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  1. @mattshotcha After looking and considering everything, I would have to say you guys did a decent job at balancing everything out in regards to the kill process. Public Lobby Jasons who play casually will still probably be killed with ease to kill squads, but Jason’s who know the “Jason meta” will have more to work with, I’d say. In league play, teams will be forced to play more aggressively if they want the mask, like more counselors around Jason trying to punish every indefensible animation. And that warrants more possible mistakes made by said counselors that a Jason can exploit. My question for you is, is it possible that you can bring back god frames which will eliminate counselors doing the wake up hit post stun?Or the “indefensible” hit. Many have said in the past that indefensible hits are not fair to Jason, because it is indefensible, & you may say that Jason just has to make sure he doesn’t get stunned, and I’m sure many will agree with you if shotguns, firecrackers, & flare guns didn’t stun. I’m proposing that maybe stuns that happen in result of Jason being shot or hit with firecrackers will give Jason god frames as he is recovering from the stun for at-least 2 seconds, but the stuns Jason receive from regular melee weapons do not have god frames and counselors can do the wake up hit all they like. I think this will balance things out completely regarding the kill.
  2. I agree, quick question, do you think that Jason should have god frames for 4 secs immediately after a stun? Like he gets shot, and as he is getting up he is protected from wake up hits. He’s free to walk around without taking damage for at least 4 seconds.
  3. In that case then, please restate your argument? I’ve been trying to do this civilly for the longest now.
  4. It seems that this patch hasn’t really messed up anything bad like all the previous patches have. Although I do have a clip of me making a car spin out of control like a damn beyblade post patch.
  5. It’s not my argument, just an inference based on you guy’s claims and arguments. Everything you swear by and do to Jasons in your pubs has such an easy counter that they’d really only work on a trash Jason. I had people use stealth builds on me & everything and the only thing they’re really good for is hiding at the end of the match, when every single counselor has been destroyed. My argument has been clear this whole debate. I like how that part is the only thing you quoted in my whole post 😂😂😂 quote the whole thing and try to refute it all.
  6. This is why I say that you have no experience, with Jasons who know their shit. First of all, if it is post rage and the counselors have no means of escape or there’s five minutes till cops arrive. This smartest thing a Jason can do is tunnel the lower stamina characters and get them out the way first. ( Also, unless it’s pinehurst and you’re on the other side of the map, you will be seen on sense. No matter the distance.) So let’s explore your scenario a bit further, it’s post rage, and you decide to keep some counselors in between you and Jason while you hide somewhere, first off if it is post rage a lot of the counselors will already be dead so that limits the counselors you can use to distract Jason let’s say it’s just two counselors. If those two counselors are good runners and is hard to catch, smart Jasons will take care of the weaker counselors first before engaging them. If it were me and those counselors were kiting me for a while, I would do what common sense tells me to and kill the AJ trying to pretend I don’t see her ass. Rendering the stealth build useless post rage because it’s not stealthy if Jason knows where you are at all times right? Then let’s say I see you hiding in a cabin, and I morph on you. AJs fear goes through the roof and her stamina regen rate is decreasing by the second. You don’t have marathon or restful so you don’t have any perks helping you manage your stamina, you don’t have thick skin or medic, so you don’t have any perks helping you manage your health. You run sucker punch, but I’m not going to explain why that is a useless perk post rage, let’s say you stamina and you go for a swing, AJ has shitty luck so that weapon will be breaking in a few hits, and Jason doesn’t get stunned so that’s an easy grab or knife slash combo which leave you limp in a matter of seconds ( unless you go for the demask, but AJ is weak asf). You’re simply dead, and now Jason can continue chasing those other counselors ( if he hasn’t killed them already because remember this is a pub lobby )
  7. What you’re not understanding is, you don’t have to be an AJ with stealthy perks to do this... A vanessa can do the exact same thing. My claim is that stealth perks are useless post rage, can you not admit that?
  8. Remember that AJ still has to call the police. Maybe Jason isn’t quick enough to stop the repair but as long as he is quick enough to stop the call is fine. Unless your goal is just to repair things without escaping, your stealthy AJ is useless. AJ has to disable the trap, then repair which takes about 3-5 seconds, then enter the house, find the phone and call. Which takes around 11 seconds. A Jason that checks his map frequently will be able to morph on the phone, and shift in the house and grab the AJ easy. You guys play trash Jasons so of course you’re not used to a Jason actually doing that
  9. I know I check my map frequently to make sure that I catch a person PKing my trap & 8 times outta 10 I catch the person. Also let’s say what you just said happened to be the case. “Jason will simply have gone chasing one counselor to a different” in Eva’s scenario, Jason would have gone chasing a loud character to Eva a smart & “Stealthy” character. Rendering those stealth perks useless if Jason decides to stay on Eva, which a Jason who knows what he’s doing will because AJ is a slow character and easy kill, with no teammate to help them Survive because they’re a “lone wolf”. Meaning they have to fend off Jason until the cops arrive by themselves.
  10. @SirMang Thank you, that is what I’ve been saying this whole time. Once rage hits an AJ is easily detected like a Nessa, all the precautions you take to evade Jason a louder character can do the same thing and get the same result. At that point it’s not your stealth perks doing you a favor, it’s just you taking precaution. only difference between you and that Nessa is once Jason finds you that pretty much it for you if you have no options of escape. A good Nessa has a better chance. As Nessa I can run Jason for the whole 20 minutes. Not only that, if the only thing do in a pub is fix a car and dip that just sounds boring asf 😂. That’s just my opinion though.
  11. Thanks for proving my point with this long ass paragraph 😊. It’s funny because you never mentioned A lone wolf with a team or multiple lone wolves.... what you’ve been saying before is that Jason will be distracted with high stam characters while you focus on the car or phone and prepare for an escape correct? What I’ve been saying is that a good Jason won’t waste time on high stam characters when he knows an AJ or Stealthy character is going to be working on an objective. thats why I said if a top tier J joins your pub lobby and your decision is to be a lone wolf and not coordinate or work with your team then you’re going to get wrecked. However if you’re a lone wolf in a team ( which doesn’t make sense mind you) and you guys communicate with each other and work together then you’d stand a chance. That is all I’ve been saying, you just keep trying to argue. Anyways I’m not about to keep going back & forth with you. Hopefully one day I’ll meet you in a pub. ps : Stealth is completely useless post rage 😉
  12. Lol I’m gonna ignore the two previous comments that are not mine, because they’re absolutely irrelevant & unnecessary, and it seems like I’m the only person who is not getting upset or their feelings hurt. I’m the only person who is just taking this as a debate. I never called you out your name, I never said anything in harsh way or anything. I’m just saying what I think based on my experience in pub lobbies & my experience in competitive league play. they’re not irrelevant at least not to you because that is all you play, and that is fine. And yes I said that because it’s true, that you would get wrecked by Top Tier Js, because all the methods you use to kite them when they start chasing you all have easy counters that the Jasons will always do. It makes no sense to say that you wouldn’t do well in organized league play when you never played it so I don’t know how well you would do. Teams actually use communication and teamwork and they actually push multiple objectives at the same time, so you can have a place. I’ll say one more time what my claim is, if a top tier is in Jason in your pub lobby full of randoms who don’t use teamwork, or communication & you are the only one trying to fix objectives then you’re going to get wrecked by that top tier J.
  13. Lol bro I never said that stealth builds don’t work. “bottom line is that experience tells me” those are the key words in your post. Your own experience. Your experience with Friday is your own experience, you have no experience with top tier Jasons so how can you say that your methods will work on them and how can you argue with someone who plays with those Jasons and has the experience in a competitive scene like that? That’s good that you acknowledge that they would wreck you..
  14. Within your post in its entirety, you have yet to refute any argument I have made in my previous posts, in fact you’ve actually been doing the exact opposite. Instead of refuting, what your post actually does is confirm my suspicions about you not actually playing Top Tier Jasons. The game design’s accommodation of different play styles depends on the skill level of Jason and that is a fact. The methods you use to outmatch the Jason’s you play only work on the Jason’s you play and the Jason’s that you play are not Top Tier, and let me rephrase what I said earlier so you don’t get anything else misconstrued. By “League Level” I meant the good Jasons that play in leagues, not every Jason in the leagues are good. You say you have an open mind, but you continued to argue against players who play in leagues and players who play top tier Jason’s who share their thinking about the topic. Instead of being like “ Since he plays in a league he has a different experience than I am” you continued to argue with those players. I admit that your methods will work, but only in a pub lobby with not very good players. The fact that you waste a perk slot on sucker punch shows me that you don’t play against top tier Js. And that’s fine! Play what you want. But when a player who plays competitive tells you that those methods won’t work on good Js instead of arguing with them about how they do work, leave it be. You only brought up having an open mind when multiple people started to disagree with you.
  15. These Jasons you encounter, may be decent but not league level. Thanks for proving my point, That right there is called teamwork, communication. For your first point, Jasons Job is to contest objectives, a smart Jason won’t chase a Vanessa if he/she knows counselors are working on other objectives. So to say that you’ll even get the cops done by yourself against a top tier J is ridiculous. What are you going to do about his traps on the phone? Pocket knife them? Top Tier Jasons will always check their map to see if their traps have been taken out. Let say you take out his traps with a pocket knife, that mean you are down a pocket knife, he’ll see it on his map, and then morph on you. Rendering your stealth perks absolutely useless. Let’s say you step on his traps, you’ll be down a health spray and he’ll hear you take out his trap and morph on you. As for your 2nd point, even with your composure & stealth perks, a good Jason will still be able to detect you. Also, let’s say the other counselors have been hitting on him and made him go into rage early, your stealth perks won’t help you then. Since you run stealth perks on an AJ, you don’t have nerves, probably don’t have a good thick skin. Once you are detected you are pretty much dead because A. AJ only has so much stam, B. you will be limped in either 2 knives or 2 slashes ( depending on if it’s a WS Jason) Lol speed demon doesn’t mean jack sh*t. I’m surprised you don’t know this. But atleast you Acknowledge that you’ll die if he stops your car and top tier Jasons know how to stop cars regardless if the player is using speed demon or not. Good Jasons know how to block and unless you run swift attacker you won’t be stunning him. Also, if you’re running stealth perks, how can you be running sucker punch? Let’s say he morphs on you while you’re using your stealth perks? Also a top tier Jason won’t stop chasing you until your dead because you are a repair character and a threat. So good luck trying to get Jason to chase a vanessa while you’re getting chased as an AJ. A Top Tier Jason will do a long distant shift to you to catch you off guard, and if you don’t have someone telling you that he is shifting on you will never know and will get shift grabbed easy. Judging by the points you’ve made it is clear that the only Jasons that you go against are pub lobby Jasons, and that’s not a bad thing you do you. I don’t necessarily have a different experience than you because I play pubs too sometimes so I know in pubs you can get away with lone wolf tactics. I think you should take your own advice and have a more open mind have a good day 😊
  16. Not a dick swinging contest, more a debate/argument. You’re the only one who is taking it that way.
  17. Lmaooo, bro you’re not understanding, against Top Tier Jasons like Toxic Viper, Me, Jliles, Wolf Predator or a few others I can’t name. You cannot beat those Jasons without teamwork. They can make quick work of a pub lobby vanessa.. The game is only designed for lone wolf style gameplay if only the Jason is not that good. Team work like communication, pushing objectives at the same time, and all that good stuff or saving each other. Also your stealth doesn’t matter when you are going to be actively repairing things because as soon as you start a car or call the cops, Jason will know exactly where you are. What happens if Jason spawns on you, with no one there to help you? You only got so much stam. What happens if Jason was shifting on you without you knowing and no one there to communicate that he was shifting.
  18. Well if you’re in a pub lobby with a top tier J then you’re gonna get wrecked because teamwork is needed. So have fun in pubs
  19. In pub lobbies, where the Jason's are not very skilled then your methods of stealth will work, but against good Jasons they will absolutely not work because of the points @Somethin Cool & @SirMang made. I know one of them plays in a competitive league because I’m actually on the same team as one of them and in that competitive league it is not like pub lobbies at all, every single counselor needs to communicate & work together. But, against good Js. Stealth is useless post rage mode simply due to the fact that Jason’s sense ability gets super-charged.
  20. Does this mean this is the end of “Spray Canceling”?
  21. @mattshotcha Why is the frames on Xbox when hosting a private match so bad?
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