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  1. what if mod support was enabled , would that be legal?
  2. just make a camp blood and use everything you got in this game but without any f13 related content that could remotely be considered f13. or start fresh and use a better engine that doesnt such hard and is full of bugs.
  3. so can you steal your own game code and work and scrub it of any f13 reference and make a new game?
  4. on a side note i find her auto lacking quality, sounds like shit. has a lot of reverb like as if rick Ruben did the editing.
  5. wtf, that's bullshit! why do i have to grind to 113 to use a feature that should have been in from day one?
  6. yes logically it makes sense in bad weather it looks rainy and dark but im saying what major improvement am i to be looking at to say say" hey its a new build?" ? anti aliasing, textures, etc what can they show that would really showcase the new build? not saying a new build is bad just would like to know in better detail what changing.
  7. funny everyones been in the salt mines since launch day, guess nothing changes.
  8. just add green,blue and grey and let the player choose, problem solved.
  9. im still not sure, but i will say the dev team has made some large advancements.
  10. that makes no sense that i have a map and a counselor who is familiar with the camp but has no idea where the power box or phone is at, logically they would know since they work there. no its not realistic to know where a trap is and have to waste a pocket knife on something i could disarm with a stick or something like a rock.
  11. i like to suggest jason part 9 's weapon and kills get switched with jason 4 which would seem more appealing.
  12. ability to disarm traps without a pocket knife or if you have one not to lose it when disarming a traps. map perk should show phone,power boxes,and cb radio.
  13. yeah because in the real world my stamina is recharged by a flash light.
  14. many of the movies tommy was not around when jason was beat so why rely on him for the kill? some times gameplay or players dont allow for the standard kill jason scenario to happen. just for a change in general we should get new deaths.
  15. well it just seems that the combat system is just someone swinging with a item, so all that really needs to be done is model and skin the item to one that closely takes its form. example: lead pipe = tire iron , machete = ninja sword , shot gun = cross bow.
  16. the same old weapons make the game really boring and would love to see some new weapons like kitchen knife, cross bow,spear gun,chainsaw,nunchucks ,pitch fork, all sorts of items.
  17. basically as topic states some new jason deaths to go along with all the new jasons we are getting. 1. jason gets killed by single male player by _____. 2.jason gets killed by single female player by _____. 3.jason get killed by movied related endings.
  18. people are toxic because this game is toxic. you cant have a gamer where your going to lose most of the time and have nice and happy people it just doesn't work.
  19. if i had only one like to use today you sir have got it! thank you, you have made the best post of the month. i was getting sick of everyone making piss and moan threads about the same issues its nice to see someone actually put in some time and thought about issues that are bigger then glitches/grievers.
  20. yeah because you guys did such a swell job since day one with everything working correct i can only image how this is going to turn out. by the way next patch you might want to add some balance fixes to the game like jasons grab.
  21. ok ill be sure to drop it in the water, have fun retrieving it.
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