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  1. Added (fiction): Using a pocket knife to escape/breaking free from Jason's grab increases his Rage meter.
  2. A few rock glitches still remain. Just YouTube 'friday the 13th rock glitch' and you'll see a Higgins video posted as recent as yesterday. Also had people rock glitching on Jarvis just east of the main houses - Jason can get up there using combat stance heavy attacks, but only if the player knows that. Other glitches like the big weapons glitch are more rampant than before; a fairly easy glitch kill method for "unlimited" XP is possible; unlimited stamina is still doable; Packanack roof is reachable (with help from Jason); and we all know counselor sliding didn't even get fixed. How Gun made a final patch without ensuring ALL present glitches/exploits were rectified is beyond me. Frankly they should be embarrassed to put their name to a product or service and be willing to leave it in the state it is currently in. They had no new content to work on for the last 2 and a half years, so this game should have been immaculate whilst it was still in IllFonic's hands. All GM had to do was get one QA person to scour YouTube once a month for glitches, report what they find and fix it. And it really wouldn't take long as most channels have the same glitches and exploits posted and they even instruct viewers on how to perform them. As much as we all would love to have had dedicated servers forever, we aren't asking for new game-defining changes to wrap things up. Just that they polish off what is already there. That includes everything from glitches to hackers to offline bots to broken perks. And I'm sorry, but that sentiment about "making changes at this stage would be like trying to remake an already baked cake" is just a massive cop out. All that really means is that the team hired for the job is not fit for purpose. You can unscramble lines of code, you cannot unscramble an egg! You can backup a system and restore it, you cannot reproduce the same egg! Anyway, I now find myself asking, "why do I even care, it's over now?" If GM don't seem too bothered by their successful yet broken product then I should just like it or lump it, right? I mean, it's almost a month after the last patch and we've heard nothing about the supposed "final" final patch to fix the stuff that didn't actually get fixed or got broken last time round, and we know GM don't do immediate hotfixes. Time to come to terms with the game's current state being its final iteration, guys. So on that note... DEUCES! 👋
  3. Added (fact): Inventory items (pocket knives, health sprays etc.) and any weapons counselors are holding when they escape respawn on the map at a specific campfire or along a specific section of shoreline the same way objective parts do.
  4. Your post is quite vague, dude. But from a counselor's stealth perspective, when Jason is raging he no longer needs to look for noise pings to detect a counselor's rough location/direction. He can just use his Sense ability to see exactly where they are and spam it more frequently. Thus, Lightfoot on even A.J. becomes redundant once J's Rage kicks in.
  5. From across the map, undetectable, yes. But if Jason uses Sense, and she is in range, expect her to glow red. Therefore you'll need to manage her fear by staying well away from Jason, in well lit areas and by not seeing dead bodies etc. The higher your fear, the bigger Jason's Sense range is. When he is in Rage mode his Sense range can pretty much cover the entire map regardless of fear, so look to escape asap.
  6. Yeah, that could well be it. My info is derived from a Tommy86 vid, and I tested all window climb/dive scenarios yesterday night to confirm HP damage amounts - no prior damage, no perks equipped... Not that I ever doubted Mr. 86.
  7. The version you heard is correct. But knife damage and broken window damage are not all that similar. Knife damage does a nice chunk of HP damage; equivalent to a slash from a +Weapon Strength Jason. Whereas climbing through a broken window does small damage; the lowest damage output in the game. And diving through a closed window or an already broken window deals decent damage; equivalent to a neutral Weapon Strength Jason slash. So if Jason smashes a window whilst a counselor is performing a climbing or diving animation then they will receive the damage amount corresponding to that action. But if they are hit by a knife before the climbing/diving animation has ended, they will receive knife damage only. So my process when playing Jason in a window scenario is as follows: Is the counselor climbing through the window (broken or unbroken)? If so, then hit them with a knife asap to deal knife damage (overwriting any climbing broken window damage) and to cancel their climbing action. Did the counselor dive through a closed window? If so, then hit them with a knife asap to deal knife damage in addition to the diving broken window damage they received. Did the counselor dive through an already broken window? If so, wait until they have completed the dive animation and standing up, then hit them with a knife to deal additional knife damage. Did the counselor dive through an open window? If so, smash the window in combat stance so they receive diving broken window damage, wait until they have completed the dive animation and standing up, then hit them with a knife to deal additional knife damage. The last three actions will all deal max damage and put any counselor not running Thick Skinned into an injured state. Also, the timing on the completion of the dive animation must be adhered to. I use the counselor's 2 steps they take when they stand up as an indicator of when to throw my knife. However, the completion rule does not apply if they broke the window during their initial dive.
  8. Thought as much. No worries. At least it's been clarified. Tip: Smashing an open window that a counselor has jumped through will deal jump through damage. So a swift knife to the back, once the stand up animation has ended, will get them limping if they do not have Thick Skinned equipped.
  9. Jumping through a window and breaking it or jumping through an already broken window deals more damage than climbing slowly through an already broken window. So what you are saying is that Jason smashing a window mid-slow climb deals jump through damage, am I right? Which is interesting, because I always felt it did slow climb damage. Also, if a knife hits the counselor mid-climb or whilst they are in the stand up animation, they will receive knife damage only and no broken window damage. So can you confirm you are not mistaking the damage amount to be that of a knife? Meanwhile I will test it, cheers. ...Or can anyone confirm the above quote please?
  10. Added (fiction): Chad allows players to roll valuable perks more frequently due to having the highest Luck stat.
  11. I respectfully disagree with your opinion... Part 5 has no real weaknesses. If you know how to block, which all Jasons should be doing regardless of lower HP, then you will not get demasked easily. Block chance is not a thing in the game so you can successfully block all incoming hits and take less damage, provided your block activation is not delayed by high ping (which is more common now the game is P2P only). Stun Resistance is broken. It works ever so marginally for stun chance and depends highly on the counselor, weapon they are using and perk (Sucker Punch) they have equipped. It does not work to increase (or decrease) stun duration. Nevertheless, getting stunned is not a problem if you're blocking or when in Rage mode. As for Grip Strength, it is easily negated by insta-killing the counselor or making sure they are limping before grabbing them. On the plus side, Part 5 can Stalk more often due to a quicker cooldown. Thus Stalk-Shift-grabs are more deadly as counselors will not get a static indication if the Shift is performed whilst in Stalk and from outside of Jason music range - something "newbies" should learn to do. His extra throwing knives are a blessing if you are sharp with the quick throws and can limp a counselor in 2 hits (3 if they are running a solid Thick Skinned). Throwing knives definitely do matter when Vanessa is looking like showing you a clean pair of heels for 10+ mins. Also, he has neutral Shift, Morph, Sense, Traps and Water Speed, making him a great all-rounder for handling objectives and a beast once Rage kicks in to speed up those cooldowns.
  12. Now that the game is back to P2P it's a shame GM was unable to implement host migration as part of the process. Respective of that, the return of the salt mines wouldn't really work as trolls would just momentarily move to a different game and come back to continue rage quitting once their timeout had expired. Something I believe GM could have done at first development was to have IllFonic implement a rating system whereby quitters and frequent disconnectors get matched up with each other, leaving the clean, legit players to play with no qualms. This is something that I had seen Konami do when I played PES (Pro Evo) back in the day. Players would get a 'AAA' to 'C' Courtesy Rating which worked along the lines of: 'AAA' means you've disconnected once or twice out of your last 50 games; 'AA' maybe up to 5 times; 'A' up to 10 times; 'B' would be 11 - 24 disconnections; 'C' means you've disconnected at least half your games. So when searching for games you would get matched up primarily with those of a similar rating to yourself. This would most certainly allow those who play fair and square to continue to do so and let those who think it's ok to leave because they died or they weren't selected as Jason to play in their own cesspool. It would also help to avoid players who disconnect often due to their McDonalds Wi-Fi. Additionally, players with a 'AAA' rating would be prioritised as host... But hey, hindsight is 20/20.
  13. Cheers @Jason Todd Voorhees for the invite. If I'm honest, it is unlikely I will be there as the game is pretty much over for me now. But having said that, should things change and I do decide to resume playing somewhere down the line, I at least know where to go to for a good old chin-wag.
  14. So after playing a few matches, every other match I encountered a connection timeout issue and on one occasion a connection related blue screen. It didn't say I was kicked, so it might not have been due to the host leaving. My ping was constantly 180-200ms every match, so that could have been it. Anyway, finding a match wasn't a problem. It was actually quite refreshing to have some new names and voices pop up in a lobby. And even though my ping has now gone up considerably from the 32-40ms I usually have, the game was still just about playable - I refuse play above 200ms. Therefore I will probably play a lot less now and conduct a burial in the back garden for my game CD in about a month, as there is no doubt the remaining player base will decline rapidly due to the kicks, disconnects and poor connection quality that comes with p2p. Edit: Yeah, I'm all but done with this game now. Established that connection timeouts are due to the host closing the application or dropping internet connection as oppose to leaving via the game menu. These salty, immature players who leave because they are killed/being killed have no consideration for anyone else in the game. This is something I will never comprehend as IT IS ONLY A GAME, and it doesn't hurt to spectate for a few minutes (unless the last dude is set on hiding in a tent for 10 mins). Regardless, some people need to learn to hold their L, stick around and come better next match. *sigh*
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