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  1. @mattshotcha I understand this isn't something that most people have in mind considering the abundance of other problems needing fixed with the online portion, but I have asked before, is there anything being done about this? I'd hate for all of the limited resources being poured into the online dying part of the game and this left unchecked. I feel like for the work put in, longevity wise, this over time will be all we have left. I'd hate to turn on my PC, ps4, xbox or switch and be met with no online, and part 3 and part 5 Jason, and that's it when ALL servers are down, and there isn't any logical way to play bots but with those two characters, what is the point of implementing the system if there isn't a way to unlock them outside of the server progression system? It's been quite a while since I've heard of anything, and the games getting old. Is there any news on this? Or will we more than likely just be tied to the online only system? if so that would really really suck. There'd be 2 Jasons on a disc or cart after the official server progression is shut down.
  2. Many users have asked about offline play fixes, the bots in general. As that's all that will be left when the servers shut down. The servers shutting down may be far away, but that doesn't fix the issue that many have asked about. When they shut down, we are stuck with part 3 jason, and part 5 jason. This needs to be fixed. An offline all unlocked, or offline progression is a must, otherwise we have a less than half experience. Also, the lan option, or self hosted games. The game could live on after the servers shut down. That I think should be priority after the environmental kills, and car glitches. The rest is livable. But the team will only get smaller as time goes on. Not having a way to use purchased content seems like a really big screw up in my opinion. Saying that having local profiles will lead to hacks is stupid, as that's not how server side authentication works. But it won't matter when there aren't servers to play on. So who would care about hacking then? There is a way to make this work, but I have a good damn feeling one day the servers are going to shut down, and nothing will have been put in place to secure the game is still playable by people that still want to. No Lan option, no player hosted games. All because of the ridiculous progression system, that hasn't done much in the way of grinding to be like other games. I'd love to see the biggest problems fixed, and then a straight up focus on the legacy of the game, getting it to where it's possible to play after the servers shut down, and I think that would take a lot of resources at this point, but if the game is shut down in a year, who gives a shit how well it runs in the next 6 months. They'll get it running great and 3 months later it's not making money anymore. Gone. You have a paperweight. @mattshotcha Could you respond in more detail about what plans or what the talks are about in place of keeping this game alive after the servers shut down, and what users could expect in the next 2 years?
  3. What happens I guess when you can't connect to the servers? does it bring up an offline mode option? if you mean play offline, with something other than part 3 and part 5. This is normal, and ridiculously stupid. They have the game limited to no progression offline. You can access like 1/10th of the content while offline. It's very misleading, and shitty, but that's the way it is. This game is on physical media on how many platforms now? and none of them actually hold all of the content not blocked behind an internet connection. It's sad, you won't be able to experience this game at all once the servers for updates are gone. I hoped the switch would fix this. as the slasher edition on xbox and ps4 didn't. If there isn't a place to download a patch, how do you unlock the content then? That's my issue with the late response idea of... well ugh when the game dies down and servers are closing there could be a patch that unlocks that stuff. How the heck do you get a patch when there aren't servers to get a patch from. Wasted opportunity to me. like 6 times now. initial release, slasher release, and switch release. On the plus side, the content is all there on the switch cartridge. It's just not unlocked without an internet connection. So I'm sure eventually someone will figure out how to keep this game alive after the servers die.
  4. Have you tried it yet? I'm still curious how you had that working when no one else has.
  5. Right, but I'm wondering. At any point before your internet was down had you already signed in, or had the software running from before? If so you are the only person I've ever seen get that working, and a ton of people can't get this option working. There's plenty of threads on it. To test can you turn your switch to airplane mode, power cycle it off, then turn it on. While still in airplane mode. Go-to the offline menu and see if they are still unlocked?
  6. How did you get that working? It doesn't save that locally? You had no internet. When starting the game right? Went into offline mode. At level zero right? And your Jason's were unlocked? If you signed in first this is why they were unlocked I'm guessing. As far as has been stated while offline. All content locked there is no offline grinding, at least while truly having no connection.
  7. That's all I'm really looking for, all unlocked when no internet connection.
  8. These are the main things I've been asking about and they haven't given a concrete answer as to why it's not possible. It would extend the life of the game after severs go. That and offline no internet is really boring with 2 Jason's. Not everyone has access to Internet connections at all times. Offline should have an offline profile progression. Or all unlocked by default. It wouldn't change the online experience at all.
  9. Also, how and why would player side saves matter if they were hackable? for the online portion of the game, it would still check the server for their account information. Saying oh not it's too easy to hack is the dumbest thing I've ever heard as an excuse for no local save option. They should be completely separate. An offline profile, and an online profile. Maybe I mis represented what I meant initially. A true local save option, or even using it in private or local area play. No need to mix this with server side stuff. I get the complications on that end. Again this boils down to the longevity of the game when servers aren't there. It could be checked to see if the file was tampered with I suppose offline if that were a route to go down. Many other games do this. But just a separate profile would be nice enough.
  10. It wasn't exactly a modification for online play, I'd be surprised it be a bannable offense. If so that would be downright stupid. It was a literal option menu modification left in by the development team locked away behind code. I see it no different than a modification of a local sound file. It has zero change in online play and it's removal served no purpose outside of it was confusing as it still needed a connection to their servers to work right. I can't remember if it worked while disconnected in offline mode. I imagine it might can't test now though.
  11. That was somewhat a thing with a Sandbox portion of the LAN mod that isn't working anymore. you could spawn in as a character. and roam around as them. Drive the car, but no other players were there. The Lan mode however, I did get working with 2 good copies of the game on PC. and outside of needing to connect to their servers it worked fine.
  12. I apologize if this sounds rude, but how is it too soon? This is what I'd consider a legendary film series, and I'd just like to see anything related to it preserved. We've already had part 7 not be able to be restored in it's entirety, due to shit like this. Who gives a shit about your servers. Once they're gone, we all have a a useless piece of media. With half of it's content locked away for a crappy progression system, no one wants to grind 113 levels at this point. I don't know, unless we start asking for this stuff now I think it'll fall on deaf ears. Why is this not an option, when it was easily available from a mod before? They can't fix simple things, like a roof glitch, they cant fix environmental kills, at least revert to an earlier build, and give us the option to host our own matches. Without a central server needed. I know it's possible. I've seen it done on earlier builds, Let the host store that information. give us the p2p option, and everything unlocked for future proofing the legacy of this game.
  13. I mentioned this in a Reddit post a while ago, but with the switch port coming close, and no definitive answer outside of no. are there any plans for offline progression? The whole idea behind the switch is to game on the go, so the idea that offline progression isn't implemented on this platform seems kind of ridiculous. I am on the go constantly and don't always have internet, but I do like killing bots sometimes, I'm really dumbfounded at the fact that there isn't a local profile option already here. What you're selling is big paperweight in the future, to me anyways. The lan options were there unlocked through a script mod. Then removed in later updates. If there is no way to do offline progression, then the default needs to be all unlocked. also a local lan option would be nice to have back. It's no longer a question of if the game dies, but when. As developers, it's a simple yeah, lets turn that back on. and let it be an option. So that when your money making servers die. We can still play what we purchased. Through a lan network. Granted the rudimentary progression system wouldn't mean shit, but people that still want to play wouldn't care. Unlock it all for offline, and Lan, and give us this option, it's not hard. it was already there anyways. So i'm clear, what I mean is, for offline, or LAN play, let us have that option, with everything unlocked, and all perks, so that it isn't needed to have a profile that has a certain level. The idea behind this is the legacy of the game. it is fun and can be fun, but I'd hate to see this game die when it stops making money. When the servers die, we have limited options, you as developers, have the ability to see that this doesn't happen. You can give us this option. To create a LAN mode, that doesn't need an online profile, many games do this easily, that way when it does go offline, we aren't left with bots, with 2 jasons to play as. and single player challenges. I especially think this could be great for the switch with local play. Games servers have been offline for 5 years, and 10 people bought the switch cartridge and can still play without worrying whether or not the online servers area a thing. It shouldn't matter in that sense. Someone should be able to host a game there. if they're all on the same network.This is a must with this port in my opinion. and it should be possible on PC as well. Don't let your game die.
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