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  1. i have in the bug report a topic on crashing, please go and answer questions to help see if it is able to be narrowed down.
  2. only for backers idea- tom savini him self as head grounds keeper/counselor , and he gets good stats and starts with something special.
  3. how about a totally new combat system because the current one is not cutting it.
  4. this game is ass backwards and this is why- jason loses in every movie and the counselor or counselors win, so why does the game try to make jason win?
  5. had something similar thing happened to me last night , controller was going dead so i turned on my other controller but after my character was locked up and could not move till i plugged it into my xbox.
  6. good luck with that, after this gun media draws as much water as a bottomless bucket.
  7. topic is straight forward looking for scientific data. please post you platform in comment as i could not add it to poll due to limit reached.
  8. wow how pathetic that you cant even keep the savini skin from being sold, you guys are good at one thing and that is failing.
  9. i know but i wanted gun media to be able to see it and know that they failed on this dlc and its not special.
  10. i could care less about the clothing pack as i found it is nothing special . all the clothing look like nothing but a color change from the last one in the list, really disappointing.
  11. if you can find people for co-op so easy then why the need for a report feature? just block them and move on.
  12. you must not have played enough because you will find out that it can happen in less then 2 mins.
  13. and after everyone's banned who you gonna play with? because its like xbox report system where it was abused all the time, thats all you will end up making is a abuse system.
  14. you wouldn't believe how many. also wheres the chainsaw?
  15. yeah lets not hold people accountable when selling a product or service that does not work or function properly with regularity , its not like they have our money . hell then skate on fixing it, let it stay broken its not like they are at fault. i swear some people are so stupid .
  16. to balance jason he should get stalk then sense then morph then shift. this stops the jason from morphing on top of players at start of game. like the movies he kills and builds over time to a climax, the movies never start as a slaughter.
  17. wow the crying here never stops does it. same sad story since beta about everything from trolling players to cheaters or exploiters. you know a lot of people might not cheat if the game was actually fun and balanced and not a one sided game that ends in under 2 mins most of the time due to poor development.
  18. im going to delay asking for a refund but if they dont get balancing issues fixed after major fixes then im out. currently this game is not much fun to play as both jason and counselors for a multitude of reasons all of them based on core gameplay and balance.
  19. iv seen it too many times with other games where someones bad idea leads to my game and account in negative because they though it was the greatest idea since sliced bread. this is where im going to leave it but any attack on my progress will be met with retribution!
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