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  1. I know this post is very old, but did you try anything to fix it, Im experiencing the same problem, I would really appreciate it if you help me fixing it.
  2. I uploaded the problem on the website, I hope it get fixed soon, thank you.
  3. no I haven't modified anything, I already tried reinstalling and verifying the files and nothing worked so far also thanks you for your reply I appreciate it man
  4. Im having this problem from 2 days, i tried everything to fix it, i tried to:-reinstall the game and the anticheat porgram.-turn off firewall and antivirus.-upgrade internet drivers.-restart steam and restart router.-spamming retry button because some people said: it helps sometimes to connect.im really pissed, i just bought this game and i was excited but this error fucked everything up I hope developers working on fix for this error and thanks
  5. hey matt, I bought this game on summer sale and I have got the same problem, so what should I do, also im playing on pc, will this error get fixed, how much will it take?
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