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  1. I’m sure they can fix this. What about the new engine even caused this
  2. It’s easier to do it on host than off host. But it’s still possible to do it off host you just need to remember the timing. @SirMang
  3. @The Rain & @badassgixxer05 This should be proof that you can still quick block you just need to keep your eye out for the swing animation. https://xboxclips.com/Seraphic%20King/56dda107-bde3-4f22-8d62-91293ae3f633/embedand https://xboxclips.com/Seraphic%20King/55f8bf08-1f1e-48af-8b12-b467b81fc5d7/embed and like @DontZzz34 said it’s the swinging that’s the problem. When in combat, I should have enough time to swing, then block without being sliced with a machete or cracked with a bat to the face. This will go a long way for me when dealing with groups that like to gang up on me. Although I kind of do hope that they increase the blocking HP, so I don’t even have to think about being demasked when blocking.
  4. It’s unnecessary. They just need to give Jason like a protective barrier 3 secs after he’s stunned. Problem solved
  5. Lol yea I know. But your description of the tryhard is spot on man 😂
  6. I’ve encountered too many level 150 kill squads who gang r*pe level 5s & 10s. They stun him with a shotgun or a bat and then they hit him right when he gets up giving him no time to react. Why use those cheap tactics on a person who is new to the game? That’s why whenever I’m in a kill squad lobby and the Jason is a low level I sprint to get the sweater first 😂😂😂. Some of y’all may have issues with that but I don’t give a f*ck 😂😂😂
  7. This all really goes to show that levels don’t mean shit in this game. Most of the level 150s I’ve seen play the same. Most of those guys only got to level 150 because they set their spawn preference to Jason and only kill noobs or low levels in quick play, if there’s a another level 150 in the lobby they leave. You can’t get better if you keep playing noobs.
  8. Yeah, for most it ain’t fun going against a kill squad and the fight should be fair. But against a coordinated team, the only time where you COULD be fucked is if both cars get started. If there’s only about 5 counselors left and one group is pushing for the phone and the other is pushing for the car. Always go for the car first. Also a counter for someone getting the car started before you get shift, morph to the cars quickly at the beginning of the match. See which car is by a lot of houses and has a lot of counselors nearby. And cut down the counselor numbers before they can pressure you. If there’s a lot of AJ’s and Deborahs. That’s cool, they may be good at repair but they cannot outrun Jason for a long time like Vanessa, Buggzy, or Tiffany can. Place traps down to use as surveillance. I had a team today who was pushing for the boat, the car, the fuse and someone going in my shack to get the sweater. I quickly took out the single AJ trying to get the boat started, and I cleared out the chad, Vanessa & Buggzy who were trying to get the 4 seater going by quick blocking their attacks and slashing the shit out of them. However, I couldn’t stop tommy Jarvis from repairing the fuse and calling the police, but the time he was using to call the police I was clearing out his friends, and I killed him while he was waiting for the police to arrive.
  9. I don’t know if I agree with no counters for a coordinated team pushing multiple objective but I get what you mean. As for the whole kill squad situation, Jason’s counter for that is mostly luck. Ain’t that sort of off.
  10. He’s actually not as overpowered as you think brother, I think that you’ve been playing a lot of quick play lobbies with low levels.
  11. For Vanessa it should take around 30 to 40 hits just base with a machete. I gotta test it to make sure though.
  12. With a legendary thrasher perk it should take around nine hits then
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