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  1. This idea has merit, but some drawbacks at the same time. Allowing Jason to be unable to sense the last counselor would indeed give most players impetus to repair the car/boat/phone. I try to do this, provided Jason is not on my tail. But in actuality how many players that are left to last actually prioritise escaping? When playing as Jason I've searched every corner of a map, spamming Sense, only to have Rage Mode kick in and find out that the player was hiding in a tent with Heavy Sleeper and all the other sense avoidance perks on. Same thing can be said to when I've died as a counselor and had to wait it out while the last player continues to hide; as they had been doing all match. Nobody wants to see this for 10+ mins and most waiting players just simply leave the session. There are too many hiding spots - let alone behind open doors, between room furniture, edges of the map etc. - that most Jason's don't think to check and would make it impossible to check without his Sense ability. As for removing/reducing counselor pings - I'm all for this. This is the biggest assistance that teamers use to tell Jason or lead him to your exact location. As such, I think it would be cool if the ping was related to the walkie-talkie/radio, like a frequency/soundwave emission. That way everyone has the choice of whether or not they want to pick up a radio. And if they choose not to then they do so at the cost of not being able to communicate over long distances. Not many people use mics in the lobby anyway and teamers would hear you broadcasting your repair, escape or Jason kill plans. Plus, most groups of friends play in their own party chat. Alternatively, the pings on the map could be noise pings, similar to what Jason sees. Meaning if you don't talk on the mic then you don't show up on the map. So if you have a teamer in your game you can just mute your mic in a bid to hide yourself from them.
  2. Yeah, I read the following from the "Stalk is broken- FIX IT!!!!" thread... I know he said that he "personally confirmed it with an IllFonic dev," but could this have been rectified/patched since being confirmed a long time ago? Is there a link to any publicised information or testing with results that confirm this is actually a thing? Even though many of us Jason mains block (or should block) regularly, Block chance is not something we really pay attention to, I guess.
  3. Just as @DontZzz34 pointed out - you're not actually blocking at all. Both vids show that you're going into combat stance and that is it. In the second vid all Jason did was resist the stun from Buggzy but not from Vanessa. The sound Buggzy's hit makes and how Jason eats it is also different when blocked. I actually loaded Offline Bots to check before posting and there is a clear distinction between Jason blocking and him just being in CS. Jason drops his weapon hand slightly, his left hand goes across his chest and he lowers his head a bit to brace for impact. Your Jason does not do this in either vid. I also did a few RS, R1 combination presses and it seems that you're pressing R1 too quickly. Like @Seraphic King said, if you press R1/RB too quick when entering CS the Block won't register and can instead trigger your abilities for selection. Delay the R1 press after pressing the RS ever so slightly and you'll block just fine. Lastly, it is possible for Jason to still be stunned and/or demasked while blocking. This is especially true for Part 2, 5 and 6 as they have -Defense giving them a lower Block chance. Edit: I've read on another thread that -Defense is a broken stat. I've not tested it personally and, as such, only going by the 'Weaknesses' description in-game.
  4. I did think that but decided against it, as it just gives trolls/teamers one more item to hold on to, if they don't get the sweater first or come back as Tommy, to sabotage the kill.
  5. YES! 😃 This is something I'd also thought of. If no one picks the mask up after it being knocked off then Jason can put it back on. No only will it make counselors think twice about taking cheap shots through windows, but it will also give Jason more reason to hunt down counselors who do pick up the mask hoping to get into his shack undetected. Also, Jason putting his mask back on could reset his HP giving more importance to the mask whilst simultaneously making the Jason kill that little bit harder. Many kill squads don't even bother to pick it up after demasking him. Having said that, at this stage of the game's life cycle I doubt it will ever be implemented. Perhaps this topic can be moved to the suggestions section...?
  6. The video is showcasing the Jason player doing the teleport grab glitch. It's where he grabs the counselor and teleports them to a different area of the map in order to complete the kill uninterrupted, but in this case the counselor broke free. This technique is done using a very quick button press sequence so that Jason morphs immediately after the grab by utilising the Morph ability before the grab kill selection comes up, hence why the Jason player was spamming Morph - you can see the red dot in the centre of the map going up. It can also be done right out of Shift and is a very cheap, but useful, way to separate Tommy and the sweater girl when they are wanting to kill you. @Nibori This will probably never be fixed, or at least not any time soon. I mean, the roof glitch took over 2 years to resolve so don't hold your breath. I would assume this glitch to be far down the list of glitches behind environmental kills, car physics, random counselor/Jason selection, phone/CB radio animation interruption and everything else thereafter. Although stationary or animation locked counselors are a lot easier to do the glitch on, it is seldom used due to its level of difficulty to pull off.
  7. The fact that this stream was on the 15th and the patch was rolled out on the 12th makes it all the more shocking that @mattshotcha is still making reference to players having to "pop back onto the servers" and that they are "keeping an eye on it." Well it's been a week now. To whoever is "keeping an eye on it," now might be a good time to speak up and/or resolve it! I don't want to insult the team but I get a sense of Homer Simpson working at the powerplant when it comes to GM/Black Tower/IllFonic and this game. Anyway, I couldn't watch anymore of the video because it pains me to listen to the Switch conversations.
  8. Your video absolutely showcases what the vast majority of players (mostly in Europe) are experiencing right now. How can no one from the team not be acknowledging this?!?!?! Two nights ago I played 3 games in 4 hours. And last night I managed to play only a couple more than that due to getting into a lobby where the host didn't leave. Tbh I am pretty much done with this game and only persevere because of the friends that I have met. Whilst playing a private match is cool, it can become rather mundane as the group I play with are pretty proficient Jason killers. I prefer to play with randoms of different levels and skill but now, with the current state of the servers, I can't even do that. I remained silent for a week in hopes that normality would resume, but sadly I was wrong. How anyone actually paid full price for this game on the Switch without doing their homework is beyond me. EDIT: Also, how's this for a joke... "Let's give players a double XP, CP and tape drops event but less than half (if any) playing time." FML!
  9. It's clearly obvious what's going on here. A full on case of being pissed on and being told by @mattshotcha that it's raining. I work in IT and know 100% that an end-user update does not affect things server-side to this extent. Even a full database migration would only take hours at most to level out as tables are rebuilt. But this has been a week now! So one can only assume, and rightfully so, that Gun Media DID NOT invest in new servers for the Switch launch and that some EU servers were sacrificed to accommodate Switch users. If my assumption is wrong THEN PLEASE UPDATE ME! What's even more of a slap in the face is that there has been NO further correspondence regarding this ongoing problem since being told that "it's not an issue so much as an inconvenient delay. This will normalize in the hours to come." Nothing constructive has been provided on these forums (please show me where if I am wrong). Nothing on social media - Twitter/Facebook is just full of retweets/posts from Gun's loyal minions showing of their care packages ffs. But God forbid someone actually update us on the server problems. All I/we want is acknowledgement of the issue and an honest resolution date. Serious question: Do you actually not want us to play this game anymore? Prolonged glitches/game-breaking bugs are one thing - I mean, how sad is it that the F13 community has to say 'thank you' for getting a patch out that didn't introduce new glitches, lmfao - but preventing us from getting into a lobby/match speaks absolute volumes.
  10. @Ahab I'm just going to agree to disagree with you, because clearly we share different levels of expectations and opinions on what is acceptable from a product/service provider. I've posted what I've posted and you can take it or leave it. At the end of the day it is undeniable that the glitches in this game are game-breaking, and no other game I own has glitches to that extent. I just played Ultra Street Fighter IV GLITCH FREE!!! Definitely can't say the same for F13. When you kill a counselor, Jason's bread and butter, only for it to glitch out and they play on and end up escaping causing the entire lobby to have to sit and wait for the clock to run down, that is game-breaking! When you're escaping in the car and Jason flips it with a knife and you're left floating in orbit, that is game-breaking! And, now with the introduction of the no damage window glitch, when counselors can hurl themselves out of an upperfloor window repeatedly and survive the night, that is, you guessed it, game-breaking! Eventually enough has to be enough as the game is failing the very fans and franchise that it promised to strive to deliver for. I've posted my opinions here in the hope to strengthen the voice of the disgruntled fanbase and obtain some clarity on the situation. In doing so I've had a decent conversation with @OCT 31 1978 but still feel more hope than certainty that things will get better. Do I think throwing money at the issue will resolve it? Let's just say I believe that hiring the most competent team for the job is the answer and so far GM have been happy to drag their feet with the tried and trusted. Is Black Tower going to deliver? Well they worked briefly with IllFonic on F13 previously and have picked up the reins now that IllFonic have departed. But going by what I've seen so far I'm not convinced they are the best team for the job. There are games out there with a lot more complicated mechanics that do not contain game-breaking glitches. So perhaps a suggestion would be to bring in a more reputable dev team, change the game engine if it's that broken and get the desired results; I can dream. Black Tower definitely do not have an extensive games development CV - 1 PS3 game developed back in 2014 and some mobile games. But I would love for them to prove me wrong. P.S. I hope you're reading the comments others have directed towards you. We can't all be wrong.
  11. The Kickstarter total amount was calculated to finance exactly what it needed to. If you look at Gun Media's F13: The Game Kickstarter page it clearly states that the money raised would be distributed as follows: 10% Kickstarter fees and taxes 20% Rewards/Fulfillment 70% Game Development Therefore all the other possible costs that you mentioned would have been accounted for within the development allocation or by means other than the Kickstarter funds. This is not my maths, it's Gun Media's maths as per their campaign page. To reiterate - the Kickstarter money served its purpose in allowing Gun Media to release a fully developed and published F13 game. Maintaining the game (servers, updates, dlc's, patches etc.) will have to be funded from the income that the game makes (or by other investment) and I'm sure they knew this. In short, no. But I am a person who understands that to run a successful business you often need to reinvest heavily in your business in its infancy in order for it to give you the revenue that you are expecting in the long run. The longer you leave a bad product on the market the longer you affect its sales and your brand's reputation. So what GM made off the game is not entirely irrelevent. I'm not asking to know exact revenue numbers, because I can estimate that, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the game is in such a bad state that it will take a sizeable reinvestment to resolve; nothing to do with me asking them to. The game was released with game-breaking bugs that are still prominent to this day. Am I telling GM how to run their company? Not at all. But I am telling them that their product that I paid for is badly broken and they need to fix it! I'm also highlighting that they are failing to deliver on a product that THEY THEMSELVES promised to deliver to all fans' level of expectations, because there is only so long fans can remain quiet for. For some reason you are very hung up on wanting someone to tell you the name of a bug-free game. When in actual fact that isn't the point here. F13 is a game that has PROLONGED GAME-BREAKING BUGS, that most definitely should have been fixed long ago, not just the odd bug or 3. I can name you hundreds of games that might have intermittent or exploitable bugs, but do not have ANY game-breaking bugs. I can pick up any game in my collection and play online or offline without encountering any problems except for F13. The fact that players were dancing on the roof for 2 years is embarrassing for Illfonic as a game developer. The videos posted by @GhostWolfViking mocking Jason until the match end by jumping undamaged through broken windows is just shameful for GM as that is a newly introduced bug. No other game in my collection has introduced new bugs after an update that weren't there before. And you might claim to not be defending anyone, but it is obvious that you are, and that's your preogative. But when you make statements like... ...That is as warped of a statement that I've ever heard. If someone is in a position of expertise you expect them to deliver to a standard that you know they are accredited to. So if their expertise are of a high standard and they fall well short of what is expected then I will be in my right to criticise them until they correct it or find another expert who can deliver what is promised. If I could do a better job than the so-call expert then why would I need to go to an expert? All I expect to get is exactly what I am told I'm paying for. If GM want to give me my money back I'd happily take it and walk away.
  12. Money is a massive factor in any gaming or movie project. Whilst far from easy, a Kickstarter project is only as hard as the demands of the project itself. Having said that, Gun Media crunched the numbers and decided that they would need $700k to get this project to where they wanted/needed it to be. As such, backers successfully raised over $820k, thus money should no longer be an impacting factor. However, we all know hindsight is a wonderful thing and unforseen issues do occur which would mean that more money is required. This is why I previously mentioned in one of my other posts that F13: The Game went on to sell almost 2 million copies in its first THREE months alone (not to-date). So at $40 (release price) a pop I'll let you do the maths at how much Gun Media should now have to fine tune everything there is to in this game.
  13. For what it's worth I thought I'd just leave this here on the off chance that the big boys at the top see this or it gets back to them somehow... The biggest challenge is not screwing this up. Too many times we’ve seen gaming and movie franchises jump the shark or take a beloved character and throw them through the mud. We’re working on a game that demands a lot of horror and tension, but we’re giving players the control to create those scenarios. That’s a lot of balancing, that’s a lot of testing and that’s a lot of immersion and depth. The biggest challenge is that we do it right and that we deliver a title that lives up to the expectations of all fans. Know that we’ll always, always keep you in the loop. We will get this game done right. It is our passion project, and there is no way we will screw around with the most legendary horror icon in the history of film. With your help we will make the game ALL OF US have been waiting for… - Randy Greenback (Executive Director) This statement shows the initial intention but it's clear to see that it's yet to be delivered. Over 2 years of glitches is dragging Jason Voorhees and the F13 franchise through the mud. Not intermittent glitches, but game-breaking and frequent new glitches fall well below the expectations of all fans. Us fans would like to be kept in the loop in regards to future plans to circumvent these issues and realistic timescales, not just when the next patch release will be out and its accompanying notes. Jason being unable to kill a counselor due to glitches is screwing with his iconic stature and making him somewhat of a laughing stock. We, the fans, try to help not only by backing the project but by submitting glitches, cheaters, concerns, thoughts etc. but the longer the problems persist the longer ALL OF US still wait for "that" game.
  14. Thank you @OCT 31 1978 for your response. I have deliberated over it for some time and come to the conclusion that because there is no service-level agreement between Gun Media and the end-user (we play their product instead of using their service), we will have to accept that they will continue to "resolve" issues in their own manner, to their own standard, as per the Terms of Use agreement. Providing feedback can be helpful as long as it is constructively supportive and not over emotional, no matter the lengthy duration that we have been tolerating these ongoing issues, because we are all in the same boat. Also, placing blame or being apologetic are equally not required, as neither of those things will actually change how Gun Media choose to progress/regress on this project. And I guess I'll never know to what level Gun Media are prepared to use their resources to strive for excellence. Sorry to sound negative, but going by what I've seen so far, it was fun while it lasted.
  15. @OCT 31 1978 I have a few questions for you. From reading previous comments it became evident that the current issue with Jason obtaining Shift quicker than normal and the faster rate of cooldown did not derive from the changes made to the game's interaction code, but because of intentional changes made to the values that govern the Shift activation and cooldown rates. Intentional changes that were made by the devs for testing purposes but accidentally left in the live patch and pushed out to the public. So my question is, the game was broken by the negligence of the devs/testers, so at what point do you/the team/PR hold your/their hands up and actually issue an apology to not only the backers or the people who paid money for this game/dlc, but to anyone who continues to play this game despite its continued flaws? The likes of which should not be taking place at this stage of the games life cycle. The likes of which should not be tolorated when there are already more serious glitches that have persisted within the gameplay for OVER TWO YEARS, and we have been made to persevere with it all. This is what @ChaosLordWesker is refering to when he says that, that would not be acceptable in many places of work. Yet instead you and @Kodiak appear to want to chastise him into silence and accuse him of being toxic. I'm not saying that workers at Gun Media/IllFonic/Black Tower need to be made to walk the streets and shamed in public in order for everyone to be satisfied, but just some sort of indication that every single procedure is being taken to ensure a better game for us all and those who are not up to the standard are being held accountable. Secondly, after Jason's Shift ability issue was identifed, why was a patch not immediately released within 24 hrs to revert the values back to normal? I'm not saying to roll back the patch entirely but just to correct the values - Patch 1.341 if you will. Surely, minimalising the damage that the last patch has created is better than just leaving it in its current state, no? Is there even a hotfix planned? How about an update please? And thirdly, whilst we all understand that having a new team work on code that they did not write can be a strenuous task for any developer, why was this broken patch released when new issues had arisen? I understand that fixing the roof glitch was a big priority (and I am thankful), but surely not at the expense of introducing new bugs to the game. My point being that surely someone should have spotted that the patch was not ready for release and held it back until there was no knock-on effect with the interaction of other objects i.e. the no damage window and locking open doors glitches. And it is not an exceptable answer to say that the new interaction glicthes were not indentified before the patch release as that will only serve to highlight that very minimal testing was done and fail to preserve the integrity and validity of this or any patch, as seen thus far with the enviro kills glitch introduced last patch. These are not intermitent issues either. They can all be found with ease. So at what point do Gun Media say, "we cannot release another patch until it resolves exactly what we intend it to and without causing more problems than we already have," even if it takes months for Black Tower to destroy and rebuild the code and get it right? At this point in the game Gun Media no longer require kickstarter money. The game sold almost 2 million copies in its first 3 months alone. And surely those Nintendo Switch sales are a nice cash injection. So can you see the fans' frustration when it doesn't seem as if Gun Media are investing in a quality team or demanding excellence? I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions as it could help me (and possibly others) to understand the perspective of the team, and direction of this game, a lot better.
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