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  1. It recharges stamina when standing still, and i've see people troll jason all the time standing still then jogging..repeat..repeat. That's what I meant. So I was wondering if doing that is good with Restful, but I guess not.
  2. I seen a lot of Vanessa players running medic, thick skinned....marathon..etc. But is Restful being used by you guys as well? or is it just an option if you don't have other useful perks? I thought it would be an important perk since it recharges stamina fast when trolling jason.
  3. Resetting your console fixes it also, if you have everything above ^ correct.
  4. If ya'll watched freekyjt play with part 3. He's easily the best.
  5. Been playing all week until like 5am in private and quickplay matches..full lobbies. Xbox is definitely still litty.
  6. Hasn't happened to me yet on the switch lol. But i know that can happen.
  7. After rage is activated you cannot stun jason lol. I play on the switch too much at the moment, I love when i get rage thats when i go into full clear out mode lol.
  8. Good jason's CLEAR lobbies on here bruh. Definitely not a pinata.
  9. Jason's been having a hard time on the switch? I been clearing lobbies lmao. Also see other jasons clear it easy as well. It was probably me LMAO.
  10. Just got the my first jason kill on the switch....No communication at all. The two no mic using randoms executed it quickly. Surprised me. Tommy was a level 4, I was scared he wouldnt know how, but he fucked jason up LOL.
  11. Dude....that shit happens to me as well. BUT WORSE! What does it mean when you go to morph to somewhere and IT DOESN'T LET YOU MORPH!? It just makes a buzzing sound? I swear its happen and made a car get away for me before.
  12. Good read. I've been using Part 8 a lot today, only ONE person escaped out of the total 5 times playing jason (it happens). Pretty pleased. Playing on the switch though lol.
  13. Yeah I read everything he said in that Part 4 thread. Kinda cool lol. I personally never liked Part 4. Thanks for your input though.
  14. Would love to know how you guys rank Jason's on here and learn something I probably don't know? Not sure if another thread has been made, but me personally having all the jason's unlocked, I still like to Use Part 2..not sure why others don't anymore. Love Part 8 though.
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