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  1. @Somethin Cool The axe cannot do 65 damage. Me and my friends was in a pub lobby, we stunned Jason then as Tommy I hit him with the ave (heavy hits), no stun. 3 times. Mask never went off. We even shot him prior. Still nothing. Maybe I didn’t do it right 😂
  2. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I get what you’re saying, part of me is on board but the other part of me is thinking that it may be unnecessary due to the fact that skilled runners will jog most of the time even when Jason is shifting on them, and sprint only when they feel like they’re vulnerable for a grab... What your nerf will essentially do is punish players that sprint everywhere they go even more, and put more importance in pacing yourself, which is fine however, it won’t effect skilled players all that much. For the sake of realism and more opportunities for Jason to exploit the mistakes of counselors.... I mean why not.
  3. @Somethin Cool Thank you. Now I can keep track of my health, and play my Jason more effectively.
  4. @HaHaTrumpWon you don’t have to do that. The car battery mess up noise and the PowerBox mess up noise are different.
  5. @Somethin Cool maybe I don’t have to get a PS4 to face your team.
  6. With some intelligence, skills with the combat system, and knowledge on how to avoid shotguns..... You’d wreck a lot of kill squads. The more skilled kill squads are the problem. The ones that participates in league matches. Honestly if Jason can get a boost in HP by 75% at the least for all variants, even skilled kill squads will have a very hard time facing a Jason player that knows what they’re doing. Kill Squads are human too, they make mistakes. Be good in exploiting those. To make me a better player, I just need to know how much damage does Tommy Jarvis do with a heavy machete hit and light machete hit, If I can figure that out that will help tremendously. Also how much damage does blocking reduce.
  7. I agree, Part 9 looks like a disease. Which he should. Look at images of him and tell me he don’t look the creepiest out of all the Jason variants.
  8. @BeautyNumber2 Never said traps weren’t needed. All I said was that objective control isn’t only about trapping. And I’d like to play your team as my Part IV.
  9. As much as people dislike the movie, I find “Jason Goes To Hell” entertaining every time I look at the kill count of it. I may just buy it just to have it. In fact I like the costume and the look Jason had. It looked, toxic. Like it looked bad/creepy in a good way. I liked the fact that the mask was attached to his face, because essentially, the mask was his new face. I honestly like the design better than Savini Jason. Savini Jason looks great, but it doesn’t look like Jason. It doesn’t really embody the character. That’s why I classify Roy & Savini Jason as the fake Jasons in Friday The 13th the game. Jason from Part 9 looks creepier and nasty, which I think fits the character well. But, Part 4, Part 2, Part 1, & Part 6 are the best movies in the franchise.
  10. Trapping can help with objective control and what traps really do is alert you when something is being worked on and save you time ( if you place them effectively). Objective control is all about the player, if the player uses the Jason variants strengths to make up for the weaknesses. As part IV especially, if don’t know how to use his -shift to stop cars you’re not going to do well with him. If you got a -traps Jason, learn how to use his strengths and neutral strengths to make up for the lack of traps 💯
  11. @Somethin Cool I suppose that is reasonable. 75% increase, take it or leave it.
  12. Pushing it to 400% would mean that it would require 4 -5 hits from Tommy or Buggzy to demask. Against an on host Jason it would be very difficult to kill.
  13. Putting mask back on won’t really help against a kill squad. I am fine honestly with just more Mask HP. Because even if they allow the indefensible hits, with more HP it wouldn’t be a problem. HP needs to increase by at least 400%. I’ve gotten better with off host combat stance as well thank goodness 😔😂
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