...so, first of all i wanna say my english is bad so sry if have any errors i wanna talk about 2 things 1_Lan Mode: so, Illfonic talked about this back in 2017 and they said they're gonna add this. When u want to play offline u can only play as Jason and that sucks...when illfonic released the offline mode they said it was so hard to make an ai for jason...so why dont u guys release the lan mode...i mean its even in your dev builds...and since its not related to f13 and doesnt change the gameplay at all lawsuit shouldnt be a thing...if u cant add it to the main menu then u can make it a local server...i mean when your not connected to the internet u can click on quick play and it makes a local server and the other players can join by doing the same thing. 2_Offline Saving: As you know, if u open the game without internet connection, your stuck in level 1 and it doesnt let u get cp/xp.. this means u can only play as jason parts 3/5/Savini and u can only choose 2 kills and u cant change ur weapon unless u did so before when u were online...u cant even use ur unlocked bloody skins...so, i know when u make the game save offline a lot of players are gonna cheat...but u can make seperate offline and online saves...the online one saves in ur servers and is used for online matches...the offline one saves in ur pc and is used for offline matches and u can progress in it even when ur offline
  8. bring back the ability to change the server @mattshotcha it was there since the release but i think it was the challenge update they removed it my game connects to eu servers and since the update its hard to connect to it
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