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  1. Yes, us on Xbox are also experiencing your issues with US servers as well, with no fix in the night. Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a story until the issues fixed: Today I was at school, like any other day, and the kids on the News thingy we have at school acted like they knew everything about FT13, I was at this point in the mood to say, "JUST STFU ALREADY," but I didn't because I'm in Yearbook and I can't have my reputation ruined. And so my day went on. The End. Here's the Tea: It seems as though Gun has no idea on how to look up the damn logs, and right now there's no fix because of it. A few people including me have talked about ideas of what could be happening, no response. All we got told was the servers keep crashing then people join again as soon as they restart and they crash again then eventually you're handed over to another server the closest to you if it's working, if not you'll be thrown across the world like a slingshot ride at a theme park, that explains your high ping and lag. On the other hand it just means keep trying for a server no matter how long it takes, because we have Double everything until the servers are fixed I'm taking it as still? Now if you're in the US and experiencing connecting to an "EU" server, then you're not alone, we've all experienced it, well besides me. I've been lucky enough to get a server on PS4 the first try, but not Xbox, it's a strange phenomenon. Well, Jasons at my door, gotta go serve him limbs.
  2. For some reason you and I have hit a high point in it at the same time coincidentally 😂... oOf, we love people struggling to survive as teammates try saving you from being on a hook.
  3. Actually they also added the path notes, so its not yet discontinued
  4. Can someone explain why this is still up? Under weekly events/challenges on f13game.com
  5. Is that because you're too intelligent and rather would make it more difficult for someone on a average GPA to read? Last time I checked, not everything had to be so exquisite.
  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? You should consider yourself a 90% person?
  7. Did you ever wonder if any of us were a 90% person? Maybe you're a part of that?
  8. PLEASE NOTE!!! They can't fix the game, until they fix more prioritized issues.
  9. Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do? 😏
  10. If any of this happens and there is a settlement towards the end of this year, I will buy all DLC on Xbox One as I have with PS4.
  11. Yes, and as I said we can't know anything until we either see logs, take the risk of rolling back the last patch, or disable Switch for a little bit of time to see what happens within 24 hours. Seeing the logs as if it is a server crash, would tell us the file and line of code ruining it all. I guess if it is due to the Switch load of players, they'll either need their own instance, or we'll have to suffer longer. By the way, I can't add it, the topic is locked and only for Staff or Admin and Mods to add too. @mattshotcha Can you check what the Ohio servers doing? I believe I'm connecting to that one since it's right next to me and the closet. EDIT I always think when no one is on the forum, that I some how startled everyone 😂
  12. Do you guys think it's possibly a memory leak causing the issue with the servers crashing and restarting? I saw there was a fix for a memory leak issue for the servers on 6.28.17, check back again with the connectivity parts of the game if it is when people search for a game? Fixed a memory leak for dedicated servers. I think it was on PC as consoles didn't have dedicated servers at that point, but I'm wondering if the same thing could be happening. But, since the patch was dropped at around the same date as the Switch release, it's difficult to say if it's because of the Switch players and overloaded servers or update wise. If nothing was an issue in the code, then it has to be this unless changes were made to the servers which were unaware of, and not being told about which could maybe help all of us think of possible outcomes of the change. I figured if you'd be with AWS they'd have server logs, but apparently not 😂 if you went with GAE it would've been much easier to figure out the issue with logs. I don't know which instance the game uses to host dedicated servers, but try finding logs... https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/using-features.logging.html EDIT: I officially think you use AWS GameLift for dedicated servers based on locations. Could be EC2, but unlikely.
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