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  1. Yeah I've seen that. It seems like no matter what gets patched the glitchers/exploiters will always find a new way to do what they want. I won't be surprised if getting on the Packanack roof makes its way back into the game sometime soon. God help this game when support finally comes to an end.
  2. Most definitely. Technically a man's wrist can only be so efficient 😜🤣 But yeah, I've heard of players using a turbo controller to break out of grab super fast. And in worst case scenerio some cheaters use a CronusMax to script their controller so that 1 or 2 buttons can perform multi-button actions. But you would know for sure if you were up against one of those players because they'd be exploiting left, right and centre.
  3. Just so you know, the Escape Artist perk has been debunked in my Game Myths thread. The perk does not reduce button presses whatsoever. It only speeds up the rate at which the gauge autofils and NO ONE sits there waiting for the gauge to autofil. I even double checked the perk the other day while running it alongside a legendary Lone Wolf (5% bonus grab break) and deleted them both immediately afterwards.
  4. Bro, you're preaching to the choir. The floodgates opened for casuals once the game went on PS+/XBL/Steam sale. But as much as I agree with you, you're sort of going off on a tangent because everything I've stated is regarding the simplicity by which Rage was updated and completely hypothetical at this point. But that won't stop me from feeling that Rage mode could have been better implemented so it wasn't a cakewalk for Jason and a death sentence for noobs. Hell, I even said that Jason should get short-term Rage from the get-go to stop Crystal Lake gangs from trying to score an early beatdown, thus forcing players to focus on objectives from the start. Anyway, normally I've stayed away from this particular topic, and the whole "Jason should be an unstoppable beast" thing, because it's such an opinionated area and it seems I am being slightly misconstrued.
  5. Cheers buddy. I too don't have a problem with Rage per se. I liked it from day one. I guess, as Jason, it just feels like driving an automatic after handling a manual shift - the motions are the same but you actually don't have as much control as you'd like and less to worry about. I think all Jason players admittedly experience a moment of relief once they hear Pamela laugh and see that red Rage meter when going up against decent players. It's a massive momentum shift. And yes, I understand that players should be done and dusted with objectives before Jason gets that far, but this isn't always the case as new players learn the game or crap players just waste time. Doing objectives can also be a pain in the arse on maps like Jarvis House and counselors can't always be blamed for not pulling their weight on that one. Totally agree that scoping out the lobby is a must. If I see a bunch of low level Vanessas or Buggzys then I pull out the A.J. or Debs. And poor Tommy is probably, no definitely, the most slashed player in the game, ha ha. I guess that's why they added that he can still stun Jason option in private matches. Furthermore, I've watched some big YouTubers (over 2m subs) upload around 150 F13 gameplay vids and they still make the same basic mistakes. Not everyone can master the learning curve of this game no matter how experienced they are. To many of us it's a simple game to master, but that definitely isn't the case for the majority of QP casuals. Having the best perks, knowing all the item and objective spawn locations, knowing each Jason's strengths and weaknesses off by heart, managing damage by knowing all various HP cost are just some of the things hardcore players take for granted.
  6. Because, as I mentioned already, once Jason is in Rage I find it too easy. I'm not saying what I'm saying from just a counselor player's perspective. I'm saying it from a Jason player's too; as is the OP. I actually prefer playing as the masked man. See previous post below.
  7. Right right. I do all that too, my friend. I'll attempt a PK-stun car start with my 3 Luck Fox; protect the phone fuse box; solo call the cops after letting off firecrackers (hoping Jason waits until he thinks they have finished only to get stunned in his haste). I will also always attempt to repair the car as the last counselor left. Running out the clock is the last resort but I'll do that too. I've even been told that I wasted everyone's time as the lobby had to watch me survive the night. Salty mofos, lol.
  8. No doubt. But QP is a very mixed fruit bowl and I won't be signing up for leagues or tournaments anytime soon. I'm very much an 'as and when' type of player of this game. And I definitely know not to shoot Jason for no reason and I'm more than happy to use my PK on traps for the greater good 😊
  9. And I totally get that. Which is why I was all for the Rage change when it happened. But as I said, from a Jason player's perspective it's all too easy once Rage kicks in. I don't know about you but I would still like a bit of a challenge past the 10 minute mark. Also, as a counselor, making Jason still prone to stuns might mean that I can still repair an objective as the last player left if everyone else was too busy showing how bad they can dance to the radio.
  10. Yeah, I'd definitely rather have Rage the way it is now compared to a bunch of Chads tryna get candy out of Jason. But I'm also advocating for a reduced stun for Rage J from a Jason player's perspective too. As mentioned in my initial post, once Jason is in Rage it becomes all to easy in QP. So giving the player something more to think about would keep them on their toes a little. Does that counselor have a flare gun if I burst into that cabin? Does that couselor have firecrackers as I prepare to slash them before they escape to the cops? All Rage J needs to worry about right now are pocket knives and the odd shot gun or 2. Not even med sprays help that much against a slashing Rage J... Just ask Tommy, lol. This also adds to why exploiters use spray cancel.
  11. The change of Rage mode - making Jason immune to stuns - will always be deemed as a quick band-aid fix to an irritating problem... Jason gangbang parties. Whilst a solution was much needed, there was very little thought put into its execution. As it stands, if you are a counselor playing with other players who are not getting any objectives done, then you will most likely end up dead. And although that might make sense in the small scheme of things, the bigger picture is that no one wants to lose the game through no fault of their own. Just like not everyone wants to stun Jason just to sit on his face. And even when playing as Jason I feel that Rage mode makes it all too easy for me to stop trying as hard, and as such I always approach counselors in blocking stance just so I can goad them into hitting me until their weapon breaks in order to bump up my Rage meter that little bit faster. Therefore a few things that I would hypothetically alter in regards to Rage mode are as follows: Firecrackers and flare guns should still be able to stun Jason but for a much shorter period when in Rage. Something along the lines of Jason playing out the hit animation minus the period of time where he remains frozen stiff. It will also give more use to these items. When Jason is hit after grabbing a counselor he should also perform the hit animation. This will allow the counselor to actually move away safely. We have all been in scenerios where Jason just keeps repeatedly grabbing a counselor until the saving counselor's weapon breaks. This is something I've thought a little bit about - something the devs didn't appear to do. There should be two types of Rage modes for Jason: Ultimate (unstunable) Rage mode which should be only be available in the last 7 minutes of a match (becoming active at the 13th minute). If the match has lasted over 13 minutes then the Jason player clearly needs the buff. Then there is Early Rage mode which should be available from the start. Early Rage has its own gauge and can be triggered for a temporary duration at any point within the first 13 minutes if Jason receives several hits or damage from counselors in quick succession - similar to the stun gauge in Street Fighter V. This is somewhat of a 'now I'm pissed off' reaction. Early Rage will be available for 60 secs at a time and can be triggered repeatedly if counselors proceed to resume their attemps at gangbanging Jason. There is also no audible or visual cue (Pamela's laugh or Jason's red mask) for counselors for Early Rage. This style of implementation is to obviously protect Jason from being a piñata but at the same time give a chance to counselors who only want to stun Jason in a bid to escape him or gain some stamina back. Most of the time it's too easy for Jason players to clean up in QP and one of the main reasons why no one sticks around when they see a level 150 has been selected as him. It will also require more stratigic thinking from kill squads IMO, making attacking Jason that little bit more methodical and the kill feel that little bit more earned. Of course there is the issue of teamers pushing Jason into Early Rage, albeit for a minute at a time. But the fact that there is not separate queues for counselors and Jason, to avoid friends being in the same public lobby, is where the real problem of teamers stems from - an adjustment IllFonic made with Predator: HG.
  12. Wow. IF that is true, it's totally not cool and toxic to the highest degree. Worse than rock-glitch exploiters tbh... I can only assume there is a logical reason for doing so.
  13. Yes, the flare gun being popped off is the most logical reason Jason shows up well across the map from time to time. I know that even if Jason is not in line of sight of the counselor or the flare, firing the flare gun inside a cabin still works to spot him anywhere outside as long as he is close. So I would image it would work the same the other way around (from outside if he's inside), but I'll give it a try later tonight. At 1:21 you can see that Jason is looking slightly up from the cabin and not directly into the window, but I will confirm definitively with no windows around. Edit: Tested and can confirm that Jason can still be spotted using the flare gun if he is inside a cabin and the flare was released outside. Also confirmed that Jason does not need to have line of sight of the flare in order to be spotted.
  14. To expand on this, do you know if Jason was seen (line of sight) by a counselor in, say, Blairs Cove, would he show on the map for another counselor in, say, Evergreen Camp? Saw this being discussed on Reddit and there didn't seem to be a definitive answer. But I do know there are incidents were Jason would appear on the map even though he was nowhere nearby. Just not sure why that was.
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