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  1. I get bashed a lot for killing people with throwing knives. Apparently it's considered "slashing".
  2. It matters that he is right behind the counselor because it opens them up to a grab. Vanessa however can speed away out of his grab reach. If it is "so beyond me and a great many players" then why bother bringing it up? If not even 1% of players have access to your apparent book of tricks then it's not even worth mentioning. I'm speaking for public matches. You can speak however you want on your private matches with your clique of friends. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354323898/ Still haven't seen a single good arguement for Stalk other then personal experience. Never stated that I knew more then any of you and I'm not preaching my posts like its the gospel truth. I'm making my argument in a discussion which clearly went downhill because you can't think of anything else to say but little jabs of sarcasm. You're obviously very ignorant to outside ideas and only think of what happens in between your clique. Another jab at me because your insecure about your argument. This reply especially doesn't make sense to me because your expecting your Jenny friend not to run out of stamina when she only has 5/10 but a Vanessa with a 9/10 certainly will. Good Vanessas will only die to mindgames, not running out of stamina and being trapped. Yes, because you STILL haven't proven anything about this apparent Jenny except for "She's better then any Vanessa". To be honest, you can just say no more. Your mind is very narrow and you don't even bother learning other counselors. I don't think you even have the right to comment on a post about that certain counselor at all, actually. Nothing wrong with running the optimal build. Do you know why it's so popular? Because it works and it's not too niche. I get that being off-meta seems to be your thing but you should maybe try it. You'll be saving space with Medic and you won't die to a slasher Jason in three hits. While I do think you're wrong, you can still have knowledge of a certain subject. Also please, call me a troll again, it just makes your argument look even more frail.
  3. To sum up your argument it's "wait till new players learn" but for now that isn't the case. Maybe I'll reconsider my opinion on stalk kills but to me at this very moment, they're rare and aren't as effective as you guys propose.
  4. I've never heard of a person jogging and winning against a shift grab. Unless the Jason has half a brain, he'll end up grabbing you. Besides, you're undervaluing the ground Jason gets from his shifts, even if the Jason SOMEHOW misses the Jenny, he'll be right behind her. That leaves her vulnerable to his next shift, throwing knives, and if he's close enough his melee attacks. I'm not saying the Jenny is always out in the open because we both know that is a poor move but once she exhausts the houses in her area, she is bound to travel to another group of houses. My mistake if you were confused but I never tried to say that Jason's sense ability can right from the get-go pick up ALL 7 counselors. I'm talking about once Jason hits Rage. When he hits Rage his range to where he can pick up counselors is extended. If he can't pick up your hiding Jenny from one side of the map, eventually with probably not even three morphs he'll be able to detect her. Yeah, that may waste a little bit of his time but that's nothing compared to the benefits of Vanessa's stats which can waste even more time with her kiting skills aided by her Speed and Stamina stats. Funny on how in my 325 hours in game (Which you seem to for some reason doubt ) I've never went against a single person who knew "How to use the stealth system". Do you know why? Because stealth is a situational and useless stat. If we're assuming that your stealth system users are surviving the night through repairs.... I'm sorry I just don't believe it. The car makes a starting sound when activated, the phone makes the cop sounds, and you can't assume there will be a boat every round because it's always by luck. Besides, these areas are always trapped and Jason will be alerted as soon as you even try to attempt anything. I wouldn't argue that most cannot, if fact I think it's general knowledge on how to manipulate skill checks and it's one of the things you learn very early on. Even if the Vanessa messes up the repair, she can still make a quick get a way versus someone like Jenny who's stuck running away at turtle's speed. You're right, it works on any counselors as it should because it's his catching method. I'm not arguing that you cannot catch a Vanessa, I'm just saying that a competent Vanessa will not fall easily to a shift grab. Do you know how many Jasons I know use stalk efficently? Not a lot. In fact I think it's more common to see a repairing Vanessa not messing up a repair versus any Jason using Stalk in such a powerful way that it apparently ends all Vanessas. You cannot use a single person to represent a whole player base. You're assuming my experiences, once again. I've dealt with players who know how to "quick throw properly" and I've beat them before. You're relying on stumbling which is already rng as it is to get a hit on Vanessa. But you can still do the same with Jenny because she's very slow. I will have a better time dodging a knife as Vanessa versus Jenny. Besides, you're also acting like this is all outdoors when pretty much more then half the battle is indoors where you should be shielded by such knives. Good Vanessa players will always conserve their stamina and with her vast stamina pool, never be at threat of running out. Your only argument is that a certain player with a certain build on Jenny will beat Vanessa. You're not looking at how the Vanessa is built at all. Also if the Jenny is running three fear resistance perks, it only takes two throwing knives to injure her and slow her down enough for the kill You seem offended. I'm not saying that you don't know what you're talking about, I'm just questioning your belief in discussion. Which is what you do.. on the forums.
  5. Actually, a can run Jason will be able to catch up to you if you're being Jenny. This will put more pressure onto you to start sprinting and wasting more stamina. It goes the same for any shift grab attempts, you have to start sprinting around in wild directions to avoid it and you know what sprinting around waste? Stamina. Do you know who has the best Stamina stat? Vanessa and Tiffany. For the sound ping argument, I think you guys overrate not having sound ping when Jason can literally spot you across the map with Sense. Also do you know what I do when I don't see any sound pings on the map? I use Sense. No matter how far or close they are you can detect them with Sense and you'll get the exact location unless they're hiding with sense avoidance perks but even then that's based on luck and RNG. Vanessa repair is easy to manipulate once you get the hang of it and personally I find myself repairing half the time due to high repair counselors hiding in cabins all game. High Repair is surely good in a normal game, but if we're talking about Surviving the Night then repair is useless against a Jason with half a brain. Repairing is thrown out the window here and the only thing it remains good for is to turn on power boxes when giving the right time. Even so, unless Jason is literally on her tail, a good Vanessa can manipulate skill checks and repair with ease. Vanessa is the catalyst and the players are the one using her. However Vanessa is a very effective counselors and good players will have a more easier time shining a light on her versus Jenny. You may call the tier lists "opinionated" but that's exactly what they are. That's what this and yours is. Opinions. It's how we can base our opinions on facts and the reputable tier list I like to look at do just that. Vanessa is a Jason's enemy number one when played right. She's quick as a rabbit, she can repair in a niche, and she can protect her fellow counselors with her good luck.
  6. Maybe I'm just getting a line of bad luck then. It's just weird that it's not a complete 100% like it's suppose to be.
  7. The counselor choice is a big part of the equation here. Maps are the same, there's a couple of houses and a break and it repeats. Jasons have different Pros/Cons but that's exactly why Vanessa is always the better choice. A Jason with a Pro | Shift will wear down lower stamina pool counselors much faster due to repetitive attempts at shift grabs. Even Jasons with the Pro | Can Run will wear down counselors that have awful speed stats such as Jenny. Vanessa doesn't suffer from these stats as much. Skill level, as stated before matters but picking the best counselor will help those with high skill levels have easier times in matches. Look at any reputable tier list and you will ALWAYS see Vanessa as the top tier counselor. I'm not saying it's impossible for any other counselor to survive, I'm just questioning the difficulty of it because I can't believe a Jenny player with 3/10 Speed and 5/10 Stamina will not have to work harder versus a Vanessa player with 10/10 Speed and 9/10 Stamina. These are the two MOST important stats for surviving the night because once rage hits (as it always does and you can't prevent it) stats such as Luck and Stealth are thrown out the window.
  8. Not trying to make this a report bug thread but I was just curious if anyone has been experiencing the baseball bat (Which has a 100% chance of stunning Jason before rage) not stunning Jason at all at certain angles. It seems to happen when you hit him head on. I get the "Fight Back" points but not the stun.
  9. All you've said is true, but you're ignoring the point that it's easier to do a job with one counselor that excels in it versus someone who's handicapped in that area. You'll be sweating less hard playing as Vanessa if you're used to surviving the night as Jenny.
  10. Anyone can survive the night but certain counselors will be better at it. Like how a Vanessa can repair but a Deborah will have an easier time doing it.
  11. I definitely do not believe Vanessa is the only counselor who can survive the night, I just believe she's highly effective at doing it! You're right about it being based on the skill level of both the Jason and the counselor involved but I often struggle a little more with Jenny then Vanessa because of her 3/10 speed. Every counselor can survive the night, but certain ones are always the better choice aka Vanessa. You're going to have an entirely easier time moving cabin to cabin with Vanessa rather then someone like Deborah who struggles with stamina issues. If you're surviving the night already as Jenny, I believe that if you switch to Vanessa you're just going to have a better time at it.
  12. I would argue that Vanessa isn't op, but she's one of the only counselors who can give Jason an extremely rough time if the person is skilled. You know what I learned from a lobby full of Vanessa mains? Throwing Knives work like a charm! Don't waste the knives on low stamina counselors like Deborah because they have a shorter timer on kiting because of their stamina bank. Also knock off the lights if a Vanessa is troubling you in end game. Unless the Vanessa is running Nerves of Steel, you should be able to shift grab them by mindgaming them.
  13. When there's not enough repair characters in lobby or if I just want to fix shit and be done, I always go Fox! She's really good for demasking Jason and I love making her the sweater girl in a Jason kill. She never hurts to have on your team!
  14. Fox is my second choice for sure! Not only do I really dig her biker aesthetic but her stats are pretty solid being a jack of all trades. I do find myself repairing as Vanessa even though there are several AJs and Deborahs in my lobbies. Like no AJ, you're not being helpful walking on the edges of the map. In reply to the post above, Vanessa contributes just by being a loud distraction herself so that a Deborah could repair something. However it seems that Debs prefer to hide then to actual contribute so Vanessa is being chased for nothing.
  15. It definitely is subjective but that's what I actually like about it! I like to see what others think and their personal choices for counselors and their arguments behind it.
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