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  1. Environmental kills are bugged but I played a game yesterday where the guy playing Jason told me all he had to do was mash X when he caught the boat.. but literally the boat grab accumulated about 40 kills and the end result was 49/8 kills. Double XP.. the guy said that one game was 25 thousand XP. Meanwhile I’m in games dying because I’m trying to call Tommy (or cops) but the game bugs out and I can’t move my camera or the camera gets stuck on the cb radio/phone so I have to essentially stare at a wall until I get killed. The prompt comes up sometimes too while making the calls but there is an infinite loop and some games it just actually impossible to call Tommy for example. Yes, power was on etc. Just an ongoing bug.
  2. It’s great that counsellors can’t kill each other anymore and I don’t mind that a fast moving vehicle can still cause death but other than a troll or two, I’ve been killed by a car and seen others killed by a car in the game when it might as well have been parked because it was so slow. So slow that in real life you wouldn’t even have a bruise but it’s instant death. It’s even worse when it was likely going to be a guaranteed getaway but the driver literally tapped the button slightly.
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