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  1. To follow up on the leaving mid game suggestion, I understand it is rather harsh restricting players who genuinely need to leave so I propose an alternate/additional idea. Maybe there needs to be a bigger deterrent when quitting mid game, sure you don't get as much xp but I believe it was in Halo 3 or Halo Reach where if you left mid game your rank would decrease. Its not a massive kick in the nuts but it could stop potential leavers. Also I don't know what happens when you leave mid game but maybe you should lose all xp earned from the current match with a clear message stating so. I second this, I understand that the timer needs to be long enough for people to fill the lobby but theirs definitely an annoyance to someone joining during the countdown. Yeah I understand the bad it can cause but maybe a trail run of sorts is needed (we never truly know the effects until something is field tested). I also forgot to mention that kicking in lobbies should not be permitted because of the issues you stated and I 100% agree. But, this is like, my opinion man
  2. Is there any chance of adding a stat tracker maybe similar to badges so that us trophy hunters know how close we are to the requirements. I know that Xbox players can check their hero stats for games played etc so the infrastructure is definitely there. It would be nice to know how many boats have been repaired, baseball bat hits, counselors killed and how many games have been played and so on. I love the game but we have to admit it's coming to the end of its life cycle. Lobbies can sometimes be hard to find with matchmaking search times evidently increasing. On another note maybe its about time to lower the requirements. I know this will annoy people who have already earned it but the game wont be alive much longer. I'm not begging and I know its a long shot but it would be nice and may even spark other trophy hunters interest. Thanks to the devs for the hard work and dedication to the game.
  3. Yeah I know its been mentioned a few times I just thought I would say it again in hopes of it being implemented. But hear me out, I still think we would be better off having it seeing as most teamers are mostly in partys of two or three (at least as far as I have seen). So there are 8 players 1 Jason and 7 Counsellors. - Only counsellors can vote to kick as a Jason could potentially manipulate the system. - When someone is voted to be kicked a little notification pops up informing all counsellors of the pending player to be kicked. - The number of kicks required could be something like the number of counsellors - 3 = kicks required. In the case of matches coming to an end with only 3 players remaining I think at this point there is no real need for kicking anyone. also teamers voting to kick anyone who doesn't cooperate sort of negates the point of them teaming in the first place right? I don't think there out there playing to sire new accomplices, they just want to kill everyone else first. Like I said they are mostly parties of 2 or 3, what would be the point of a 6 vs 1? I cant imagine it'd be too difficult or time consuming to implement but I can say it definitely does more good than harm, take a look at RS6 Siege, GTA V and Payday 2 for example.
  4. Ok firstly I'd like to say that apart from all of the bugs filling the game and sometimes making it unplayable, I still love this game. The bugs at times are annoying and can result in watching someone remain under the map for 10 minutes, but sometimes they can be hilarious like the car flipping one. I play this game a lot and think I have a few good ideas on how to improve the game mechanics and game as a whole. 1. Counsellors cannot leave the match until they are killed or die. Countless times have players left just as I am about to kill them as Jason or if they are near death or mid grab. This is a massive d*** move. I think the quit button should be unselectable to currently alive counsellors but once the player has died, then they can select quit. If a player really wants to leave so badly they should either kill them self from a broken window, jump from an upstairs window or just shutdown the game/console. 2. Vote to kick. Teaming is a massive problem in this game. If you are unaware of what this is, it is essentially when 2 or more people in a party help out the person playing as Jason by revealing counsellor locations, holding onto key items such as the fuse and basically doing anything to prevent the counsellors from escaping/winning. I play most days with a group of four friends and we never cheat. On a few occasions we have teamed up to kill previous "teamers" (if they cheated in a previous match as they sort of deserved it) and they almost always leave immediately after. I propose to add a vote to kick feature. It would be better if only counsellors can vote to kick other counsellors (if Jason could vote he would probably try to kick skilled counsellor players). Secondly Jason can not be kicked, kicking Jason would only end the game but at least kicking his counsellor "teamer" would stop the cheating . Ofcourse Jason could still leave the match, but having this feature would decrease the chances of teaming in the first place. If half of the lobby agrees to kick the player then they should be successfully removed from the game. In an extremely rare case you could be in a lobby with an almost full party cheating and there's not really much you can do so just find another game. 3. Change in pre-game lobby. Every single and I mean every single lobby there is always at least 1 person that doesn't ready up. My first possible suggestion would be to shorten the lobby time. On top of waiting for everyone to ready up and the loading screen, it can sometimes take an excess of 4+ minutes to get into gameplay making it rather tedious. Additionally if the lobby is full, begin the load game countdown. People may complain about not being able look at there perks/unlocks etc but the lobby isn't a place for you to hold everyone up and equip your newly gained perk to every counsellor. If you want to sort your unlocks out leave the lobby and find another match or be quicker. Alternately you could allow players to ready up and still glance at their unlocks, although I assume it is built this way to prevent players losing newly acquired items just as the match begins to load. These are some of the major issues I have with the game and hopefully something will be done about it.
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