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  1. Great another Jason buff I think it’s time we start nerfing him instead of buffing him starting with rage my suggestions would be • firecracker and flare guns can stun again • Tommy Jarvis and last person alive ignores rage • and last 2:00 mins of the game Jason then becomes immune from all weapons regardless if your Tommy or last person Let me know if you agree
  2. Hey guys I know a lot of you disagree with it being removed but i didn’t say I want it removed just nerfed a little like make it harder to stun Jason
  3. Well that’s your opinion your always allowed to disagree if you want
  4. Maybe some players like vennesa or tommy Jarvis can easily do that but the rest have slow stamina regeneration and they lose it pretty quickly to
  5. Ehh I guess but if enough people complain then they might change it
  6. I think most of us agree that Jason’s current rage mode is too powerful I get what they were trying to do but they took it one step too far I think instead of making Jason invincible they should make him moderately harder to stun because if you think about somebody could be teaming and give him rage or if there’s one person left how are they gonna defend themselves. Good question they can’t! Let me know what y’all think about rage mode does it need to be reverted back to the old rage mode, changed or do you think it needs to stay the same? And just to add something else this update was made entirely because of noob Jason players because they always complain when something doesn’t go their way. Now I’m not calling anyone out for being a noob but I’m just saying if you can’t win matches as Jason then ether don’t play him or practice how to evade the councilors with their stuns I’ll update this page if needed
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