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  1. counselor groups who use party chat to team up against Jason is cheating? So because I would rather talk to a friend or 2 instead of kids or some obnoxious people... Not saying everyone on the mic is, but honestly the majority of people I hear on there... I really don't want to talk to and yes there is a mute function, but on PC it doesn't work half of the time. I don't troll or purposely go out of my way to grief other counselors. Typically I will try to help, unless doors are open everywhere or they're bad teammates. The counselors objective is to escape, survive or defeat Jason. Most of the time I don't even use a mic, but could care less if some people are in party chat or discord together, as long as they're not TKing everyone, hacking or teaming with Jason.
  2. I play on PC now, coming over from Xbox so the controller for me just feels so natural. One thing that happens to me on with M&K is my character will walk sometimes instead of jog, especially after a grab. Also combat stance feels more difficult, such as preforming a double tap & dodging, but that is most likely just me not being accustomed to M&K for this particular game.
  3. Yeah some people just like being spoon fed kills.....don't they?
  4. That's the problem, without coordination it is difficult but if you have a couple of good counselors that know what to do....not impossible to kill him. I'm a counselor main and the mask is already easy enough to remove with a high strength character. A very good Jason player will always be a challenge to kill and also an uncoordinated kill squad makes it tough. It would be nice to see a couple things get tweaked like perhaps a buff to stealth & composure, as well as more HP for Jason's mask, while addressing block and throwing knife issue when he is off-host.
  5. They stopped the double XP early on Canada Day (July 1)... should have extended it that entire week to compensate for July 4th as well. Missed opportunity sadly 0_o
  6. I pretty much only use flare guns now to fire high in the sky & try to get a location on Jason. Sometimes you can mark him half way or all the way across the map. Also it looks kinda cool if you happen to see it.... Otherwise I would rather use virtually any other weapon.
  7. Thanks for the reply.... Sadly I do have steam open when trying to play.
  8. Have uninstalled then re-installed game, added it to Anti Virus exception list...... Every single time I load the game , you get that intro and then it crashes with this message.... Never able to get into main menu. Whenever I verify the files, seems to be 1 missing and "downloads" it. Same issue every time..... Do not think it is a problem with my laptop, since Metal Gear Solid 5, Hitman 2 & DayZ run just fine. Long time Xbox player & most of my friends moved on from F13 so stuck playing with randoms has not been very pleasant. I have played briefly in the past on PC, but honestly not very much and not for some time. Really losing faith with the game..... One of my favourites but just really am not enjoying it on Xbox now and virtually impossible to even load it on computer for me.
  9. The Outbreak games are pretty fun. TBH I had a hard time really liking them back in the days, mostly due to the fact I wasn't that great at them, but loved the concept. Ended up getting back into it and playing online recently.... there are fanmade servers active to this day. Even though there are no real classic characters from the series, the fact you are back in locations from 2 and 3 is great, plus classic style RE with co-op And in all honesty, it is a pretty challenging game. You have to be quick in your inventory or inputting passwords, since you are vulnerable to attack while doing so. I also like the fact it doesn't really hold your hand by having an arrow point you in a direction or marks destinations on the map.... Although a couple passwords are a little too cryptic (The Hive elevator codes). Cindy is probably my favourite character. The herb case & her dodge is good for me since I am not the greatest player XD David is pretty good too, being able to make some weapons, repair broken guns, knife attack and his throwing wrench (George seems like a nice option). Always loved the original Outbreak scenario & Below Freezing Point in File 1. For File 2 is Desperate Times, Flashback and Wild Things. The character specific cutscenes for certain scenarios are a nice touch, as well as a couple different endings in the last scenarios.
  10. Was never a huge fan of the rage buff, but can honestly say it did help me greatly improve on my juking skills. (Pipe dreaming but....) They should add some more HP to Jason or make it a little more difficult in removing the mask. Possibly having Jason being able to put the mask back on, if he kills whoever has it in their possession and picks it back up? Maybe a slight less cool down on Jason's block and throwing knives (Fix issue where the knife gets stuck in his hand.....lol). Can still use knives but makes smacking Jason out of shift so much easier, since he is invisible but the throwing knife isn't. This is coming from a counselor main BTW, I don't really play as Jason all that much. Instead of complete invincibility, would have been better to have it where the chances of stunning him drastically decrease, but still possible with regular weapons or have them break after 1 hit? I don't know honestly 0_o lol Nice Yun pic OP... Street Fighter 3 is my favourite Also saw your point about Jenny. She is my go to character now and run the No Fear build since the rage buff. Although she is slower and stamina is average, it will always regenerate normally..... fear greatly affects stamina regeneration. She does not stumble at all, the screen never goes dark and with the perks, mini map is always there. One thing that I rarely see mentioned is that the No Fear Build......... transfers over to Tommy Jarvis
  11. A little while ago some teamers got a nice dose of karma..... Playing with all randoms and sure enough....another Jenny starts swinging on me and part 7 blatantly ignoring her (both have thicc in their gamer tags)...... anywhoo long story short the teamer got run over by a Vanessa escaping I linked up with Tommy and had the sweater so we were fighting our way south on Higgins small map, to the northern cabins. Finally Tommy gets the mask off and initiate the kill..... Jason rage quits..... LOL Not long after they found my video and commented something dumb like "LOL that was me y'all".... Fast forward a week or so after & get a message on Xbox from this teamer with a half hearted apology for "cheating", more or less saying they were trying to help their new friend. Apparently someone been messaging them claiming it was me. Guess that is the only problem with exposing teamers because I really don't want them getting harassed....especially someone taking it too far like DOSing or worse. That would be taking it WAY TOO FAR but I'm not going to lie.... it kind of made me laugh since every action has a reaction. If you didn't team up with Jason and try to ruin others fun, then you likely wouldn't be getting messaged yourself. Really cannot stand teamers & rooftop glitchers
  12. Honestly not really sure what to say, lol. Long time player that just signed up on here, am a counselor main that takes the fight to teamers & suffer by myself sometimes in quick play, since a lot of my friends don't play as much.
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