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  1. Why! can't The devs show the boat loads of cash that can be made off DLC and pitch him a deal to get off their backs on the promise to make a sequel on Unreal Engine 4
  2. You can't lawsuit a parody or clones! or Cinema & shooters would be out of business tomorrow, look at the Battle Royale clones. If something was called Friday The 14th it could sound more authentic as its using a different name because its a video game. Change the characters name & make him a cop with a Hockey mask, Writer doesn't copyright cops or Hockey masks, you need to fight smart against this BS. It amazes me to think the developers didn't think they needed permission, even back in The Atari days people knew this, they just allowed them to make games without a copyright license because they weren't interested in the 80's and seen it as free exposure. Jaws could have saved their entire franchise doing something similar in my original opinion, the movie was called Jaws after all not Shark, Jaws3 could have been about different species and it would have always seemed fresh and new. & anyone with the cash could have ripped it off BIGTIME in the 80's. See! my ideas are always great. Jaws3 could have been an Anaconda. Call it Friday The 14th make him a cop wearing a hockey mask around a Loch, and the lawyers can't touch you.
  3. Hey i'm Funnystash.com not that it matters i just want you to know who's posting the message, i suppose! as aye go by alot of alias names. Anyhoo's i love the game bought it for a few bucks on steam a few days ago & love it, it figures that any game that i love would be hit with a cease and desist lawsuit. But! why can't you guys loophole the game into your favor, call it Friday The 14th and name Jason Vorhee's something else then re-release it onto Steam letting everyone aware of the re-release reasons and the fans will totally forgive ya for reasons out of your control, i couldn't see steam having issue with it. The writer of Friday The 13th wouldn't have a case against you if you go by this route its not as if he holds copyright of serial killers murdering people at lakes.
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