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  1. I'm not even sure the devs' themselves clearly understood the problem so far... If they did, why the game would have been broken for so long since version 1.34 and 1.35? Cannot make a stupid environmental kill anymore, this is absolutely nut for this game!
  2. I'm on PS4, and lately some of my PSN friends are constantly messaging me about Dead by Deadlight (on PS4 too), comparing it to Friday the 13th the game and inviting me to play it. So my friends write : "look, in DbD they improved the Xp system with new skills, years after the release of the game!" All I can answer is : "but I don't like DbD much, I like Friday the 13th the game...". I'm starting to feel miserable when I see that our PS4 version of the game is still broken... Long after the appearance of the "environmental kill" bug after a patch (1.33 if I am right), we still can't play like before, because we can't enjoy to execute counselors in cabins using the environmental tools under penalty of getting a game breaking bug. So, the conclusion is sour : playing Friday the 13th on PS4 isn't much fun anymore, the technical support seems to be surpassed, and nothing was quickly done to fix the whole game once and for all. Not even asking about new features anymore : just talking about the regular game. That's my frank feeling about this, take it or ban me from the forum if you prefer to ignore the complaints of the public. That's nothing more that "the rise and the fall" of a masterpiece of the PvP games... PS : not even talking about this non-sense about the "Jason Savini" exclusivity for backers, frustrating a whole part of your fans.
  3. Hello guys, I'm on PS4 and for several days I can't really play anymore as usual, many players get disconnected, including me, my ping is unstable but I double-checked my connexion and it doesn't come from it... So either I can't find a room, or I can't stay connected for long, or I have terrible lag. Is there something wrong with the PS4 EU servers? On a side note : I saw the Savini's pitchfork bug too on my Jason part 4, I hoped for a magical bug that gives me the Jason Savini but it was only in my dreams... I noticed a new bug too in the big house in Pinehurst, one drawer on the 2nd floor doesn't let you pick up its content and you get frozen, only Jason can free you by hitting or grabbing!
  4. On a side note, am I the only one who's annoyed by all these players who choose Vanessa Jones? I think a clever add to the next patches whould've been to make impossible to have the same character at multiple times in the same team. If you're a little pussy and always choose Vanessa, so be it, but it would be only "a preference", and you'd end up with a random character if somebody else chose her too. For exemple chasing 4 Vanessa Jones with a Jason part 6 can be really pissing... I think I'm dreaming... Asking for getting our environmental kills back again seems to be already a lot. "Is this the Police? Oh God help us, version 1.34 is killing my friends, he's killing EVERYONE! No! This is not a prank! We need you nooow..."
  5. The environmental kills glitch was already breaking the version 1.33 of the game, that's true... But the "super shift" bug is seriously breaking my balls in version 1.34! Absolutely positively insanely unbalanced. I say it should be the top priority now. Calling for help on the radio : "Hello... Is somebody there? Oh God... The patch 1.34 is killing my favorite PvP game, he's killing EVERYONE! We're at the camp Cristal Lake, bring a Gun."
  6. Would it be possible to downgrade the game to 1.32 or less? Seriously, I enjoy this game for almost 2 years, but it became terrible since version 1.33 and its environmental kills glitches... It's as if you had a beloved wife who were doing liftings after liftings, and she'd become more and more ugly every time. My heart hurts. Really. "Jason! They're back! The patches : Kill them!!"
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