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  1. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/collision-filtering It's pretty similar after a little research. I don't care what they say, anyone who's done any coding. It can be fixed in the damn editor. From my understanding they used a lot of blue print code. Which is basically non coding with understanding how code works. It can be fixed with a few lines of code, I refuse to believe it could cause problems for other parts of the game. Stop physics interaction on collision with the car. The documentation states where and who and how the interaction can happen, with a few lines of code. It's either can, cause physics interaction, or can't and allows which game object to do so through filtering, just like a physics collision matrix. It's utter fucking incompetence on who ever the hell they let in charge taking over the project. Find what object has the code attached to the knife, when projected, set filtering to the car to not collide. wtf is so hard about that. Once the object is spawned it can't collide with a car. I do have some experience and it's obnoxious still
  2. I still don't understand how physics work in unreal. But I know in something like unity. You could have physics collision matrix, and anything tagged "Car" wouldn't collide with something tagged "knife" I don't see how the fuck it's such a hard thing to do here. Make it so the knife passes through the damn car, or the knife is destroyed on impact with the car, so it can't actually hit a counselor inside. WTF is going on with the development team? This really shouldn't be that hard of a thing to do for anyone that's ever coded anything game related. It's one damn object that causes a problem. It should not take months to fix. it should be super simple. I don't care if it's one guy. He would be able to figure it out with the source code in little time. It's really obnoxious at this point.
  3. Has anyone else noticed when knocking down a door using the regular animation, if you swing the camera around when you see the smoke looking particle emission there is a noticeable frame drop? It's really annoying when trying to look over your shoulder. I think it could be fixed if they reduced the emission particle count, and it probably wouldn't have a noticeable effect on the game, as everything is already reduced. I'd be fine with the particle effect being just gone if that is the cause.
  4. Have you updated the game? Because on that disk, with no internet connection, I think there are no access to offline bots without updating the game, and no level progression, so the disk is basically useless. For offline anyways.
  5. Yeah, cool and all, until you can only play part 3, or part 5 for some stupid reason. Once it's all done... Asked over and over again. No responses. I still don't undertand how private matches, lan matches, without a backend server aren't a thing. Backfill with bots would be obviously nice, and not that much work. if the ground work was set right, but something tells me it wasn't and anyone working on this game anymore has NO idea what they are doing. I'm almost to the point where the concept is awesome and fun, and I'd rather see independent dev's rip their art, and do it them selves. Make it work how it should have.
  6. I keep asking the same thing. Not getting straight answers really about how or when it's happening. Something tells me it's not happening, I'd rather have it happen sooner rather than later.
  7. Is there any information that's new about how we could get our content outside of part 3 and part 5 in offline mode? Let alone information about hosting our own games? without the need for a back-end server? Basically I own this game I paid for it multiple times, will I be able to get a group together once this shuts down entirely? if I wanted, could Lan, or shared connections emulating a Lan connection. Kind of how out dated no longer serviced games work. Private hosting of server, but not including profile data because that would be literally impossible. Is that something that is happening, could care less about unlocks, perks all that. Just will this forever be playable with people that have the game and can connect to each other? I don't see that being addressed. So long as there is a profile back-end I get that it will work, with p2p. but that will go eventually too. What I want to know, is there a way to just unlock all that crap, and let people host their own, and let them choose how the game would play, with direct connection. host to client. That's all we need, cut out the profile nonsense, and Xp stuff. That's how this will stay alive, it won't otherwise, it'll be dead forever eventually. Is that something that is in the works in the future? I haven't seen any information on what the developers mean to keep this alive 10-15 years from now if people wanted to get a group of people to play together. because when the profile stuff goes, the game goes. That's it.
  8. That is exactly what I'm worried about. That they run out of time and resources and just leave it as is. Just unlock everything offline now, and enable the lan option. For later. In case updates are stopped.
  9. Thats not exactly true, the same animation could be used over and over. They would have to do minor tweaks or set up points on the model for the grab, or point that the hands or other body parts need to be at. This gives a decent idea of how it could have been done, inverse kinematics would allow them to point the parts they wanted to height levels and not do any extra animation. They definitely changed the physics of their animations from the beta, I'm sure it has to do with how everything acted over a network which is where I always had issues, so probably why they didn't open that can of worms in the first place, but outside of the networking logistics, I don't think it was an animation issue. I imagine it was getting it to play nice over the network probably.
  10. @mattshotcha I understand this isn't something that most people have in mind considering the abundance of other problems needing fixed with the online portion, but I have asked before, is there anything being done about this? I'd hate for all of the limited resources being poured into the online dying part of the game and this left unchecked. I feel like for the work put in, longevity wise, this over time will be all we have left. I'd hate to turn on my PC, ps4, xbox or switch and be met with no online, and part 3 and part 5 Jason, and that's it when ALL servers are down, and there isn't any logical way to play bots but with those two characters, what is the point of implementing the system if there isn't a way to unlock them outside of the server progression system? It's been quite a while since I've heard of anything, and the games getting old. Is there any news on this? Or will we more than likely just be tied to the online only system? if so that would really really suck. There'd be 2 Jasons on a disc or cart after the official server progression is shut down.
  11. Many users have asked about offline play fixes, the bots in general. As that's all that will be left when the servers shut down. The servers shutting down may be far away, but that doesn't fix the issue that many have asked about. When they shut down, we are stuck with part 3 jason, and part 5 jason. This needs to be fixed. An offline all unlocked, or offline progression is a must, otherwise we have a less than half experience. Also, the lan option, or self hosted games. The game could live on after the servers shut down. That I think should be priority after the environmental kills, and car glitches. The rest is livable. But the team will only get smaller as time goes on. Not having a way to use purchased content seems like a really big screw up in my opinion. Saying that having local profiles will lead to hacks is stupid, as that's not how server side authentication works. But it won't matter when there aren't servers to play on. So who would care about hacking then? There is a way to make this work, but I have a good damn feeling one day the servers are going to shut down, and nothing will have been put in place to secure the game is still playable by people that still want to. No Lan option, no player hosted games. All because of the ridiculous progression system, that hasn't done much in the way of grinding to be like other games. I'd love to see the biggest problems fixed, and then a straight up focus on the legacy of the game, getting it to where it's possible to play after the servers shut down, and I think that would take a lot of resources at this point, but if the game is shut down in a year, who gives a shit how well it runs in the next 6 months. They'll get it running great and 3 months later it's not making money anymore. Gone. You have a paperweight. @mattshotcha Could you respond in more detail about what plans or what the talks are about in place of keeping this game alive after the servers shut down, and what users could expect in the next 2 years?
  12. What happens I guess when you can't connect to the servers? does it bring up an offline mode option? if you mean play offline, with something other than part 3 and part 5. This is normal, and ridiculously stupid. They have the game limited to no progression offline. You can access like 1/10th of the content while offline. It's very misleading, and shitty, but that's the way it is. This game is on physical media on how many platforms now? and none of them actually hold all of the content not blocked behind an internet connection. It's sad, you won't be able to experience this game at all once the servers for updates are gone. I hoped the switch would fix this. as the slasher edition on xbox and ps4 didn't. If there isn't a place to download a patch, how do you unlock the content then? That's my issue with the late response idea of... well ugh when the game dies down and servers are closing there could be a patch that unlocks that stuff. How the heck do you get a patch when there aren't servers to get a patch from. Wasted opportunity to me. like 6 times now. initial release, slasher release, and switch release. On the plus side, the content is all there on the switch cartridge. It's just not unlocked without an internet connection. So I'm sure eventually someone will figure out how to keep this game alive after the servers die.
  13. Have you tried it yet? I'm still curious how you had that working when no one else has.
  14. Right, but I'm wondering. At any point before your internet was down had you already signed in, or had the software running from before? If so you are the only person I've ever seen get that working, and a ton of people can't get this option working. There's plenty of threads on it. To test can you turn your switch to airplane mode, power cycle it off, then turn it on. While still in airplane mode. Go-to the offline menu and see if they are still unlocked?
  15. How did you get that working? It doesn't save that locally? You had no internet. When starting the game right? Went into offline mode. At level zero right? And your Jason's were unlocked? If you signed in first this is why they were unlocked I'm guessing. As far as has been stated while offline. All content locked there is no offline grinding, at least while truly having no connection.
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