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  1. There Three different ways to look at this 1. playing with friends on public match 2.playing with randoms 3.playing a private match 1. when your playing with friends on a public of cause it is going to be easy, You work together and create a plan and get Jason kill quick but 90% of the time when I play with friends on public match we don't get the kill we escape because the Jason is to smart for us me and the mates were in a game and we had the sweater and Jason mask with Tommy we stuck as a group so we could kill Jason and out of no where Jason just dropped in and kill our counselor who had the sweater and than brutalized the rest of use with in minutes the reason why Jason can be easy to kill on public match's sometimes is because their NOOBS who just got the game but when playing with really skilled players it's much harder. 2.Playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is like trying to keep a tiger away from red meat the problem with randoms is that no one listens the idea of the game is to survive and get help but when playing with randoms it's bloody impossible no wants to listen, I hate it when you have the mask off Tommy is ready to kill Jason and and then the guy with the sweater leaves. playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is just so hard some people listen others don't. 3.If you are always playing on a private match you will find that it is way too easy to kill Jason because your playing with the same people and you get use to them playing as Jason and you find a way to kill them that is easy if you play on private match killing Jason is going to be too easy because you get use to the players moves and what they do the best way in my opinion to play Friday the 13th is to make a party and public match that way the Jason could be hard to kill or easy it's a mix and the best way to play it in my opinion
  2. part 9 has amazing shift it makes catching up to cars so easy and with the stun resistance it makes the killing survivors easy, It's not really fare to count Savini Jason because not everyone has him sadly
  3. When I have the sweater my main goal is to kill Jason but if I can't I use it for holding off against Jason when I am running to the police and Jason is on me and I don't have any weapons or pocket knifes I use the sweater to hold Jason back for a few moments or if Jason doesn't have his mask on and I have the sweater and I am playing with friends we use the sweater than knock him down so Jason gets held back.
  4. I had to close the game once because of that bug its so annoying
  5. The combat stance has always been a bit of a pain but just don't be surprised if it doesn't get fixed
  6. I do that I can't stand pine hurst it's so hard because you can spawn so far away from people trying to make a group can be hard to do I hate it when you find the gas for the car and the car is on the other side of the map same for the boat it's hard and just too big it is bigger than any of the other maps
  7. here's a few tips you can talk to counselors in game but you need to find a radio first or walkie if you don't have a walkie the other players will not hear you unless you are close by when you find the phone fuse for the telephone look for the telephone box around the house where you found it, it sometimes spawns near the house never take and run off the last you want is for someone to find the box and you be on the other side of the map. never leave anyone behind if you are in a car you see some and you have room to pick them up make sure you do never ever hit them you get -1000 xp place bear traps outside doors it makes it harder for Jason to get in. never be greedy when it comes to xp if you have a part for car/boat and you have a player who has low repair, but there someone else by the car with a higher repair give them the part to fix it. never go into Jason's cabin unless you are a girl counselor if you do it is a one way death trap. check for Jason's traps around cars, Phone box and cabins if I trap goes off Jason will be on you faster then hot stew. always help someone if Jason has hold of a counselor go up and hit him the more people alive the easy it is offroad when driving the car if you see Jason on the road don't be scare to do some offRoading theses should help you out
  8. sadly it is not like dead by daylight where you can pick if you want to be jason or not the best you can do is set your spawn preference to jason
  9. I think that the 1978 Halloween and Halloween 2 are the best I know what rob zombie was going for kid becomes a killer from growing up in a dysfunctional family I get that, The characters are just so annoying there not the best for this movie also I don't like that Micheal Myers escapes the asylum because of some getting raped it just not right and his second movie was a back fire on it own that one was terrible, The 1978 Halloween is much better it's still creeps me out when doctor Loomis and the nurse pull up to the asylum and people are walking around out side and than Micheal steals the car 1978 Halloween is better John carpenter was the best horror movie writer he wrote the big classics like The Thing, Halloween, Christine, The silence of the lambs,
  10. with all the damage Jason has taken from guns and other weapons I am surprised he organs don't look like mashed potato but he does regenerate so... yea Here's a good question if Jason is a zombie from part 6 and on does that mean he regenerates or just gets knocked out from hard blows and wakes up again we know shooting him in the head does nothing. He regenerates from the start of part 2 to 4 but after that does he still regenerate or just gets knocked down and gets back up again.
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