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  1. Friday the 13th crashes just like any other game, There's nothing you can really do but reboot and start playing again, but if the game crashes constantly it might be a sign that your PC or Console is having difficulty running the game, if this is the case you might want to check your PC hardware and make sure you have the right Specs to run the game if console you will have to reinstall the game
  2. its bloody annoying when people hack the game, I have had two different incidents with hackers 1. unstoppable survivors, I was playing as Jason and I could not kill three of the survivors couldn't pick them up and no matter how may times I grabbed them, weapon damage won't work either. 2. Uber Jason, Not gonna lie this was a cool hack that I in counted the problem was is that you could not Stun Jason or kill him, Uber Jason had infinite shift and morph, and large amount of traps,
  3. This would actually be a great benefit to the game i would like to see little jump scares here and there it would spice up the game horror.
  4. I have only die three times, I am impossible to kill I am just too good at playing as Jason When survivors have the Jumper and have my mask off and Tommy is in game I use a good set of strats to kill the player who is the most important I am unstoppable as Jason
  5. hahahaha god that a good glitch I would laugh if that happen to me
  6. one was a counselor the other player was Jason we found out they were teaming because we saw Kenny standing next to Jason
  7. they left the lobby i think the two were in a party because when they left they both left at the same time but they rejoined the lobby again and left again
  8. Yep I have had this experience, I was playing with some mates to find out that Kenny was teaming with Jason the worse part was that Kenny had both car keys and phone fuse so we were basically stuck but lucky this was before the rage patch so if Jason was in rage you could knock him down so we joined up and stay away from Kenny and just kept knocking Jason it was hard but 3 of us survived the full match with out getting killed but near the end of the match when Kenny failed to help Jason he got killed.
  9. I honesty laugh when someone calls me a try hard their just pissed because A they either suck at the game B Their pissed because they die, About every 3 games when I am jason I get called a try hard
  10. As much as I love the fun of doing speed runs the offline bots in friday the 13th are just not fun and broken all they do is open and close door and jump in out of windows I would do a speed run if the bots weren't so broken
  11. Amityville 1&2 are good movies just don't watch 3rd one it's garbage Also Salem's lot is a great movie based off the book by Stephen king just a heads up it's 3 hours long but it's worth it
  12. Killer Klowns from outer space is my favorite comedy horror movie it is a great comedy horror
  13. My best suggestion is Jeepers creepers 1&2 Also Summer of 84 is a great horror mystery movie
  14. There Three different ways to look at this 1. playing with friends on public match 2.playing with randoms 3.playing a private match 1. when your playing with friends on a public of cause it is going to be easy, You work together and create a plan and get Jason kill quick but 90% of the time when I play with friends on public match we don't get the kill we escape because the Jason is to smart for us me and the mates were in a game and we had the sweater and Jason mask with Tommy we stuck as a group so we could kill Jason and out of no where Jason just dropped in and kill our counselor who had the sweater and than brutalized the rest of use with in minutes the reason why Jason can be easy to kill on public match's sometimes is because their NOOBS who just got the game but when playing with really skilled players it's much harder. 2.Playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is like trying to keep a tiger away from red meat the problem with randoms is that no one listens the idea of the game is to survive and get help but when playing with randoms it's bloody impossible no wants to listen, I hate it when you have the mask off Tommy is ready to kill Jason and and then the guy with the sweater leaves. playing with randoms and trying to kill Jason is just so hard some people listen others don't. 3.If you are always playing on a private match you will find that it is way too easy to kill Jason because your playing with the same people and you get use to them playing as Jason and you find a way to kill them that is easy if you play on private match killing Jason is going to be too easy because you get use to the players moves and what they do the best way in my opinion to play Friday the 13th is to make a party and public match that way the Jason could be hard to kill or easy it's a mix and the best way to play it in my opinion
  15. part 9 has amazing shift it makes catching up to cars so easy and with the stun resistance it makes the killing survivors easy, It's not really fare to count Savini Jason because not everyone has him sadly
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