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  1. Happy holidays everyone... a bit late
  2. Sadly we've all heard the news that F13th will be shutting down their dedicated servers while still storing player progression. I have played since, I believe, 2017 or 2018. And I have not prepared myself emotionally and mentally for this moment unfortunately because I didn't think it would actually happen, it just seemed like one of those fictional things to me. I wanted to make one last topic (Idek how many I created, if any) to say my last goodbyes to the forum before it's locked because I rarely made an appearance when eventually for me, it became boring, but I did stop by once in a great while. Goodbye everyone ❤️
  3. It's likely that I'm violating the FGs, but I need an update 👁👄👁... I can't even count how many days I have not logged into this account, so I need a summary (other than my notifications) of what happened while I was gone :)
  4. Wow I've been gone for a quick minute 😅 thank you for fixing environmental kills, I'll most definitely try out the new patch and let everyone know if I see issues that haven't been reported.
  5. Offering my opinion, at most I'd say 2-5 possibly. Although sooner or later the game is going to sink, and it's on it's way to doing so, as I've stopped playing it because one I no loner have Gold on Xbox, and two, it's depressing to see that it needs Gold to play. It would most likely expand there player base too, but it's kinda too late at this point.
  6. @mattshotcha There should be a day every month, whether this happens, but only 1 day in that month and it changes every time. So one month we'd have it on the 15th, but then the next we'd have it on the 13th.
  7. Oh I dont think I told anyone, Xbox servers for me seem to be working fine now.
  8. Xbox servers appear to be working fine for me right now. Took just 30 seconds to get into a match.
  9. Yes, us on Xbox are also experiencing your issues with US servers as well, with no fix in the night. Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a story until the issues fixed: Today I was at school, like any other day, and the kids on the News thingy we have at school acted like they knew everything about FT13, I was at this point in the mood to say, "JUST STFU ALREADY," but I didn't because I'm in Yearbook and I can't have my reputation ruined. And so my day went on. The End. Here's the Tea: It seems as though Gun has no idea on how to look up the damn logs, and right now there's no fix because of it. A few people including me have talked about ideas of what could be happening, no response. All we got told was the servers keep crashing then people join again as soon as they restart and they crash again then eventually you're handed over to another server the closest to you if it's working, if not you'll be thrown across the world like a slingshot ride at a theme park, that explains your high ping and lag. On the other hand it just means keep trying for a server no matter how long it takes, because we have Double everything until the servers are fixed I'm taking it as still? Now if you're in the US and experiencing connecting to an "EU" server, then you're not alone, we've all experienced it, well besides me. I've been lucky enough to get a server on PS4 the first try, but not Xbox, it's a strange phenomenon. Well, Jasons at my door, gotta go serve him limbs.
  10. For some reason you and I have hit a high point in it at the same time coincidentally 😂... oOf, we love people struggling to survive as teammates try saving you from being on a hook.
  11. Actually they also added the path notes, so its not yet discontinued
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