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  1. Yup, they could or can make this game great with just the assets they already have and fix every issue. I don't think there is a Lawyer on the planet that will get mad because you added a few lines of code to fix an error and make the existing game run smoother. At this point it's some weird form of torture for the fans. But hey...vote with your wallet. I aint going near that Predator game. And I love crabface! XD
  2. No movies, no games. Great legacy work here, awesome. I can remember a time when you was able to be a fan of Jason. Somehow people just don't want us to be a fan of anything related to this franchise. I think Jason is finally dead...
  3. What Jason are you using? The ones I pick crash the damn game all the time... lol.
  4. I'm getting FATAL ERROR's too when I play against bots. The Steam boards are filling up with complaints atm. https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/4053754495595037552/ Good lord what is going on with this game...
  5. The game would have been fixed by now. Sure they can't add a rock or stone. So what prevents them from taking the code and finetuning it... Even if it's only for 1 platform. It's even made in one of the best documented engines ever... Weird. Plenty devs are willing to fix this mess just for the love of Jason. I say release the source code, and activate the Unreal editor/Dedicated servers. Let the fans pickup were Gun/Illfonic dropped the work. That's not even new content...as it's already in the package... It's the least they can do...
  6. There was "something" in development at some point. Turned out to be some sort of scam. 😥 But yes, if it follows the same third person gametype like Friday...then you got my money. (I dislike DbD first person view for the killers... I want to control the killer, not actually be him. No one can be Jason lol. Does that make sense?)
  7. Kinda liked the last Halloween... I was pleasantly surprised with the 2018 sequel. 🤷‍♂️ Fckin' hated Rob Zombies crud. Part 2 is a joke haha.
  8. Open door, and melee it. 2 strikes with part 8. Nice and quick. Just opening them is more fun though. 😀 Trap em!
  9. Who was that again? The dad of the fat kid that got axed in the beginning of the movie right?
  10. steam: hemicrania Always available in the evenings. Feel free to add me.
  11. Part 2 is a no brainer really. It sells like hot cakes and the steam sales were a good example of it's popularity.
  12. Then they shouldn't disable the double XP that fast, or at least do it every other week or so. I'm having trouble returning to it because I know I have to grind like crazy to get to level 44. I have 2 kids and have to time-manage my gaming each day. In the little time I have, a double XP event would be welcome.
  13. Still a bit early for praises, but I admit...It looks better then expected atm.
  14. You can try to verify game files in steam? https://inxile.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004662908-Verify-game-cache-files-Steam-
  15. Probably due to the 3 platforms in combination with a small company. I would focus on 1 platform and roll that out or something. Then again, you don't want another PayDay 2 situation...were the console owners are basically screwed. Though that was last gen consoles... that might be an entire different story nowadays.
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