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  1. These patches don't matter when the core game mechanics are basically making the game matches unplayable. The glitches are so bad on PS4 that most people will not bother to complain they will just stop playing all together. It use to be the online mode was a glitchy mess but the offline mode played pretty flawlessly. Well congrats Gun media because now after this new patch.... the offline mode with bots now have issues too. I have never seen a released game with so many issues after launch and countless patches. Playing this game is like trying to play a current AAA title on my desktop computer from 15 years ago. It struggles heavily and I can feel my console struggling to breath. I've been a fan since the start but this is just ridiculous!!!!
  2. Yes Jason shift is broken and now almost immediate. Lag is worse then ever for counselors and Jason. Jason grab still has only 50% chance of killing victims. When all power is taken out unable to locate hiding counselors until rage is active.
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