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  1. so can this game be opened to modding since we wont be getting any official content.
  2. what if mod support was enabled , would that be legal?
  3. just make a camp blood and use everything you got in this game but without any f13 related content that could remotely be considered f13. or start fresh and use a better engine that doesnt such hard and is full of bugs.
  4. so can you steal your own game code and work and scrub it of any f13 reference and make a new game?
  5. on a side note i find her auto lacking quality, sounds like shit. has a lot of reverb like as if rick Ruben did the editing.
  6. wtf, that's bullshit! why do i have to grind to 113 to use a feature that should have been in from day one?
  7. yes logically it makes sense in bad weather it looks rainy and dark but im saying what major improvement am i to be looking at to say say" hey its a new build?" ? anti aliasing, textures, etc what can they show that would really showcase the new build? not saying a new build is bad just would like to know in better detail what changing.
  8. funny everyones been in the salt mines since launch day, guess nothing changes.
  9. just add green,blue and grey and let the player choose, problem solved.
  10. im still not sure, but i will say the dev team has made some large advancements.
  11. that makes no sense that i have a map and a counselor who is familiar with the camp but has no idea where the power box or phone is at, logically they would know since they work there. no its not realistic to know where a trap is and have to waste a pocket knife on something i could disarm with a stick or something like a rock.
  12. i like to suggest jason part 9 's weapon and kills get switched with jason 4 which would seem more appealing.
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