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  1. That's fair enough... I suppose. Guess I'll continue to leave F13 on the shelf for now and wait patiently to see how Gun's next game unfolds. All the best ✌️
  2. It really is a shame that this workaround hasn't been deployed across all platforms. I stopped playing the game on PS4 several months ago due to inevitably becoming fed up with joining back-to-back-to-back lobbies where inconsiderate hosts would end matches without consequence. That being said, seen as Gun were unable to/chose not to take measures (such as implementing host migration) to ensure that a P2P setup wouldn't disrupt gameplay too heavily back when the dedicated servers were decommissioned, surely someone on the dev team is able to see that the ability to opt to be host would benefit matchmaking for console and PC players alike, no? I'm sure adding the option to host has even been suggested multiple times within this forum. At present players who quit as host don't actually choose to be host in the first instance. So to some extent if a player doesn't want to stick around after they die, you could say it's their prerogative. Yes they can back out of the lobby every time they are selected to host, but that too is a bit of an unnecessary process when all you want to do is get into a game asap. Also, I am fully aware of how to become host on PS4 as things stand, but hosting a lobby is not ideal for everyone due to the ridiculous drop in framerate, which I can safely assume won't be optimised now that support has all but completely ceased. So my question is: Is this workaround something that could be rolled out to consoles in order to increase the chances of players finding a lobby with a host that knows what being host actually means? Of course trolls will always be trolls and salty players will still up and leave, but that's just part and parcel of P2P gaming without host migration. But even I have been willing to persevere through poor framerates just to play full matches on numerous occasions back in the day. Additionally, do you not agree that this update across all platforms could also serve as a preventative measure should the hackers find a way to attack the console versions of the game in the future? There have been occurrences such as the connection timeout issue quite a few months back.
  3. As I somewhat guessed, the difference of opinions comes from perspectives based on levels. I assumed that you may be coming from the perspective of a red rank because, let's be honest, to get to red rank you have to really put in a serious effort. And yeah, I've seen and heard about many red rank players ending up feeling entitled. Not that I think you are being entitled btw. But from how I described that my friends and I play - we go in to win but also like to have fun with it - this means we generally hover around purple rank (as a collective). And that basis leads to my point about Myers... With the right add-ons he can be considered strong from an overall standpoint. A lot of casuals struggle with his 0 terror radius, with or without Spine Chill. And more importantly, a lot of casuals don't know how to loop flawlessly or avoid getting stalked. Think of what I'm saying from the same point of view where you had once said that Sneaky is a top tier perk in F13. Whilst a casual or perk variation player might be able to get the most out of Sneaky, competitive players would never even dream of using it. So I guess if we are talking about high level play, then The Blight is probably more of a viable paid killer due to his fast movement giving him great map control and the ability to end chases quickly. Also, it's funny that you actually mention the "competitive" community because I recall you were also of the understanding that in general F13 is not played at tournament level in QP. Well I believe DbD to be the same. It just has a ranking system that F13 could have very much benefited from having too. I definitely wouldn't call DbD's perk choice limited. It is just the players at red rank who end up limiting themselves in order to win at all costs, but Corrupt does eliminate the problem of 3 gens getting done within the first 2 mins. And I know exactly what you mean about comp players/streamers. I recently watched a vid of a rank 1 player who got annoyed because a survivor brought a key into the match. Then he got abuse from that same player at the end because he tunnelled and killed him, lol. They both felt justified in what they did, and that's the kind of crap I'm referring to when I mention entitled players. No one likes to lose cheaply and no one likes being tunnelled, but hey, it happens. I hear that. DbD is best when you take a light approach to it. I mainly play SWF and don't see myself becoming over-invested anytime soon, but cheers for the advice. However, I'd still say it is worth it for horror genre gamers to take the time to learn, as it is actually better than I initially thought it was going to be.
  4. This is now off topic, apologies for that. But as someone who has somewhat moved over to DbD (due to the lack of being able to consistantly play and complete a match or even roll perks on F13) I felt compelled to address most of the points raised below.
  5. Can't say I've had many disconnections at the loading screen. If it does happen, then the game pretty much fails to load for everyone. As mentioned before, the game is pretty forgiving with bad internet connections/high ping, which is why PC trolls can lag switch the game almost to a standstill. Similar to when the hackers first DDoS'd the game last year; you could load a game but couldn't interact with anything. But yeah, I hate it when I bluescreen in the middle of a showdown knowing the other player will think they got the better of me when they actually didn't. I can take my L's just fine. Yes, a 150 host from my region (Europe) is definitely the dream. But seen as I always connect to US players due to the times that I play, I have to lower the bar quite a bit. And I've definitely had that moment when I kill a Vanessa player first, check the player status screen, and my heart sinks because they were the host, lol. Something like this happened to me once - I had the Firecracker perk equipped but did not start with any. Even after I reselected it, it still didn't work. So I moved it to a different perk slot and it was working again. This made me paranoid about other perks that you can't see (like Sense avoidance perks) not working, so I just reshuffled all my perk slots on all my counselors to make sure they were all refreshed. My only explanation for this is that you get 3000 CP every time you re-roll level 150. So that might well explain where it came from. Yep, it is a lot more of a common problem now. A work around is to go into a private match and you will see the newly rolled perk has popped up. You can continue to roll perks there until it errors again, and then go back to the main menu and roll perks under the Customize option until it happens again. Very tiresome process when you have over 100k CP to burn through.
  6. @mattshotcha. Has something changed in the back-end recently, specifically in regards to rolling perks? I've recently noticed that when rolling or deleting perks, after the third or so time, the game will give the following error: "Error updating perks: Too many requests." regardless of how long I wait between rolls/deleting. Once that happens perks cannot be deleted (if a new one was rolled) or no more perks can be rolled (if a perk was just deleted). Now you suggested to "take a beat" but it would seem that even counting 10 Mississippis between actions is not long enough. Therefore the error message that was incorporated to prevent the game from locking up is not a fully viable solution if it activates no matter what and the perk system locks up. And should you persist to try and roll or delete perks, the game will remove all your CP and perks and reset your level back to 0. Thankfully this is only a temporary bug and you can get around it by refreshing the connection to the server by going into a private match. This also allows you to start rolling/deleting perks again. But obviously it makes perk rolling an awfully drawn out and extremely painful process. Any help at all?
  7. Hey dude. Connection timeouts are either of the two - dropped connection to host (issue your end) and dropped connection by host (issue host's end). Back when there were still dedicated servers I wanted to find out how grab-quitters were leaving the game so fast once they were grabbed, so I ran some tests with a friend in public lobbies while I was party host. I found that if you left the match via the game's menu then you (and your party) would leave instantly - top rage quitters really have that muscle memory down to perfection *smh*. But if you left the game by pulling out the ethernet cable or closing the application/turning off your PS4, then your counselor (and your party) will remain in the game for a short period while the server tries to re-establish your connection. So now that we are on P2P the same structure is in place, whereby if the host leaves via the menu you will get the "You were kicked: Host has left the game." message. But if the host closes the application or turns off their console then you will run around unable to interact with anything, followed by the "Connection timed out!" message. I've recently managed to confirm this a few times by asking other players that I was in a match with (but not in a party) if they dropped out too, and they had, so I know for sure it wasn't anything on my end. Therefore connection timeouts are a result of the host leaving the match without going via the menu, intentionally or not. Also, the game allows for your ping to go well into the 900's without booting you out, so you or the host would need to have a really badly interrupted internet connection for everything to be fine one minute then get disconnected the next. Other games like DbD have a much lower ping threshold to avoid extremely high in-game latency issues, regardless of their dedicated servers. Nevertheless, I don't doubt that you've noticed that connection timeouts are more apparent when the host has died. And that, my friend, is the actual reflection of how salty the the player base has become post dedicated servers. But you are spot on that the best fix for this problem would be to bring back dedicated servers, but we all know that ain't happening. Alternatively, host migration would go some way to fixing the problem but apparently that couldn't be done by the team without a total infrastructure rework. As such, the approach I've adopted is never to stay in a lobby if the host is below level 20 (it's not a guarantee they'll stick around, considering how little levels mean now, but it does make for less headache). And I would host matches myself but the game's framerate when hosting is just too poor to be worthwhile.
  8. This kinda says it all. If Jason was in Rage, then driving off was perfectly valid as saving the other guy would have most likely been futile. But if J was not raging and, like you say, you could have made the save, then choosing not to can be considered a dick move IMO. Granted, getting the hit on Mr. V can be a bit shitty at times - your weapon will frequently whiff right through him after he pulls someone out the car - but the save can more often than not be done successfully if you delay your attack. Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all, I say. My top reasons for leaving on my own or rejecting players trying to get in my car are as follows: If the feds are on the way and I'm in the 2 seater AND other players are not easily reachable on my way to an exit. I'll always go out my way to pick up passengers if I'm in the 4 seater (which is more so the case), cops or not. If I beep the horn a few times but the other players would rather continue to fight Jason or dance to Summer of Heat on the radio. If a Jommy Tarvis player is trying to hitch a ride while there are counselors that would be left behind. My biggest pet hate after teamers! If a player has blatantly done nothing all match, especially if they've been hiding under a bed the whole time, and come running once they hear the engine start. GTFOH! Nah, a banter honk is cool. It's the driving up and down the main road while holding the horn that is more of a troll. If I'm Jason and I get honked at it's because Morph put me in some obscure spot or I messed up my Shift and just have to accept it. But it's definitely sweet catching honkers just when they thought they got away.
  9. The uploader of this vid actually claimed to have stumbled across it when trying to spray cancel. But unfortunately there are people who play to win by any means necessary, even if it means throwing all sense of fair play out the window. They will find any excuse to justify their actions. E.g. "Jason came after me instead of the other guy" or "Jason tried to slashed me and that's a cheap move." Both bullsh*t excuses but totally feasible to the exploiter. If Jason was teaming or using exploits of his own, then it might be a bit more justified because they're giving him a taste of his own medicine. But it becomes more concerning when players take the approach of, "I do it because the game allows for it" or "Someone done it to me so now I do it too." And this is exactly how the roof glitch, car knifing, weapon sliding, spray cancelling and the "infinite" pocket knife glitch all gained traction within the game. At this stage of the game I highly expected as much. I suppose I was just putting it out there for what it's worth. Nevertheless, I will say that it is not as situational as it seems. All a player needs to do is start with the Hypo and Medic perks (the meta), jump through a window and they are good to go right off the bat. Experienced players know where the med spray spawns are on most maps and will stack them accordingly. They may not get the luxury of freely conserving stamina when navigating the map from this glitch, but as long as they can evade Jason's Shift they'll be content. And throwing knives are rendered useless as the damage they receive plays right into the hands of the exploit. Also, I do have video footage from Jason's perspective that can be provided if required. The teleportation is EXACTLY the same as when done with a weapon. The thing is, there are guys in this forum who can vouch for this being a problem, as they have offered to address every glitch and exploit in the game with Gun. But instead these issues are left to fly under the radar simply because they are not plaguing the game at present. So by the time these type of glitches do flood the game it'll be too little too late; especially now that support has virtually ended. And IMO this one will become more frequent amongst the player base due to how OP it is and it being a direct replacement for weapon sliding. A simple remapping of the PlayStation controller buttons (not sure about Xbox's functionality) and square or R3 can be moved so that the glitch can be done with relative ease. But yeah, however you guys wish to proceed, or not, is understandable. It must really suck to feel like fighting a constant battle with this game.
  10. Apparently SPRAY SLIDING is now the (not so) new weapon sliding!!! 😩 Did hope that by patching spray cancelling it would have removed this as well, but I guess not. I don't doubt it'll be long before it starts to catch on and become more rife in a similar fashion to how weapon sliding did. Only saving grace being that the counselor must be injured to use a spray and they will inevitably have a limited number of med sprays - up to 6 max with Medic... Until they find more spray cans, that is. Here is a clip of spray sliding from the counselors perspective. From Jason's perspective the counselor is spraying up as normal, but then teleports from their spraying spot to wherever they have actually ran to by the end of the healing animation, hence the whiffed grab and slash by the Jason player. @mattshotcha do you think you guys will be able to nip this in the bud before it becomes more widespread? Granted it is not an unlimited resource, but it definitely can be a game changer if damage is purposely controlled and sprays are managed properly.
  11. Jason's abilities stats here. Some may require updating. Added: Customisation Points (CP) awarded to players is derived at 10% of the Experience Points (XP) they earn from matches played.
  12. Yes, but not according to the in-game description of the ability. And highlighting these anomalies has always been the purpose of this topic from the day I created it. In-game text: "Increased/Decreased Sense duration and range." It doesn't even mention cooldown or recharge. So if Gun Media were capable of cleaning up basic text in the game, then quite a few of these quibbles, like this one, wouldn't even need to be pointed out.
  13. A positive or negative Sense ability does not increase or decrease Sense duration for all respective Jasons, as per the in-game Strengths/Weaknesses description. Sense as a strength, neutral or weakness ability provides several Jasons with varying active durations, and is mostly irrespective of those that have the same corresponding Sense ability. However, the cooldown for each Sense variation remains consistent. +Sense: Part 7 - Active duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Part 6 - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Neutral Sense: Part 2, Part 4 and Part 5 - Active duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Part 9 and Savini - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. -Sense: Part 8 - Active duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Part 3 - Active duration: 12 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  14. @mattshotcha I'm sorry, but the subject of "tagging you" is definitely six of one, half a dozen of the other. Firstly, do you honestly believe that tagging YOU so that WE can get an update as to what is happening with YOUR (Gun Media's) game is what it should take for a Lead Community Dev to update the community on THEIR official forum? If that Reddit user didn't make that post about your account, you wouldn't have responded leading to info about the supposed hotfix being escalated into a full patch. What about the common decency of showing some initiative and providing the player base with that information of your own accord in an official capacity? I saw your Reddit comment before it was posted here by chance (i'm not a frequent Reddit user) and the first thing I thought was, "shouldn't that info be posted on the official forum?" Instead your last comment relating to the follow up patch was 30th November (from my observation) and without that Reddit post we were still very much in the dark, so to speak. I'm sure you are fully aware how much the guys on here adore the game and have been waiting with bated breath to hear something about the proposed fix to the last pitiful patch attempt (lets call a spade a spade), and not only did it fail as far as exploits go but also added new glitches. In a nutshell, the last patch dropped damn near FOUR months ago and we were last told about a hotfix around that time and nothing more. Do you see where I'm coming from? Do you see where tyrant666 is coming from if you look past the preceived "misrepresentation"? Secondly, irrespective of being tagged, I've seen that you still navigate these neck of the woods because you locked a topic just the other day for regurgitating old conspiracies, and you weren't even tagged in the latest conversation that caused you to do so. On the 26th January TimDuke 01 created a topic solely to ask if there is anything being done about the hacking on PC. He named you but didn't tag you so got no response from you. So which is it - tag you or take shots at you/GM to get a response (rhetorical sarcasm for the purpose of emphasis btw). Why is it that you couldn't take that same energy when locking the topic mentioned above to address the community's concerns about the indefinitely pending patch and the hackfest posts that were made as far back as December (within the last patch notes)? If it was because Black Tower were fighting a losing battle, then just say. We'd always appreciate the upfront honesty. You say that you've responded to tags, but does quoting you not work just as well? Personally I get notifications from posts I'm quoted in, and I ask this because on the 12th January in 'Patch Notes - 11.10.2020' your 30th November statement about the team working on an update patch was quoted with a question asking if there is "any news on this patch?" To which there was no response from you, Matt. So what are we supposed to think when there is no proactive update, intervening updates or a response to direct quotes from you pertaining to the massive elephant in the room? It really shouldn't take negative comments, whether they be on here, Reddit or any other forms of social media, to get information on F13 that you know we desire. And I am fully aware that it doesn't always take negative jabs to get a response from you. But you have to acknowledge that your silence on the status of the game since just after the last patch dropped has spoken volumes. Please direct me to any topics/posts where you have fully addressed these matters, in case I may have missed it, and I will concede accordingly. So with all that being said, are you able to expand on your Reddit post/response to Redcat345 in regards to details of what the next patch release will entail, including projected release date? Surely there must be a lot more going on under the bonnet for it to become a full patch, even if it's not to fix the shitshow (because that's what it is) on PC, right? And please don't read this as me being heated or full of hate towards you personally or Gun. I'm just being real and direct, because that is how I like people to deal with me. P.S. I really hope you guys remove/fix Jason's combat stance delay that was introduced last patch. I see what the team tried to do, but it was not the answer. Trying to initiate a quick block, block>grab, and especially a block>slash is next to impossible, especially with the more common 200+ ping players like myself experience now.
  15. Blocking serves to reduce damage received from Jason's heavy (or light) attack by 50%. I've added a variation of this statement to the facts list.
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