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  1. I have access to single-user content. But I do not have access to dedicated servers in multiplayer, and can not create private matches to play with friends.
  2. The character that you, for example, control, moves jerks. So the acceleration of the movement of the character. If you are in the role of a survivor, it is easier to get away from Jason and moves around the map. If you're in the role of Jason, you move faster. EAC has learned to easily find the processes of this program. Steam refuses to refund the purchase when you are banned. And ban I usually get after a few minutes of the game on a new account. I end up with nothing.
  3. Even if I committed this offense in the game a second time, the HWID ban is unnecessary. Especially when nobody told me that here there is this kind of punishment. I was banned twice. That means I was punished for the offense. If I have the opportunity to buy the product again. Why can't I use it without problems?
  4. Hi. I used cheats on two accounts. I was banned. Well, that's wonderful. But why was I banned for nothing when I created three more accounts. By buying the game again and intending to play fair? On my second account, I played quite honestly. At first I did not use any cheats that give the player in the game some unfair advantage over other players. But one day in one of the sessions of the game, I got toxic players from Russia, who pressed other players by car, and did not run away from Jason. (He didn't kill them) I had the temptation to turn on cheats just to annoy them. So I was banned for the second time. Then I spread my hands, and decided to have a new account, which bought the game again. I was banned by EAC for nothing. Considering I didn't use cheats. I wasn't going to use them. For I was already taught by the bitter experience I had. I can't even play a private match. Then I created accounts one by one. Buying your game again. I thought that the ban is a mistake. In General, I created three accounts. Then I was able to learn about such a thing as ban HWID. Therefore, I think that such a punishment is not fair to me as a person who bought the game several times, making a contribution to your project. Considering also that no one me about this punishment is not warned and is not going to return the money I want to ask you to unban my account where I was banned not for that. So I can continue to use your product. I understand that the use of cheats violates the rules of the game, and interferes with other players.Therefore, cheating should be punished. But I was already punished for it. I lost progress in the game, and even lost money.
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