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  1. Hiding in closets, sleeping bags, under beds, or in tents has the potential to evade Jason's sense ability. If you're in a house / cabin, under a bed, and Jason uses sense there's a chance that the house / cabin you're in won't highlight. When I hear that first Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma and I'm in a cabin, I either just start stealthing like crazy or hit the nearest hiding place. You give it about ten seconds, and then go about your business. Jason should have picked up on somebody else, or had to make a guess if nobody popped positive for sense. It's not a guarantee, but it is helpful. The hiding places are NOT primarily to get you away from Jason if he's on your tail. They're best at keeping you off his radar to begin with. If he's on your tail, you better break line of sight and get some distance - running one room over and ducking under a cot isn't going to fool anybody.
  2. And then, there was that awkward moment when nobody cared. Anyhoo, the game launches early next year; you shouldn't have to wait too terribly long for your definitive answer. Presumably, they'll have to start locking things in stone pretty soon to keep the schedule.
  3. Only Councilors in line-of-sight or VOIP range should show up on the map. Otherwise, other players' locations should be as big a mystery as where Jason's at. It should cut down on the hero factor when a councilor isn't sure if help is within spitting distance.
  4. Just throwing this out there, but I find it pretty encouraging that the hottest point of contention is how Jason runs. I mean, if that's really what's bothering people then the game must be pretty GD solid.
  5. I think they've said that PC will have the option of controller or Keyboard + Mouse.
  6. Search Laphin Hyena on youtube, I think he's already got one up.
  7. Today's update is live! Let's go check out the tool shed! My knot chart, so far ...
  8. My two cents, Ben? What about a virtual cabin-alike placed outside the play-map bounds in which players could spectate the rest of the match on the TV, or play party games with other dead councilors? The load, I would hope, wouldn't be any greater than Time-0 with all living councilors, and teams could stick together from match to match much easier instead of match hopping right after death.
  9. This! Dead councilors shouldn't be able to spectate Jason's POV and Jason shouldn't render for them until the councilor they are spectating has Jason in camera.
  10. Looks guys, there is no one correct height for Jason. The guy's mass has fluctuated more than Kirstie Alley's (international readers, don't worry if you don't get the reference - it's not F13th related). The tallest he's ever been is when he was played by the 6'7 Ken Kirzinger In Freddy vs Jason. Looking at the door frame that Jason busts through in the pre-alpha teaser, this may be the scale they're going with, putting the councilors in the mid-to-high fives. That being said, the councilors are all the same height so the same animation skeleton and animations can be used for all the councilor meshes (polygonal forms) without much fuss. Even small increases / decreases in proportion can invalidate an animation - which, at the very least, means painstakingly tweaking every single one by hand (time consuming) or simply recording entirely separate mocap by height (expensive). In short, ask yourself if you can live with these little annoyances if it means that the game comes out no later than November. I know I can.
  11. If that's the height, it ain't changing now. They've set up their animation pipeline with a very specific scale and interaction reference in mind and, even if IK could make up some of the difference, then scaling up even an inch or two could invalidate all the work they've done so far just on the kills alone. I'd say, go look at the Kane Hodder mocap videos and see how he stacks up against his other actors. I'm guessing you might just see a significant difference. Has it been exaggerated? Perhaps, but there probably isn't any going back now.
  12. I'd heard (like a year ago) that they were investigating some new hair processes / shaders for UE4. Though, looking at the head councilor's hair, I don't think it's been implemented. At a guess, currently the hair is just a series of layered planes with alpha'd textures applied to them. Though, I could be wrong.
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