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  1. Thanks everyone for the comforting, it's great to be here!
  2. PSN (PS4) - DJLOPPERT I'm planning on changing it, just currently don't have a name in thought.
  3. Yeah LOL, I didn't know it was little Jason. By the way, I'll add you on PS4!
  4. Hey everyone playing Friday the 13th - The Game, I'm Nathan from the PS4 platform, I'm a Friday the 13th - The Game... fan after someone showed the game to me, it didn't take long to get to know it, after that I began playing like crazy and I'm currently at level 59. It's a great game overall however, it'd be best if we had the little monster things and Jason X from VC. I'm glad to be here with everyone's great spirits!
  5. I apologize for not doing so, here read this while I do that
  6. While that being said, a bug in the game, is where while you've been in Jason's grip, and someone stuns him, it's like a 5 second delay before the counselor is let go of and Jason is to be stunned. Sometimes, you'll almost be out of his grip when he's supposed to be stunned yet isn't, you'll get free, but it'll glitch so hard, that it still seems as though your still in his grip, so it'll show him holding you, but not with your body in his hands, and it'll let you walk around freely, but not let you pick up or do anything with pressing buttons, besides hitting, and walking, it won't let you run at all, then it won't stun him and you'll be back at where he's taken to kill you, you'll also be out of stamina, so it won't let you run when you teleport back to him from the bug. I think this is a main reason as to where counselors may glitch on to the roofs of Higgins Haven and Packanack. Getting on the Packanack is also possible with Jason, however I don't think that should be blocked as being up there as Jason really gives you no advantage over them, but to when they go up there, kill them and punish them for it. I removed the link, due to being misinformed about the rules of the community. Thank you @TimDuke 01! PS4 Electro Edition.
  7. Hi @TimDuke 01, I understand that both must make a deal, which of those could be one allowing new content to be added to the game, but Miller refusing to talk to Sean. @Slasher_Clone Can I ask what you may mean by that, an introductory reply?
  8. It would've been nice if they hadn't filed an appeal. Filing an appeal doesn't mean Miller is gonna say "Yes" to allowing new content into the game. This just means that now we have to wait longer for new content if allowed, also means that eventually the game will stop being updated because there will not need to be any bug fixes.
  9. Today, 6/24/2019 I'm editing my 2nd accidentally posted comment, I ended up as Jason and 2 counselors were under the Higgins Haven bridge while one fell, the other waited it out for the next 10 mins and survived the whole game. I was unable to have my knives reach the last one.
  10. Does anyone know when there will actually be a literal fix for players getting on roofs? On Friday I was spectating someone who glitched on a roof when I wasn't looking. PS4 Edition.
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