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  1. Yeah right enhance this game ..I doubt that will happen
  2. The facts are out there Bud ..I’m not making this up ..BTW does anyone know what Happened to Randy Greenback or did Jason do something to him ???
  3. Well you know what they say about Opinions Matt ..Its Cool ..I respect you and gun ..Its constructive criticism..I’m not being a troll or a-hole ..But the proof is in the pudding and the facts are out there..I think you all need a big Team meeting about the Future and eventually move on from the past ....
  4. It’s fading and will continue too ..I mean the macarena dance was a hit and sold as a song ..Do People still Whip and NaE ...Next episode pretty please..Maybe its me I get bored easy .I just feel the Horror genre needs something great and can live up to that Rockstar Games level of games with more dynamic,Features and modes ..Someone needs to take the challenge why not GunMedia..Take it higher and Get some real investors..Looks like Illfonic got 20th century Fox and Sony..So hopefully Predator should be Good if not great
  5. And people are attacking my detailed comment about f13 seems like you agree..I just feel Gun can do better and should have started to move on a long time ago ..Supporting this is cool and good, shows they care or maybe Using this as a cash cow .Can’t figure them out..But it is what it is ..Next Game please
  6. I don’t think you understand my PC Comment it wasn’t a Comparison to a High end PC it was a comment to say how easy it is to change graphics settings to show off how a game would look on any Console ...Its also Pointless to showcase how some low end consoles or graphics card would look..People want better not worse ,.It’s Natural to defend and not like when some calls it like it is...We all are entitled to our opinions and I know most will not like mine or challenge it ..Which is fine by me ..Supporting something that is dying off and that people have moved on from isn’t going to last ..I hope Gun has something new in the works ..Analogy The Raptors won this years Championship...Will they live off that title forever which is now in the past ? Or say Lets Defend the title and show people we are a good brand going forward..I feel GunMedia needs a Good comeback Song (game) ..For all the frustration and disappointments of F13 which was a game I truly genuinely liked and felt left down..I think GunMedia should step up to the challenge and work a good deal with another Franchise or Original Work get a real Budget and offer backer incentives and perks as well for a new bigger better game ...I believe GunMedia can but it seems and looks like their Camp is stuck in limbo and only Had and has Jason..What’s next prove myself and others wrong ..I feel They owe that to the Fans for spending their money & supporting a Game that still to this day doesn’t work right ..Imagine a Game that has very little Glitches\functionality issues and a Road map of promises and commitments that aren’t broken dreams or hinder by a lawsuit suit..Just so you know I like GunMedia and F13 I just feel let down and tired of hearing about something that is Old news and going no where because it can’t ,Thanks to Two men almost 80’s old that are fighting over some that was made almost 40 years ago..My point is to motivate Gun and yes I’m saying things that aren’t nice but its how I feel and so do others..TURN THE PAGE NEXT GAME..Jason can’t live right now unfortunately
  7. At This point and for a while now this game was developed wrong to begin with and probably has so much bad code and coding errors in it,No matter what you do it effects something else...Its like the Phone company in the 70’s 80’s 90’s They’d fix your neighbors line then break yours or someone else’s....Just move on from Friday and develop a new game its pointless..The Franchise is dead ..Btw Layers of Fear 2 was a One off game that only fans of the first one liked it...Majority of F13 fans I know did not like it ..Fans of Friday want an action game ..Stop milking Friday it makes you look weak and to me says ,I put my eggs all in one basket and that’s all I have ...BTW The Switch may have been the plan if the law suit didn’t effect the game ...But this kills me showing off Game play on Switch that’s simple run Friday on a PC with a low end Graphics card and on Low graphics settings...Switch is the weakest console it’s just portable .....Jason needs to go back to the grave/lake for a while and let another Slasher Rise and have their Reign of Terror ..Shut them servers off ...Besides the Roadmap and Broken promises from GunMedia were disappointing..It seemed like a bunch of overzealous delusional kids that felt everything they did was great but not all was ..Paranoia, Charging $49.99 or more at first for a Broken unfinished game that originally had 3 maps..Ebay code Scandals and more ...I hope Gun has learned from this and takes a better Mature professional Management Approach to Developing, Marketing, managing their Games/content ,Community, process and more...
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