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  1. Seems like a common mistake lmao This is the 2nd time it's happened. It's all good though, forums can be confusing to people who aren't used to it before I suppose.
  2. Miss a chance to get slaughtered by Jason? I would never!
  3. Thanks! Enjoying it already!
  4. @Slasher_Clone Yeah, I usually play her for her stealth. It's just on big maps like Pack that you have a lot of windows to jump out of and avoid Jason as Vanessa and you can distract for a long time enough for your teammates to get shit done so you can leave. Also, yeah, I've always tried to focus on the blue car, it's my go-to for escaping. Rarely do I ever fuel up the yellow car unless I know survivors are already in a bad spot and I predict that "By the time we get this car done, we'll only have 2-3 people alive". I don't like ditching teammates (though, they seem to love ditching me). Also, what's the perk for "LightFoot"? I don't think I've ever got it. Or at least, if I have, I've never gotten a good version of it (4-6), if I haven't, it means I throw it out, I throw all perks that are > 4 because I've gotten a lot of credits and I want to get good perks. I have 5 level 6 perks, which is pretty nice, though, they are all not for what I want them to be for, lol. P.S. I've worked with these forums before, I know how to tag, just honestly forgot that some people don't check forums sites unless tagged, mentioned, etc. (Because I always check up on forums from time to time). Now, off-topic since this was posted. @Nique2383 You posted this in the wrong place. This is my page I just made to say hello to everyone here. But, I can't really answer the 9 GB update as I only play on PC, and I haven't seen any updates in at least a while (While thinking of it, I actually don't remember seeing any updates, ever). Though, it shouldn't be much of a big deal to download a 9 GB update. Do you not have enough space on your hard-drive? When's the last time you played?
  5. Thanks! I play as A.J. Mason in most of my games. Though, I've seen a more hardcore strategy used with Vanessa Jones, and I might end up switching to that when I get the proper perks. Seems like it may suit me better to win more games and get around more efficiently like I've been wanting to do for awhile now.
  6. My name is Zero (Had to use Zero03 on forums since Zero is taken ). I've been playing Friday the 13th for a good month or two now, and I've come to the forums to address a few of my concerns with the proper people. Thought it'd be nice to give a proper intro to everyone who looks here as well. I've been in multiple online communities, one of which I am currently heavily involved in. I spend a lot of time fixing server issues and looking into bugs, and I thought I might be able to help out here too, if I'd be allowed to do so.
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