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  1. i had this idea at work the other day but i was on then taunting jason but your idea is a good one.
  2. you found a spelling mistake, congrats your good deed for the week is done. reap what you sow is exsactly what you and many others will be doing after you ruined this game.
  3. ? dont know , like i said not a good option but may be the only one.
  4. you cant tell some people because dont want to listen to logic and common sense or they are just full of them self.
  5. it WILL fix the problem. Because people like YOU...will get banned from entering matches over and over and leaving right from the start, prove i do this, prove it i dare you because you have yet to show it and never will. keep throwing insults and allegations and assumptions.
  6. only way to fix the problem is to stop jason player from hearing ,talking, or receiving any communication while playing. this is less then ideal but may be the only counter to this problem.
  7. IM NOT THE ONE WHO MADE A TOPIC< YOU DID! you offered no solutions to the problem just that people should be punished which is not going to solve it. here make this suggestion : when people leave before they are dead have AI take over <- thats a solution .
  8. dude your the one with a chip on his shoulder, call me a quitter because i refuse to let you tell me when i can leave. your not the only person in the world, has anyone told you that ?
  9. the best was when i was called for cheating for spawning at the phone and someone was there.
  10. You've made nothing but insults, assumptions and excuses for behavior that is very destructive and hurts the councillors chances to win. ^this is your whole topic, another reason not to let you make decisions for the rest of us. oh and by the way if i want to quit at any time i can .
  11. yup, and if you have a savini jason you get a good 50/50 of hate for what many are calling pay to win. how its pay to win im not sure but they say it so it must be true.
  12. only problem with stalk is that it unlocks to late in match when it should be one of the first.
  13. i agree and something like this should be standard in 2017.
  14. i have played since day one and find people are drooping off at all times that's why i asked how you know they are quitting because there no way to tell. and i still dont think 1-2 people quitting is ruining the game, your just over reacting and want to punish anybody who doesn't complete a full match. between you and everyone else wanting to come up with all sorts of rules, your actually the one ruining the game because no body want to pay 40-60 dollars to be bossed around by a bunch of a-holes.
  15. i was kicked twice by same guy in a row and then he complained about me to xbox live and i got a infraction for calling him a wanker for being an asshole. everyday i grow more and more hate for this community .
  16. very simply its under 1% of the whole player base that does either of those or both and yet you made a topic pointing to those 1% and over looked all the glaring problem from day one this game has as a reason this game is struggling and close to failure. play more and think more before you post as you are completely clueless as to what is transpiring.
  17. IV PLAYED MATCHES WITH ADULTS AND KIDS AND FOUND THE ADULTS TO BE THE WORST OF THE BUNCH ! one demographic seems fine to use the N word and gets no heat while anyone else would be publicly shamed for far less.
  18. the devs are stupid for leaving friendly fire on and then expecting people to not tk.
  19. 1 rule and only 1 rule- i payed for this game and ill play it how i like, which invalidates your narcissistic rules.
  20. this community is a oxymoron on everything which lead me to pull my hair out on a daily basis. everyone must have and use a mic- but only if your not a squeaker/child. everyone is to play a fair game- but us because we are counselors/jason. everyone is to be a team player- till its every man for him/her self. its too hard to find a game- but we only want ____x ____ players because ? just wait till the report system go's live then it will be drain the swamp and the cesspool of community will have reaped what they have sown.
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