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  1. Crouching and crouch walking, for sure! And I absolutely hear you about stealth walking, you're not wrong. I'm just thinking from the perspective of which is the lesser of two evils, or, which is more commonly used and would be more convenient over the other as a whole. In this case, I would sacrifice walking in order to have jogging, which I know I used 99% more often. BUT, this is saying that's the only solution, which I'm certain it isn't. I still believe they will hear us all and find a way on their end to alter the game's technical design to re-recognized the proper inputs doing the proper actions.
  2. I play my Switch solely for the handheld functionality. Might sound silly, but my optimal, comfortable me-time is being able to play my all-time favorite games (Mk11, F13, and DBD) on the couch while my TV is on playing background shows. I've spent years playing console and being in the top 5 online for the past two MK and Injustice games, and have 1000s and 1000s of hours on consoles for the latter two games... sometimes I just want to play casually and conveniently. So I haven't tried the Pro controller, but I think I read it's the same for that. I considered trying the Hori D-pad Joycon, but I can't imagine it being any different. I would hope the dev team could find a 'band-aid' solution like toggling jog, or making jog the default movement at all angles and getting rid of walk altogether. I doubt walk is used even rarely if at all. Certainly would be a lot better than the mess it is now.
  3. It's incredibly frustrating and game breaking, even after 'getting used to it.' I strongly disagree with just settling with it, as doing so doesn't incentivize the developers to do something about it. Yeah, play it the best you can in the meantime, but until there is a definitive answer from the developers about it, don't give up fighting for getting it fixed.
  4. Incredibly disappointing. Still makes zero sense to me given the vast amount of third-person games on the Switch that do not have this issue. I hope they find a way to adjust it on their end.
  5. Thank you very much for the update on that specific issue. I think it really confuses players because other third-person games that use the left joystick for both movement and steering/direction do not have that issue. I hope the developers do everything they can to investigate and solve that on their end, because as I'm sure you've seen on the forums here, many players find it detrimental to the game's playability and 'enjoyability'. I truly hope it will be fixed. Looking forward to hearing an update on it!
  6. I completely know exactly what you mean. It's horrendous. Just make sure to report it and hopefully they'll fix it in the first patch, which, if I read correctly, should be out pretty soon.
  7. 👌 Yes, 100% We just need people to take the time and report the bug. This is such a serious game breaking issue that the squeaky wheel NEEDS to be squeaky so it can get fixed. This is not a characteristic of the Switch joystick hardware. No other 3rd person perspective games I've played on the Switch (at least 5 others) have this issue. That needs to be reiterated.
  8. 100% agree. Let's hope people keep reporting it so it can be taken care of ASAP. I'll be incredibly happy once it's fixed. Don't get me wrong, I play to win too lol. I just mean the fact that an arbitrary bug that makes the game significantly less viable is a huge bother. But I know I'm not wrong when I say it seriously puts really bad and unnecessary limitations on juking mechanics and combat maneuvering with Jason. It might not get too much in the way of winning right now due to the inexperience of most of the current Switch players, and I get that, trust me. But if it's something that wouldn't be acceptable on consoles or PC, it shouldn't on the Switch either.
  9. I don't think it's so much about the getting wins as it is paying for a game that is obviously not working properly in a very significant way. The mobility issues the diagonals cause are, to me, definitely game breaking and make it more frustrating than fun. It seriously hinders nuances in movement/mobility that completely interrupt the flow of game play and maneuvering mechanics. And this is coming from someone who has 1000s and 1000s of hours on console lol.
  10. Yeah, it's really bad. That has to be fixed in order for the game to be playable. I honestly have been waiting ages to be able to play this game on Switch. I have 1000s of hours on console, and the first 10 minutes of playing the Switch version with this jogging issue has me not wanting to play which is depressing lol
  11. No, it's not just you. It's terrible and needs to be fixed ASAP in order for the game to be playable/viable as a counselor. It was the first thing I noticed and honestly, it makes the game almost unplayable. No juking, clunky movement, extremely limited mobility... so bad.
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