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  1. Ready up: One thing that’s a problem is everyone waiting on 1-2 people who won’t ready up. Either 1) Allow people to roll for perks but not attach them while readied up or 2) Make majority of a lobby able to ready up or last 3) give a 15 second timer on people’s screen that says “after 15 seconds you will automatically be readied up, however, if you need more time hold down “x” to cancel being automatically readied up” that way we’re all not waiting on someone who’s just messing around on their phone or etc. As for xp I think everyone who’s not already level 150 will agree it needs to be changed. Specifically, when we earn our xp. One reason is when the server breaks and kicks everyone and no one gets any XP at all despite how far they were in the match. Second, the manner for reporting is too difficult by making us take up large gbs of storage and then upload to YouTube and then post on this site etc. So instead, when people are cheating or Jason is letting his friends live until the timer runs out at least let people earn their xp as soon as they die or escape. If this affects Tommy in any way that is another problem that should be addressed since I have already had countless matches where I was chased/injured by Jason countless times to just fix a generator and call Tommy only to see that the person chosen as Tommy left immediately upon dying so we never even had a Tommy. Thus, there should be a method that elects another dead person to be Tommy when the person selected left the game within 15 seconds of being Tommy.
  2. Will the new patch address the glitch that let’s counselors roam free after breaking out of a grab but makes Jason stuck in his grab hold positioning?
  3. Wait so they fixed these problems without having to issue a new update to install on PS4???? Nvm just realized it updated while in rest mode
  4. Same here I called Tommy and he never spawned until there was one person left alive 10 minutes after being called. And yes it was called, I checked menu right after and it was checked off immediately after placing the call, and the radio was no longer in its interact mode. Game just chose to wait until 5 or 6 counselors died instead of two. Also the door bug people are mentioning with it being wide open but also barricaded has nothing to do with Jason and a counselor interacting with the door or with latency. Immediately in the first ten seconds of my match (no Jason in sight) this bug happened to the first door I went to lock. Jason was still in his shack and nowhere near me or the door. Environmental bugs: I just got drowned 382 times right now after getting tossed out the boat because the Jason repeatedly smashed (x) for five minutes. I couldn’t do anything and believe me I tried everything I just had to wait for the animation to repeatedly commence for a split second over and over again 382 times until my entire screen finally turned pitch black which somehow then made the animation start without interruption and finally play out. I’m also wondering if I’m the only one feeling like Vanessa’s stamina takes longer to regenerate in some matches? Definitely feels slower to me and I didn’t change any perks or nothing. Sweater Bug: another bug that happened to me was when i had the sweater and Jason tried to slash me (I’m already injured so I press triangle to use the sweater) maybe it was because there was a tree nearby me (on camp crystal small) but I ended up emoting instead and STILL lost the sweater without activating Jason’s Mother’s animatic stun. The sweater disappeared off my body after but the triangle stayed on my screen as if I could still activate the sweater and Tommy said the same with the (x) remaining on his screen too. If Devs reply to my post I’m happy to send YouTube links i clipped of these issues. Also im really hoping in the next upcoming patch there is a “gameplay sabotage” in-game report system. This is super tedious to have to do all this extra effort and make an account and upload videos and make a ticket on a completely different platform to report people who ruin the game for others. ex: working with Jason. Just recently I repaired a phone box but Jason’s friend ran to the phone and kept spamming x to call the cops but would restart it midway through repeatedly. I tried to intercept and place the call myself but even though the (x) appeared for a short second when they would restart the call, I still couldn’t position myself as well as the other counselor was and couldn’t intercept the call no Matt how hard I tried. And this happened until Jason finally came to kill me as their friend excitedly watches and tea bags me. Once they finished doing this to the other counselors too the Jason and friends always sit around and wait for the entire 20 minutes to expire to waste everyone’s time. There should be some kind of temporary ban on their account to discourage this kind of behavior cmon. Happens way to much and ruins the game for everyone.
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