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  1. Other: Get the dedicated servers back up and running asap! The game is most definitely not quite at the point where we can afford to overlook how paramount dedicated servers are and waste time reverting to and from a p2p setup. Too many players still don't understand their own importance and have the etiquette not to quit when selected as Host in a p2p game. Also, anything over 120ms ping makes the game difficult to play and the car/boat almost impossible to drive at speed. Not to mention that not everyone has enough friends to play private matches.
  2. I admire your honesty... Couldn't care less though. If you're not the hacker(s) responsible, then fair enough. I'm not here trying to prove that you are. I just don't believe it is right for someone to side with cheaters, bullies, racists, homophobes and absolutely pathetic human beings in any walk of life.
  3. My point exactly. I really do need to stop entertaining him, lol.
  4. (Ok you got me. I didn't want to reply, but you got me. Just this once though...) All the new members you listed are here posting about the servers being down/unable to play the game. You are here defending the hackers and that is exactly the point that I made, so don't try to take what I said out of context. Not once did you say they need to be banned, I've checked. Also, I love how you conveniently left out Bunny08 in your list. Oh look, they attacked Mayday too. Hacker buddies? Alternate account? Tut tut tut. DDoS. Who mentioned DDoS? I didn't. Here's some more rope, keep telling us how you brought the servers down. How can it be the job of the devs to catch hackers? They are the developers of the game, not the consumers who play the game on a daily basis. The dev team require help from the community to catch and ban hackers. So please take your ignorance, and hacking, elsewhere.
  5. If you have seen the video footage of the hackers in a match then there is no possible way that you will, in your wildest dreams, say to just leave them alone. If you are not part of their "team" then you would be vulnerable to being run over as a counselor (they start the car without finding/fixing ANY parts) or stunned into oblivion as Jason (they can move at 200x speed, have unlimited stamina, invincibility, crazy increased stun time on Jason, can fly and walk on water) every match. Why would any logical person ever suggest that leaving them to do as they please is better than reporting them so that they can get banned? Why should you, if you are legit, or any other legitimate player have to search for a new game every time you come across those scum? Would it not be better if they were just not there at all? What I've said is not lies. It's my opinion and I am entitled to it. You are a "newbie" to this forum and the only thing you've posted is in defence of the hackers because you think reporters are the toxic ones, lmfao! Suspect much? It happens every time hackers get called out. Anyway, not wasting any more time discussing this with you. Just stop messing up my gaming sessions and put the servers back to normal, ok buddy 😉
  6. Clearly it is YOU who is part of the problem. Whether or not you are affiliated with the hackers, leaving them alone to cheat, ruin everyone elses enjoyment of the game and spead their toxicity IS NOT THE ANSWER! Plus, anyone in their right mind who has seen them in action knows that there is no way their behaviour can and should be tolerated. These guys are cheats, bullies, racists, homophobic and absolutely pathetic human beings. And, as far as I'm concerned, people like that need to be confronted and dealt with head-on. Players like @Mayday doing whatever necessary to obtain evidence in order to get these people banned is best for the integrity of the game and the F13 community; she does not need to work for Gun. If they (/you) get banned permanently then it's a job well done. The fact that they (/you) have taken down the servers is not her or any reporters fault, by any means. IMO Gun Media has to shoulder some of the blame because their servers being hacked has been happening for a very long time now and they clearly need to increase server access security 10-fold. The game seems to have minimal authentication and/or encryption to log in as a user as it is. This is why it is so easy for hackers to access the servers, find a user by their username/Steam ID and delete their CP and perks. I mean, they have even come onto this forum to brag about what they do and how they do it every time a patch gets released. If that isn't asking for a lawsuit to be filed against them then I don't know what is. All I do know is that the sooner they (/you) are removed, the better the game will be for EVERYONE!
  7. 2 years later and something as basic as re-enabling/reconfiguring audio files still remains unrectified smh. If I recall correctly some Tommy dialogue was removed to make him less cowardice but that still doesn't account for all his missing audio. It should have been sorted ages ago along with: Stun Resistance not actually working as a Jason Weakness/Strength. Block Chance not a mechanic of Jason's Defense weakness. A.J. making male (presumably Chad) sounds when jogging. Legendary Lead Foot bonus incorrectly stating "Car Start Speed Decreased." Either the start speed is increased or the start time is decreased (as stated for Grease Monkey). Jason kill music and end of match music not corresponding to the Music Volume setting and instead controlled by the Master Volume setting. (Possibly intended to be this way but it's not conventional when the Master Volume controls both the game music and sound effects.) As much as it can be said that those are issues of a low priority, I highly doubt that Black Tower would require months of investigation to resolve them (with the exception of Block Chance) in a bid to add that little bit of polish to the game.
  8. Hi guys. You both mentioned that a slashing Jason lacks skill and/or talent. Care to shed some light on the skill/talent required to grab a counselor that differs from the lack of skill/talent to slash a counselor, please? I ask because the only difference I see is risk - risk of a counselor having a PK; getting saved by another counselor [grabbing] vs risk of getting stunned (pre-Rage); losing your mask [slashing]. As far as slashing rendering PK's and med sprays usless is concerned. That's not really the Jason player's problem. There are ways to counter a slasher: DON'T PANIC ATTACK. So many players start mashing the attack button that they miss Jason by a mile or their attack gets cancelled because they just ate another slash. Take a hit and then return one of your own if Jason is stunable (not in Rage). Go into combat stance and BLOCK. It'll normally grant some space between you and Jason when he strikes, allowing for you to run away. So many players, old and new, fail to block in this game. Blocking can also sometimes force a slasher into grabbing. Use your health spray to keep your HP high. Don't just use it when you're limping as it will be too late by then; especially against a +Weapon Strength Jason. IMO slashing is fair but boring as hell. The sweet visual of a cinematic kill is much more satisfying. I am a grabber first and foremost and even go as far as to look for the nearest environment kill once I have a counselor in my grasp. I've never slashed out an entire lobby, but there are times when I will slash to death without hesitation: When a good juking player has come back as Tommy (guaranteed PK). When counselors are ganging up on me and I need to block and slash in combat stance. When a counselor gets Pamela's sweater and Tommy is on the scene.
  9. Yes... Doing so isn't always because players are on a trolling mission but sometimes due to a hard fought effort, making the survival well earned. There are times when a full car escapes and 1 counselor misses out, so they won't be able to get repairs done with Jason now hot on their tracks. Some players who use fast counselors do play to help others by delivering parts to their objectives allowing for repair characters to get the job done, if not doing the repair themselves. Not to mention occasions where other players might hold on to parts for too long only to escape/be killed with the fuse, keys etc. and those items ending up right across the map. Should last-ditch survivors just give up so that the lobby isn't kept waiting and the fact they won't get any substantial XP for their efforts? As much as I play to escape first and foremost, Jason has to work for my blood. Taking into account the above, I think the XP rewards should be as follows: Survived The Night - 200 XP Escaped - 500 XP Defeated Jason - 1000 XP (awarded to those who contributed to the de-masking, sweater girl and Tommy. Other players get Survived The Night XP) As far as players playing not to escape and wanting to juke/troll Jason for the entire 20 minutes goes. Addional XP wouldn't necessarily encourage this behaviour as they are most likely already level 150 and couldn't care less about XP. Also, the Jason player needs to continue to improve their game so that the trolls learn the hard and sharp way.
  10. If counselor "sliding" is set to be patched, then please, please, please add Jason's counselor "abduction" to the investigation list also. It's an extremely cheap way to get easy kills and renders pocket knives (arguably a counselor's most resourceful utility in the game) utterly pointless when abducted into the water. Half-decent Jason exploiters can abduct counselors when they're climbing through a window, sitting in a car or trapped in a corner with ease. Hopefully patching it will in turn fix Jason's "ghost walking" exploit. Overlooking that abduction needs to be fixed in the next patch cycle will mean that the exploit will most likely remain in-game for a further year minimum, if fixed at all. Admittedly I use counselor sliding, BUT ONLY TO COUNTER TEAMERS, EXPLOITERS AND GLITCHERS ALIKE. However, I would ecstatically welcome the removal of sliding, as there are those who abuse it and I only wish to play fair. That said, a concerted clean up effort must be made on both sides to keep the playing field level.
  11. Cheers for letting me know. It is what it is, I suppose. Hopefully an increased chance at rolling Legendary and Epic perks event might happen in the near future.
  12. True, but I think it's a shame that many perks are counselor based due to how the perk algorithm works - high counselor stat gives high return on the perk value (for certain perks), which I know you already know. Anyway, MAA got nerfed heavily due to Chad being able to get half a dozen or so extra hits with a bat. But that wasn't remotely the case for low Luck counselors like, as you mentioned, A.J. who could actually benefit from an extra weapon hit instead of getting nothing. So clearly more thought was needed to find that desired balance for all counselors. But if @mattshotcha says that they won't be looking into it, then so be it.
  13. And that is exactly what I was eluding to by quoting what @mattshotcha had said to you about finding out where the balance sits, tweaking and tuning whatever necessary, and not being too subtle but not too heavy handed with the changes either. Because when the MAA perk (and Heavy Hitter) was nerfed they were definitely too heavy on it. And the same can even be said for Grease Monkey.
  14. I suppose. But it is definitely the '...allowing you to attack more before the weapon breaks' part of the perk that is of significance.
  15. @mattshotcha Sounds like the right thought process went into making the de-masking adjustment and hopefully the end result is the desired balance. Having said that, do you happen to know why the same chain of thought doesn't appear to have been taken when nerfs were made to perks like Man At Arms and Heavy Hitter? At present a max value Man At Arms perk (15%) only works for Tommy, Chad, Jenny and Victoria due to their high Luck stat. Therefore, the perk does not 'Increase weapon durability for all melee weapons, allowing you to attack more before the weapon breaks' (as per the perk's description) for all counselors. Similarly, a max value Heavy Hitter perk (15%) only increases stun duration by approx. 0.8 secs after it was nerfed heavily. Less than a second of additional stun time offers a counselor no real benefit at all, and less so if you are running a Poor level version. Is there any chance that the team will be looking into seemingly broken perks? Pyro also does not work as described. I know a total perk system revamp was put on the shelf many moons ago, and I also understand that there are more pressing matters at hand for the team to work on, but fixing broken perks is surely a matter of making a value adjustment with the same considerations that you outlined above, no? Or am I asking too much and all counselors were not meant to get an extra hit with a melee weapon and 0.8 secs extra stun duration is indeed the desired result?
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