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  1. Eh.... its pretty hard, I've tried starting an aussie group for this thing but its hard to get everyone involved. It shouldn't really be necessary This wouldn't really have anything to do with the lawsuit though. It's a game server feature, not anything to do with f13th series
  2. Thanks . Yeah I don't know how difficult it is to implement but it would be a fun thing to see, especially since it's a game that's not easy shift+tab and tell your friend your in a game (e.g. if they're waiting to play with you or something)
  3. A fair few games have this inauguration where you can actually see what your friends are doing in the game which I find really really handy, even some old games have this as a feature, I find it really handy Could friday get this love too? Examples of existing games: My attempt at what Friday The 13th could look like with this feature:
  4. By character pings to u mean peer-to-peer? I'm assuming it would just ping off the servers like e.g. it was see oh this server you would have 63 ping if you joined so it'll join that if it's the lowest ping available one. But feel free to fill me in.
  5. @OCT 31 1978 How is this not salt? He literally says "likely a $4 steam player" when I pre-ordered the game at full price lmao. Telling me to fuck my face, saying I'm crying. I just have never used this forums and this experience shows its not a very welcoming community lmao, so hence why I took a fair few of these replies as salt... welll, because they kinda are. I've been playing this game a long time and it was literally just a suggestion discussion, not saying "omg plz add this to the game is 2 hard". Cheers to everyone who responded tho lmao. Also I'm confused what the dude means about the follow up post since I haven't made a post after this but anyway
  6. Why is everyone so salty here? I'm not crying it was just a suggestion/discussion, I don't mind it, it was just a suggestion up for discussion 😂
  7. Yeah, pretty annoying, just spamming click I guess till they get a kill, oh well. Just kinda defeats the purpose of any other type of kill, its really OP too, I've been jason in a group of 7 other players and just spammed click without aiming and managed to kill every single one lmao. It's silly but yeah, idk if they'll ever change it.
  8. Jason should be allowed to damage as much as he wants till you can barely walk with his melee attack but just spam clicking until you kill everyone is what every Jason does and it removes the point of having pocket knives and etc. Just makes the game much less fun and way less scary.
  9. In Call Of Duty, if you can't find a match that suitable to your ping (they normally search <20ms, <40ms, <60ms, <80ms, <100ms) and if they can't find a game under 100 ping they put you in your own private lobby, free for other people to join who are nearby to you as well. I think friday should work like this, by maybe even going up to 150 (150 max, over 150 is pretty unplayable), so that if there is no server or lobby with other players suitable, it'll put you in your own lobby to start a match. This would be PERFECT for Australians specifically, putting us in our own lobby, possibly by ourselves but then when other australians are searching they also join that lobby and it fills up with people from the same country / surrounding country with low ping which would be perfect I would love this added to the game.
  10. Please. This would help heaps, just being able to browse what lobbies are open and my ping for each, quick math takes too long and normally puts me in 300+ ping servers. I wouldn't even mind waiting on a low ping Australian server as hopefully other aussies using the browser would see it instead of me playing this game with 400 ping using quick match with people I can't communicate with. Cheers.
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