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  1. pretty interesting. I have an old version on an old ps4, with offline bots when they actually worked decent, and with the old grab system. Wish I would've known this beforehand and had this method set up. unfortunately stuck with part 3 and 5 I think.
  2. Also wondering about this. so it essentially won't be playable? Would be a real let down considering it's the newest release of the game.
  3. He replied on reddit saying not until data servers are going offline, which makes no sense to me. That would require yet another patch. If this is the final one. That would never happen. I'm somehow doubting it gets implemented.
  4. @mattshotcha any news on offline profile data? Many people asked about this. If this is the last patch it should be implemented right? Otherwise we have 2 Jason's to play as in offline?
  5. Fantastic to hear, sorry to insult you. I never claimed to solve anything. "make sure it's something I actually said". (quoting you there) I only said it seemed coincidental. Not standard procedure what so ever. Can you at least address anything else I said? or did you just focus on what you thought personally had to do with you? This is exactly what I meant about unprofessional.
  6. I will say this though, @mattshotcha from what I've experienced, and have read, I'm very surprised you still work there. You seem to take everything as a personal insult. As a representative of Gun Media, you handle interactions very poorly. I don't mean to be a jerk, but I would assume your job is customer relations based. I would hope you had some sort of training about how to direct responses, but it doesn't seem you do. I feel like I'm talking to someone who's very "emotional" and not very professional. That can be fine in some cases, but here, I feel like it's inappropriate.
  7. You're right, I can't find a place where you said it was too difficult. I appreciate the feedback. I do hope that considering the situation, a solution outside of server side progression is being streamlined inside of the small development team. That and though by now it may not be a "flip the switch" that it was at one point, and that is obvious based on previous language in the pak files. I hope they are looking at locally hosted options. If the server problems persist. People still want to play, it's a coding problem to not let LAN games exist. I get on everything but PC theres a lot more to it, but on the PC portion it can be possible. The games built in blue print in unreal, it could be very well be, a flip of a blue print switch. not a physical one. In coding terms, If Then statements. I wouldn't be surprised. This isn't a super complex thing in terms of unreal and what the team here has done. I'm willing to bet it very well may be a flip of a true or false statement. Not in terms of player progression, or user profiles, but the ability to host LAN matches. I'm sure someone could de-compile the files and show the team how to do it if needed? I already suggested how the physics shouldn't interact on another post. Based on basic knowledge of the unreal engine. how you could fix the car with knife problem easy. It's a physics matrix. I haven't looked recently, but if it's like unity it should work like that. voila, a week or 2 later. Car knife problem got fixed. Maybe I'm wrong. They knew it already. I don't use unreal, but I looked up how it should be handled. maybe it's coincidental. But holy hell, it shouldn't have taken so long to understand how networked objects shouldn't have collisions with player created objects that have physics behind them. Make them not collide (with the car model) the moment they are created in the scene. Problem solved. I talked about how it was done on another post. I can't remember. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/collision-filtering it wasn't collision matrix with tags (Unity does this), it was collision filtering, which can be done through code, or blueprint. The people keeping this game going with patches should've been able to pinpoint this immediately. It's basic understanding of how unreal works. " : I don't know when the car patch happened but, I know I mentioned it could be fixed this way.
  8. Isn't that being looked at already anyways with the game being long in the tooth? Client side profiles? We've asked for this over and over, and with the current situation, a local area network player based lobby, with player hosted details would be better than what we can't play now. At least then we could progress locally, while playing with each other. Isn't that the end goal after dedicated servers are shut down? P2p lobbies? Or will everything still be server side for profiles, that is awful if that's the case. Every game gets shut down eventually, and we wouldn't have the ability to play what we paid for. If not we're stuck with part 3 and part 5 with no perks on any counselors, and counselors locked behind a server login which may not exist eventually. Give the game to the community. There are plenty of talented modders that could breathe new life. Not allowing client side profiles, and a LAN party system is ridiculous, it was in the programming already and worked just fine in cracked versions of the game. Worked just fine in legit copies as well with a modified pak file until it was removed. So saying it's difficult, is certainly a cop out. Difficult for the small development team now? Possibly, but these people are being paid. That's their job. To figure out the spiderweb of a mess that the previous coders left. from my understanding a majority of it was blueprint. They should be able to trace it easily. It's not code, it's a graph that links pseudo code. I guess my complaint is work on fixing server side issues, but in the mean time, get ready for the end of servers now, and give us the option of LAN, and client side profiles now. So we can decide to still play, give us P2P now, we understand it's hackable. We know it can be abused. Is it any different than now? We would just have to invite our friends lists to private hosted lobbies and trust each other. playing with randoms is such a toss up already. People are sick of it. That's the issue, you can't fix it by now. Give us some semblance of control in how we start our games. Right now it's all server side. That won't last ultimately.
  9. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/collision-filtering It's pretty similar after a little research. I don't care what they say, anyone who's done any coding. It can be fixed in the damn editor. From my understanding they used a lot of blue print code. Which is basically non coding with understanding how code works. It can be fixed with a few lines of code, I refuse to believe it could cause problems for other parts of the game. Stop physics interaction on collision with the car. The documentation states where and who and how the interaction can happen, with a few lines of code. It's either can, cause physics interaction, or can't and allows which game object to do so through filtering, just like a physics collision matrix. It's utter fucking incompetence on who ever the hell they let in charge taking over the project. Find what object has the code attached to the knife, when projected, set filtering to the car to not collide. wtf is so hard about that. Once the object is spawned it can't collide with a car. I do have some experience and it's obnoxious still
  10. I still don't understand how physics work in unreal. But I know in something like unity. You could have physics collision matrix, and anything tagged "Car" wouldn't collide with something tagged "knife" I don't see how the fuck it's such a hard thing to do here. Make it so the knife passes through the damn car, or the knife is destroyed on impact with the car, so it can't actually hit a counselor inside. WTF is going on with the development team? This really shouldn't be that hard of a thing to do for anyone that's ever coded anything game related. It's one damn object that causes a problem. It should not take months to fix. it should be super simple. I don't care if it's one guy. He would be able to figure it out with the source code in little time. It's really obnoxious at this point.
  11. Has anyone else noticed when knocking down a door using the regular animation, if you swing the camera around when you see the smoke looking particle emission there is a noticeable frame drop? It's really annoying when trying to look over your shoulder. I think it could be fixed if they reduced the emission particle count, and it probably wouldn't have a noticeable effect on the game, as everything is already reduced. I'd be fine with the particle effect being just gone if that is the cause.
  12. Have you updated the game? Because on that disk, with no internet connection, I think there are no access to offline bots without updating the game, and no level progression, so the disk is basically useless. For offline anyways.
  13. Yeah, cool and all, until you can only play part 3, or part 5 for some stupid reason. Once it's all done... Asked over and over again. No responses. I still don't undertand how private matches, lan matches, without a backend server aren't a thing. Backfill with bots would be obviously nice, and not that much work. if the ground work was set right, but something tells me it wasn't and anyone working on this game anymore has NO idea what they are doing. I'm almost to the point where the concept is awesome and fun, and I'd rather see independent dev's rip their art, and do it them selves. Make it work how it should have.
  14. I keep asking the same thing. Not getting straight answers really about how or when it's happening. Something tells me it's not happening, I'd rather have it happen sooner rather than later.
  15. Is there any information that's new about how we could get our content outside of part 3 and part 5 in offline mode? Let alone information about hosting our own games? without the need for a back-end server? Basically I own this game I paid for it multiple times, will I be able to get a group together once this shuts down entirely? if I wanted, could Lan, or shared connections emulating a Lan connection. Kind of how out dated no longer serviced games work. Private hosting of server, but not including profile data because that would be literally impossible. Is that something that is happening, could care less about unlocks, perks all that. Just will this forever be playable with people that have the game and can connect to each other? I don't see that being addressed. So long as there is a profile back-end I get that it will work, with p2p. but that will go eventually too. What I want to know, is there a way to just unlock all that crap, and let people host their own, and let them choose how the game would play, with direct connection. host to client. That's all we need, cut out the profile nonsense, and Xp stuff. That's how this will stay alive, it won't otherwise, it'll be dead forever eventually. Is that something that is in the works in the future? I haven't seen any information on what the developers mean to keep this alive 10-15 years from now if people wanted to get a group of people to play together. because when the profile stuff goes, the game goes. That's it.
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