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  1. This window bug was there since I started to play (2 weeks ago). I'm on PC so, thankfully, we haven't got the patch yet. But this bug was there that'as a fact. I was not even sure it's a bug, I thought that happened simply when the counselors get too scared. But also sometimes I experienced my counselor running weirdly when I wasn't holding the run key, this window bug behaves exactly like the run key is stuck, but not in a physical way... just a game bug, either this or fear... but weird anyway.
  2. Yellow filter and high contrast, not fun to watch, however now I just spectated a match where they killed Jason in front of his cabin, just like show in the video, there was no yellow filter, and I could move the camera around, it was much better to see
  3. I found this very interesting video, and I didn't find it in the forums... so I wanted to share: Victor Miller's interview about the Friday the 13th movie(s), game and lawsuit
  4. This game made me want to re-watch the Friday the 13th movies, and I wrote a review for the first one. It starts like this; "I'm currently enjoying playing Friday 13th the game. They had meticulously reconstructed Camp Crystal Lake from scratch and it looks and feels just perfect, and It's full of movie props as well. It really gives you the feeling that you are in a Friday 13th movie. Either are you playing as the unstoppable Jason or the counselors, the experience is indeed very cinematic and gory. I was once a big fan of the Friday the 13th movies, the ones I saw on TV in those dark summer nights. I don't remember them very well, more like a blur with a few pictures. Well, a lot of time has passed since I watched them, so I decided it's would be interesting watch them again. Perhaps with different eyes this time." Friday the 13th (1980) The Friday the 13th saga starts off with teenagers, camp counselors that just came to spend some fun summer time at Camp Crystal Lake. They heard the ramblings of an old man, but little did they know about the sad stories about that place, or the danger they were about to face. Friday the 13th, the whole series puts a lot of emphasis on the element of surprise on its victims, and that's also one of its major strengths. Now, while the first movie, for apparently a lot of people is the best of the series, I have to strongly disagree with this. True, it had a nice atmosphere and Camp Crystal Lake is indeed a unique and eerie setting for a special franchise. The actors also did a good job when it came to just talking, they did a really good job, but the action and kill scenes for the most part felt pretty cheesy, and at times not very realistic. Some kills were done off-screen too. Also that awful slow-motion effect they used a couple of times felt totally out of place. Perhaps it was cool and a novelty in the '80s, but now... What can i say, I'm not sure this movie aged so well, also it didn't feel that scary at all. The music score in my opinion felt a bit excessive at some points. The iconic creepy sound effect "ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma" or "ch-ch-ch ha-ha-ha" as some may say, a sound that every horror buff knows, was also faster, definitely different from what they used in the sequels, but that is not a bad thing. Just thought I should mention. I liked the story from start to finish. The story along with the overall atmosphere were easily the best parts of the movie, IMO. It's a good idea, but kind of trashy movie, I didn't remember it like this. What I remember about the Friday 13th franchise instead is indeed the unstoppable Jason Voorhees, but he's practically /Spoiler Alert/ absent in this first movie./Spoiler Alert/ So I am excited to go forward, or should I say, down on the memory lane re-discovering the saga of one of my favorite horror icons. Actually Jason IS my favorite horror icon when it comes to unstoppable serial killers. Now it begins. A.Serenity
  5. I love this song, perhaps more JP's songs would fit the game, The Ripper and Night Crawler quickly come to mind. Amazing band all around!
  6. Sorry for the necro, but I think this is an interesting thread. I have a courage-inducing song for the Counselors, sounds very appropriate from the game and it's from 1985 Also, Sinergy did an amazing cover:
  7. Exactly! We need this. I'm not too kin on the idea of having 3rd person perspective for the driver, because then it could be too easy... actually if the passengers would be able to look behind, that would be really great.
  8. Lol, this is hilarious, keep posting the videos guys, I don't care if others posted them already, cause I'm seeing them for the first time.
  9. Oh guys thanks for linking cool videos, now I need to watch them I can't take Summer of heat as a serious song, but I love it. It adds some kind of twisted humor to the game 'cause it sings about love and a summer of heat while, Jason is out on the loose killing everyone. And it's so '80s, ... a great element of contrast and comedic relief. All the best things are free, out on the street, out on the street, it's a summer of heat, summer of heat, yea. I'm sure Jason gives you all his best things for free.
  10. In one of the matches I played yesterday I heard it, I was able to morph and drown both passengers in time. But the sound is subtle, a bit quieter and short, unlike the car's one.
  11. Oh, I only heard XIII and Friday the 13th in the car radio so far.
  12. Sorry for necroing this thread, but I only hear 3 songs in game. XIII, Friday the 13th and Summer Of Heat. Where are Live before I die, He's Back, and Killer? Where they removed from the game?
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